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An old saying goes that there’s never a time or place for true love, and I really believe in this. For several years in the world of international dating and brides, I’ve seen that true love doesn’t have borders, and thus, I would like to talk about a Thailand wife. A woman from this country is an amazing candidate for marriage, and I have many reasons to explain why.

But it’s not only true that a Thai bride is worth the attention of any single man, but it’s also true that a Thailand girl for marriage can be an ideal and passionate lover. But that’s not all, and with my guide, I will provide the basic information about all one needs to know about meeting Thai women. If you’re a single man seeking attention from a lady worth your attention and time, let’s delve into Thai mail order brides.

Thai Women

Interesting facts about Thai brides

Average Age of Marriage for Filipino Women26
Popular cities with Thai bridesBangkok, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Chian Rai, Kanchanaburi
Thai brides populationMore than 35 million
Best dating websites🖤 Eastern Honeys🖤 Asian Melodies🖤 The Lucky Date

There are many singles who want to marry Thai woman, and definitely, it’s worth trying. Thai women are known for their perfect nature, and they’re known for being great wives. But before dating Thai woman, single men should know more about their future wives.

Some interesting statistics to know

When talking to Western guys about Thai women, I noticed that most of them are keen on them, but there are so many stereotypes about Thai ladies. Before delving into some statistics, I should mention that these ladies are honest and interesting people.

When it comes to the problem of scams, I can say that scams can happen everywhere. This problem isn’t specific to Thailand. What’s more, I can say that Thailand is one of the safest places I’ve ever been to. But let me come back to other interesting facts about Thai women, and here are they:

  • Divorce in Thailand. Before one might want to meet Thai women, he should be interested in how successful they’re in a marriage. Although the divorce rate is increasing in Thailand, it can be said that Thai mail order brides are more successful in keeping marriage stable than Western women. For now, the divorce rate in this country is about 1.4 per 1K population.
  • Marriage rate. There’s almost a constant rate of marriage in Thailand with slight fluctuations. It indicates that Thai women are still more marriage-oriented women. This is a good indicator for those planning to meet Thai girls.
Thai Women

Interesting things to know about Thai brides

Thailand is a great place that I really love, and since I am quite a frequent visitor of this amazing country, I can tell you the following:

  • Stunning appearance. Ladies like Supaksorn Chaimongkol, Woonsen Virithipa, and Pitchanart Sakakorn simply demonstrate that Thai women can be really hot and sexy.
  • Traditional values. When I first went to Thailand, I was really shocked by how modern it was. Although it’s still one of the modern places, people there are quite traditional.
  • Docile nature.  Those who had experience of dating in Thailand find most Thai ladies quite shy and reserved but at the same time really docile, making them more appealing.
  • Cooking skills. No doubt Thai cuisine is one of the most popular in the world, and getting a wife from this country is a chance to try some popular dishes like noodle soup, spicy shrimp soup, chicken in coconut soup, spicy green papaya salad, and the like.

Thai wedding traditions

When I was in Thailand, I never missed my chance to visit local weddings. There are so many cool things about their marriages. For example, they would carefully select the wedding date and appeal to the monks’ help. Or it’s amazing to watch a parade of the groom and his relatives to the home of his future bride, known as the Khan Maak Procession.

During this procession, it’s common to witness some fun games, a tradition known as Sanuk. After Khan Maak, there’s an official ceremony. Following that, there’s a ceremony known as white thread, symbolizing the unity of 2 people and their families. There’s even more to discover, so I really suggest visiting Thai weddings to spend a great time in companionship with joyful people.

Thai Women

Where to find a Thai bride?

Thai women for marriage are really hard to resist, and the good news is that I can assure any single man that he can be lucky to meet one. And why not consider some great places in Thailand to meet hot singles?

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies

As I already mentioned, I am keen on going to this amazing place. Believe it or not, I always find something new wherever I go there, but here are my favorite cities worth the attention and time of single men:

  • Bangkok. This is a charming city, which is a blend of modern and ancient architecture. I was mesmerized by charming skyscrapers and great streets full of shopping centers. But at the same time, there are many great shrines and temples, which I found really charming as well.
  • Chiang Mai. Unlike many tourists, I love spending time in this place. It’s a great city, and there are more than 300 temples just in one city. Being a laidback city, there are not so many tourists compared to the capital city of Bangkok.
  • Ayutthaya. Several centuries ago, this historical city was one of the largest cities in the world. Much of the city was destroyed. But thanks to ruins, this city is worth discovering. I think it’s a great destination for people who love history.
  • Chian Rai. This is a large city known for its spectacular nature. Still, I was told that most tourists come to this city not to see its nature but to see its famous White Temple. It’s considered to be the most beautiful temple in the country.
  • Kanchanaburi. It’s one of the most exotic places to visit. The good side of this place is that there are not so many tourists. It’s a silent and peaceful place known for its nature and great places for hiking. One of the most popular places is the Erawan National Park.

Online dating options

But is it so important or efficient to go to Thailand? Not at all. There’s a better way of meeting ladies from Thailand, and it’s through online dating. And here are the reasons why:

  • 😍 More convenient and easier to access myriads of women
  • 😬 More affordable and exciting
  • ✉ No problem like a shortage of ladies online
  • 👍 Efficient way of meeting ladies
  • ℹ Learning more about a person before dating her

I want to compare 2 popular sites for dating online in Thailand, and one is Badoo and the other is Eastern Honeys.

Badoo vs Eastern Honeys

International dating service BadooMail Order Bride Platforms like Eastern Honeys
🔥Great for entertainment online♥ Ideal for meeting Thai women for marriage
🔥Casual flings and one-night stands♥ For those interested in serious relationships
🔥Local dating♥ International dating site offering Thai brides
🔥Many fake or scam profiles♥ An opportunity to meet real Thai ladies online
🔥Not a good marriage site♥ A wide range of great tools

For those looking for a real woman for serious and meaningful connection, I would recommend Eastern Honeys, as it has everything to get a wife.

Thai Women

Who is a Thai mail order bride?

I should start this section with a statement that Thai mail order wives are in demand and popular among Western men. Many single men want to buy a bride Thailand. But it can happen that not all of them know the basics about who a Thai bride is in reality.

Mail order bride Thailand is just a lady who appeals to the services of dating agencies that will help her become listed on one of the mail bride Thailand platforms. It means you need a good dating site to find a Thai bride.

How do mail order brides work?

When it comes to mail order Thai bride, I should highlight that it’s worth understanding how everything works. No worries, as there’s nothing complicated about it. When I first came across the notion of a Thai bride for sale, I wondered what it meant. This means that any single man interested in finding a woman for marriage can buy a Thai bride, which is accomplished by investing in dating services. But let me explain how it works:

  • Step 1. I strongly recommend that any male interested in dating a Thai woman and getting married to her should choose a dating site carefully. That’s why I suggest checking out Eastern Honeys I described above.
  • Step 2. The next step is to create a new account and profile. This will allow men to search for and find a Thai bride within a short time.
  • Step 3. Searching on mail order bride Thai sites is possible thanks to search filters. This helps people choose a partner based on their personal preferences. Be as picky as you wish.
  • Step 4. Once finding a Thai mail bride is achieved, it’s time to consider online dating which can lead to more serious relationships.
  • Step 5. After online communication, it’s time to consider making everything offline. I can say that top sites like Eastern Honeys offer such an opportunity to meet Thai women in person.

The legality of Thailand mail order brides

From the section above, I tried to clarify that there’s a need for a dating site to buy a bride Thailand. Once it’s clear how to get a Thai bride, let me clarify the legality of Thai women for marriage. There’s nothing to worry about.

Since buying a Thai bride is a process of shifting from online to offline courtship, there’s nothing illegal about it. Getting married is a decision that should be mutual, and if a Thai bride is ready to spend time with her partner for the rest of her life, then there’s nothing illegal about it.

Cost of mail order brides

There’s nothing illegal about a Thailand girl for marriage, but I should highlight that investing in a future Thailand wife will not be free. It’s time to consider what it costs to get a Thailand mail order bride. After traveling and spending some time in Thailand, I can assure everyone interested in Thai women that it’s not expensive to get a wife, and here are things to keep in mind:

  • Online expenses. Dating sites offering Thai women for marriage will also offer professional services starting from sending stickers to sending real gifts. Overall, a man can spend more than $2K in 2 months.
  • Travel costs. In this category, I included expenses like tickets, accommodation, meals, local transportation, and some unexpected costs. The total cost in this case is just about $2K for 2 weeks.
  • Offline dating. This is quite a subjective section, and much depends on how generous a man can be, and if someone is dating in Thailand for about 2 weeks, it means he should spend about $3K.

It means that there’s a need to spend at least $7K to get a Thai woman for marriage; believe it or not, it’s not that much compared to other international brides.

Perks of dating Thai singles

It’s no secret that a Thai wife is a woman who can make her partner happier and more content. They’re also great ladies keen on courtship. When in Thailand, I saw plenty of Thai women with their foreign partners, and I can say that Thai women are keen on dating foreigners in addition to marrying them. But that’s not the only benefit. Here are great things about dating a Thailand mail order bride:

  • Keen on traveling. There’s no better guide than a local woman who can be your date. Meeting Thai girls and traveling with them can be awesome. They love traveling with their partners and showing their country’s best parts. I can assure any single man that dating them is an incredible experience.
  • Respectful nature of Thai women. I think that one of the features of these women worth admiration is their respectful attitude. They don’t pick who they’ll respect. In other words, their respect is egalitarian. They show their respect toward everyone. It makes them even more appealing.
  • No communication problems. One of the best things I like about this country and its people is that they speak English, at least most of them. I don’t remember having a communication problem anywhere in Thailand. I believe that English-speaking Thai women are worth discovering in this country.
  • Exotic culture. Thanks to different beliefs, ethnicities, and traditions, it’s hard to claim that women in Thailand are similar. Instead, they represent different but exotic cultures. Thus, you’ll never get a chance to get bored, and of course, you might experience some cultural shocks. But it’s time to get more open-minded, isn’t it?
  • Patience. It’s not common to get ghosted by a Thai girl. I mean that. I’ve never seen guys complaining that their Thai women left them out of sudden. Thai women are known for their patience and persistence. This explains why they make great life partners.

The final thoughts

Interested in Bangkok brides? Stemming from what I shared about a Thailand bride, it can be concluded that an exotic woman from this exotic country can make your life more interesting and adventurous. To meet and date her, I recommend using a great Thai mail order bride platform like Eastern Honeys, where you can meet Thai women for marriage.


Can I buy a Thai bride?

Buying a bride from Thailand is possible only if you know what it means in real life. It’s not true that you can buy a woman literally, as there’s no such practice. In the world of international brides, buying a wife simply means that you invest in your future wife by buying dating services. This is what’s known as buying a bride.

Where can I meet Thai singles?

Thailand is one of the most exotic and affordable places. Besides, it offers a wide range of venues where you can meet hot singles for dating. What’s more, if you’re not keen on traveling or simply don’t have time, online dating is what you need. It’s more efficient and budget-friendly.

What makes a Thai wife unique?

The Thai wife is quite elegant and charming, not to mention that she’ll be quite passionate in bed. She’ll be respectful and docile, which is common for Asian women for marriage. Besides, a Thai wife is a person of compromise; thus, you can be sure that you’ll never conflict with your future Thai wife.

How often do Thai mail-order brides divorce?

Thai women don’t tend to divorce quite often. They’re successful in marriage, and their commitment to their partner, in addition to their devotion, is what makes them great as wives. This is also true when talking about Thai mail order brides. With them, you can be sure to have a long-lasting marriage. 

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