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More often than not, I associate Polish women with the sexiest women in the world, and it’s no secret that Polish girls are really mesmerizing. But that’s not all that makes them popular among Western men. There are many people interested in dating Polish women, as they make great and committed partners. If you want to find a single Poland girl for marriage, you should discover more.

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Nowadays, more single men are interested in getting married to ladies abroad, and Slavic women are quite a popular choice. And this is also true about Polish brides. They’re known for being great wives who can make your life more joyful and colorful. If you’re determined to find, meet, and date beautiful Polish girls, I can share a lot of interesting information about them, and don’t skip the section where I’ll share insights into how you can find pretty Polish girls.

Interesting facts about Polish brides

Average Age of Marriage for Polish Women27
Popular cities with Polish bridesKrakow, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Poznań
Polish brides populationMore than 19 million
Best dating websites🖤 Jolly Romance🖤 Amour Factory

Poland has a complicated history, and it’s known that it was almost destroyed by the Second World War, but it didn’t prevent it from becoming one of the most developed countries in Europe. What’s more, many men dream of meeting ladies from this country. But what do you know about these charming women? I think you should learn some interesting facts about Polish ladies.

Some interesting statistics to know

A Polish mail order bride is a lady who can be hard to resist. She’s smart, funny, and pretty, not to mention that she can be a passionate lover in bed. But what do you know about their thoughts about marriage? Here are some interesting things to discover.

  • They marry later than before. Compared to several decades back, Poland has a decreasing number of marriages. Desire to get a better education, following ambitions, etc., explain why women delay marriages.
  • They’re practical. When women from Poland get married, they approach choosing partners more pragmatically. For them, it’s important how you’ll treat her and whether you can be an ideal husband. They don’t care about your age or appearance. This explains why they have one of the lowest divorce rates in the EU.
  • They don’t have more than 2 kids. Since they tend to get married late, it’s not surprising that they have a low fertility rate. For now, such a rate is about 1.4 kids per woman, which is lower than in several countries in Europe.

Interesting facts to know about Polish brides

When visiting Poland, I couldn’t help but admire the women in Poland. They’re hospitable, kind, and really polite, but that’s not all. Here are 5 interesting facts to know about a typical Polish lady:

  • Stunning appearance. When it comes to describing women from Poland, the first thing is to say that they’re among the sexiest women in the world, and ladies like Monika Mielnik, Anna Draganska, and Sandra Kubicka prove that.
  • Intelligent women. Polish women are considered to be among the most intelligent Slavic ladies in Europe. Thus, you’ll never get bored with your partner from Poland.
  • Not fans of casual dating. Since Poland is one of the most religious countries in Europe, it’s not surprising that it’s a country where women like creating more solid bonds than casual flings.
  • High level of English language. Since the majority of ladies are capable of speaking English fluently, you won’t have problems communicating with them.

Great cooks. How about trying food like czernina, chlodnik, ogorki kiszone, pierogi, etc.? Your future girlfriend from Poland will be a great cook who can spoil you with these dishes.

Polish wedding traditions

Nowadays, Polish wedding traditions can be described as a blend of Slavic and European wedding traditions, and there’ll be a lot of things that you’re familiar with. When attending local weddings in Poland, you’ll see the following:

  • One of the most important traditions is known as a family blessing, and it’s a ritual before the wedding ceremony.
  • Churches are among the most popular places for the majority of weddings in Poland, given the fact that more than 80% of the population is Roman Catholic.
  • Lots of food will be served during the wedding day, and thus, you better come to their weddings hungry.
  • Much fun is expected when attending local weddings in Poland, and you can expect lots of dancing and music.

Where to find a Polish bride?

If you’re planning to find a Polish lady, you should go to the best places in Poland and meet your destined woman. There are many Polish women seeking attention from foreigners, and you can be lucky to meet someone special.

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies

Here are the top cities that I recommend visiting:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Krakow. It’s one of the largest cities in the country, and it’s known for its Old Town, surrounded by churches and picturesque buildings.
  • Warsaw. This is one of the most modern cities that was almost completely restored after the war. And don’t forget that it’s the capital city.
  • Gdansk. Looking for a great and exotic place? Poland offers a chance to visit its port city of Gdansk. It’s one of the cities to meet young and sexy Polish girls.
  • Wroclaw. It’s one of the best places known for its unique architecture. Colorful buildings make it one of the most popular cities to visit.
  • Poznan. It’s a small city popular for great nightlife. Besides, it’s quite a good place full of cafes, restaurants, and museums.

Online dating options

I’m sure that a trip to Poland is a great experience, and I really like this place, but I should confess that it’s not the best way of finding Polish ladies. If you want to find your real future Polish wife, you should consider dating online. It’s much more efficient, and it has the following benefits:

👧 You can easily access a limitless number of women to consider for more serious relationships.

🙋 There’s a real chance to learn more about your lady before you start dating her online.

🐞 You don’t have to worry about problems like finding someone who’ll suit your interests.

👍 It ensures that you’ll be able to find a person who can be appealing to you with just a few clicks.

🤑 Don’t forget that online dating is great since it’s really affordable option.

You can consider several online dating options, and one of them is a local dating site like Tinder, and you can also get access to the Amour Factory dating site.

Tinder vs Amour Factory

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like Amour Factory
🔥limited to local dating♥ ideal for international dating
🔥more casual flings♥ long-term relationships
🔥mainly for having fun♥ meaningful connections
🔥tons of fake profiles♥ profile quality
🔥not great for finding brides♥ advanced features to find and date mail order brides

Although Tinder is a good platform, I can assure you that Amour Factory is a great site to meet real brides for marriage.

Who is a Polish mail order bride

I’m sure that you know or at least have heard about mail order bride practice. Thus, it’s common to across Polish mail order brides. But who are they? Shortly speaking, Polish ladies seeking a chance to get married to foreigners tend to appeal to the assistance of mail order bride services. After some time, they get listed on the catalogs of mail order bride platforms.

So, to meet and date these women, you need to find such platforms where you can meet them. Besides platforms, you can also benefit from agencies that offer similar services. Unlike other dating platforms, mail order bride platforms offer services to facilitate your online venture so that you can be thinking of meeting your lady in person. Let me explain how your journey to the world of mail order brides will be.

How do mail order brides work?

Mail order brides from Poland are eager to meet men who can be interested in creating serious relationships. Let me put it straight. You should be motivated to be engaged in a serious relationship instead of thinking of casual dating. Thus, your first thing to understand is that you should seek women who are really interested in meeting people for creating long-term bonds. Then, you better stick to the following steps:

  • Find a great platform. As I already mentioned, Tinder isn’t an option where you can find a person for marriage. You need a reliable platform, and Jolly Romance can be a good platform where you can meet hot ladies from Poland.
  • Become an official member. Once you know where to start, you should get registered. And don’t forget to create an informative profile that’ll be appealing to ladies online. Try to include information that reflects your interest and preference.
  • Look for an ideal match. After creating a new account, it’s time to consider how you can find a woman online. The easiest way is to benefit from searching filters allowing you to set parameters like social status, physical appearance, interests, hobbies, propensities, and so on.
  • Date your lady. Once you find and get in touch with your match, you’ll have to spend some time getting to know her better. If your and her interests are mutual, perhaps you might want to meet her in person. This is where dating platforms can also help. Simply put, mail order bride platforms provide services to ensure that your online dating will turn into an offline venture.

The legality of Polish mail-order brides

Based on my experience, I often come across questions regarding the legality of mail order brides. When it comes to Polish women for marriage, you should know that there’s nothing that can be considered illicit or unacceptable. Since all you do is invest in your future bride from Poland, there’s no need to get worried about the legal problem.

One of the main reasons why it’s completely legal to get a wife abroad is because it’s a process of meeting and dating women through dating services. Thus, it’s not human trafficking. You just need to be sure that you’re trying to meet a woman on a reliable platform so that you won’t get scammed at the end of your journey. Now, I think you might want to know about the costs of Polish mail order wives.

Costs of mail order brides

Poland is a European country popular among tourists. A land of castles, mesmerizing architecture and interesting towns is also known for its women. If you’re ready to meet and date Polish women, it’s time to learn the costs of getting a bride and Polish women dating. Here are the costs you should consider before embarking on your venture:

  • Costs of dating services. You’ll have to pay for the communication tools and other features. Besides, you can order a real gift or flowers for your lady. Overall, an online venture might range up to $3K, depending on the duration and your generosity.
  • Going to Poland. Your next step is to plan a trip to this country, and here, you might need to consider the costs of tickets, visa, accommodation, meals, and so on. In this case, you might spend more than $3K for 2 weeks.
  • Offline dating. Going to expensive restaurants, having a trip, and buying presents are among the expenses you should consider when planning a real date. In this case, you might spend more than $3K overall.
  • Inviting your lady to your country. Once you are determined to get married to your Polish mail order bride, you should consider inviting her to your homeland. Arranging a visa and buying tickets might cost about $2K. 

Perks of dating Polish singles

When looking for Polish girls, you can wonder what makes them so special. Besides the features I described above, there’s more you can discover about these charming ladies. While dating beautiful Polish girls, you can discover that they can be caring, affectionate, and really committed, and you can benefit from the following:

  • Educated women. During my travels to this country, I noticed that people in this country pay attention to education. Thus, it’s pleasant to communicate with people there. Thus, your future woman for marriage from Poland will be a person who’s really interesting to talk to.
  • Sports fans. Besides education, much attention is given to health. There are myriad parks where you can see people jog. But that’s not all. Almost everyone is proud of their national soccer team, and their favorite player is Lewandowski. So, be ready to watch soccer games with your Polish woman.
  • Freedom lovers. Polish brides are keen on their freedom and privacy, and it’s not surprising since they’re quite independent and modern. But that’s great, as she will respect your privacy and freedom. This is one of the best things to expect from a single Poland girl for marriage.
  • Women with ambitions. When talking about Polish women, I should highlight that they’re not only keen on their freedom but they’re also known for being ambitious. One of the main reasons why they delay marriage lies in their ambition to have a career and fulfill their dreams.
  • No rush to get married. When dating Polish women, you should know that they won’t rush to get married. It takes time before they can agree to get married. But this should be considered an advantage, as you can discover more about your partner and understand whether she suits you.

Success stories of men who have met Polish brides

Henry from the UK

Henry from the UK

When seeking mail order brides, I didn’t even expect to meet Polish women. So, I tried to find out more about Polish women for marriage, and I was convinced that Polish wives are great in marriage, and unlike many modern European women, Polish girls are really marriage-oriented, which made me seek them.

Thanks to the Amour Factory dating website, I managed to meet my Polish mail order wife, Ola. I started dating her without thinking that it would get so serious. After several weeks, I knew that I wanted to meet her in person.

We decided to meet in person, and I visited her in Poland. We had a great date. Now, I’m planning to visit her again, and I think I need to think of proposing to her. I’m sure that she’ll want to spend her life with me.

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Luther from the UK

Luther from the UK

I didn’t even know that it was possible to find Polish brides online. For me, it was something different and unusual to find out that dating sites can change our lives. I met my Polish girl on one of the top sites offering Polish brides for marriage. My friend suggested using one of the dating sites where I could find a Polish girlfriend.

I started with skepticism. I registered, created a profile, and started to search for ladies. There were many mail order Polish brides, but I didn’t think they were real until I received a message from my Zofia. She liked my profile and sent me an icebreaker.

I was skeptical about her, but she made me change my mind. Then, I decided to meet her in Poland, and she was okay. So, we spent only 3 weeks online, and then we started dating offline. I have already visited her more than 4 times. Without online dating, I wouldn’t have met my Polish girl.

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Paul from Canada

Paul from Canada

When thinking of Slavic brides, I used to think of Russian brides. I didn’t know that Polish brides are among Slavic girls. So, a Polish woman is also a great example of Slavic beauty. While looking for Slavic brides, I accidentally came across profiles of Polish women.

While browsing profiles, I didn’t even know that they were from Poland. I was mesmerized by the Polish beauty, and I focused on finding the best match among single Polish women. It didn’t take much time until I found Maja. Unlike many ladies from any Eastern European country, Polish women are more intelligent, liberal, and independent.

I liked the fact that my lady was strong. I really admired how ambitious Maja was, and she used to talk about her plans for the future. After several weeks of online communication, I started to get attached to her. So, I suggested visiting her. She said that would be great. Next month, I have my first real date with her.

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Christopher from the US

Christopher from the US

I discovered Polish brides on an international dating site offering Slavic brides. I didn’t know where I should seek ladies for marriage, so I started with the Amour Factory, where I met a Polish mail order bride. Her name was Nelka, and she was really interesting.

While chatting with her, I felt that time had run too fast. I didn’t want to stop chatting with her. She felt the same. I offered to visit her, which was surprising to her. She was happy to meet me. I arranged a trip through the services on the Amour Factory dating site. This platform ensured that we would have a great and incredible date.

Thankfully, our date was great indeed. Later, I visited her on my own, as I knew how to navigate this place more easily. We had a great time. We decided to get married, and now, we are collecting all the docs we need to get a K-1 visa.

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The final thoughts

Now that you know why and where you can meet cute Polish girls, you better rush to choose a dating site and start discovering your ideal match. Don’t forget that Polish ladies make great life partners and passionate lovers. So, there’s no need to waste your time anymore. 


Can I buy a Polish bride?

You can’t buy a Polish bride literally. Still, when you hear the terms like buying or getting a wife, it simply implies the process of finding a bride through dating services. Such investment is what you should consider buying a wife. So, with a good dating site, you can buy a Polish bride.

Where can I meet Polish singles?

Poland is one of the best places to visit, and it offers a wide range of public places where you can meet single women, be it during the daytime or nighttime. But if you’re not keen on traveling, your best destination should be online dating.

What makes a Polish wife unique?

A Polish wife is a modern wife who’s really independent. But at the same time, she’s sexy and hot, not to mention that they’re intelligent and interesting ladies to talk to. A life with them will never be monotonous for sure.

How often do Polish mail-order brides divorce?

When compared to other countries, it can be said that Poland has a low rate of divorce in the EU. It’s about 1.3 per 1K population. That being said, Polish mail order brides are known for making their marriages even more long-lasting than local marriages. 

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