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When buying a wife, you should consider some sites where you can meet real women for marriage. I mean that you can’t look for international brides on random platforms. On the top mail order bride platforms, you can find a single-minded person for marriage. Although you’ll have a chance to meet your real love, which can’t be measured in cash, I’ll guide you to an understanding of mail order bride price.

Simply put, when assessing the price of mail order bride, it’s important to include factors like online services, location of your lady, offline dating experience, and even more. According to my experience, I can say that many single men venture into women for marriage without considering mail order bride cost. This is what I plan to fix with my guide on mail order bride pricing.

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Things to know about mail order bride cost

Let me clarify why there’s a need to spend money on your future wife. First of all, you’ll appeal to the help of professional dating sites offering premium services. Then, you’ll be spending a lot of time with someone special. After that, you’ll have to travel to the country where your future resides. It means that if you’re interested in finding a serious partner, you’ll have to consider travel, mainly by plane.

But before this trip can happen, you should understand that communication with your lady is an inevitable part of the mail order bride process. I think you should know that the process of getting a woman for marriage might entail some expenses. If you’re interested in making your journey more affordable, you better consider top dating sites offering mail order brides.

The average mail order bride cost

The average mail order bride cost

Before I start giving the numbers and try to calculate everything on your behalf, I need you to consider what it means to calculate the average price for a mail order bride. There are several factors that you should include, and I will reveal all of them in detail. Besides, you should also know that the country of origin of your lady will also affect the price.

The other aspect affecting the average mail order price is how long you plan to date online before you want to meet offline. Moreover, the average price is also affected by the duration of your offline dating, including how frequently you plan to visit your future bride. Thus, whether you plan to spend more than $10K or less will depend on you.

Things to be careful about

If you’re determined to spend as little as possible, you should consider dating online, as it’s more convenient and more budget-friendly. So, more time online than offline is what you should learn before you start looking for a mail order bride.

Then, not every dating site is what you need to consider, especially when it comes to free dating sites. As the old adage says, buy nice or buy twice. In this case, it should sound something like ‘buy nice or get scammed.’ Thus, be careful when choosing a platform.

Lies about mail order bride cost

It might seem that women for marriage, who are popular among Western men, can be considered to be the most expensive. Let’s say Latin women for marriage are quite popular, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be too expensive to get them.

What’s more, it’s just a myth that you can buy a person directly. When talking about the price of mail order brides, I mean that it’s a long process of meeting, dating, and getting closer to a woman who can be a good candidate for a long-term relationship and marriage. There’s no way of buying a person literally.

I am from…
I want to find a bride from nation...
I am going to communicate online with bride for...
I am ready to spend on presents for my mail bride about...
I am going to visit my bride's country...
I would like to add an immigration K1-visa fee

How to meet mail order brides in real life

I think this is where I need to start delving into details that will help you understand more about mail order bride price. If you plan to buy a wife, it means you should consider meeting your future partner in person. There are 3 ways of doing so. Let me explain each of them in detail.

Mail order bride tours

Mail order bride price is affected by the way you choose to meet your lady in person. If you’re appealing to the help of mail order bride agencies and want to meet possible matches without dating online, you’ll have an option of tours for singles. What makes it appealing for you? The main benefit is seeing ladies in person without needing online communication.

However, I shall warn you that such an option has some setbacks. First of all, it’s all about the higher mailorder brides cost. Such tours are known for their higher prices. Secondly, buying a wife with this option isn’t as efficient as an online venture since you won’t know much about your lady. A hasty method might be costly for you. So, let’s consider other options.

Mutual decision to meet in person

Another way to meet a mail order bride is when you and your lady agree to meet once you start dating online. It’s a great option since you can know more about your partner before meeting in person. It means you get the contact details of a woman for marriage and visit her in her country. It’s much cheaper when considering mail order brides pricing.

First, in this case, you’ll consider the expenses of making a trip on your own. There’s no need to pay anything extra. Thus, it’s ideal if you’re planning to buy a wife for a reasonable price. But does this option have setbacks? If your lady doesn’t speak English well, there’ll be a need for some services that your dating site can provide, leading to the other option, that’s my favorite one.

Requesting a real date

This can be a bit more expensive than the previous method. Still, it’s really efficient. On top dating sites offering mail order wives, you’ll have an option for asking for a real date. The site administration will arrange everything. But you should not worry about the cost of mail order bride, as it won’t be as expensive as romance tours.

After spending some time online, you and your lady might want to meet each other in person. You go to the site features, where you’ll find a service for arranging a real date. Don’t forget that most platforms will require you to verify your ID before you can meet your lady in person. Overall, these options I described are the ways of meeting women for marriage. It’s time to consider where you can go and how much it’ll cost.

Mail order bride cost by locations

One of the most common questions I come across quite often is where one can meet a woman for marriage for an affordable price. Thus, I tried to collect information about different locations where you can meet hot ladies. But when it comes to mail order bride price, I will divide this into 2 sections, such as online and offline expenses.

It’s no secret that it’s more efficient to meet women online before meeting them in person. Let’s first consider online ventures and how much they’ll cost based on different regions. You can understand more about mail order bride cost based on this information.

Mail order wife cost of online dating

How much does a mail bride cost? I can say that a dating site will be a significant factor, and the good news is that there’s no need to choose quite an expensive platform. The sites I’ll offer below are among the most professional and affordable places that won’t make mail order bride prices too expensive.

Asian mail order bride platforms

Asian mail order bride platforms

When considering women from Asia, you should consider top dating sites offering a wide range of profiles and top-notch services. For example, one of the best dating sites to discover is Eastern Honeys, and it offers the following services:

  • 🗒 Live chat facilitates a good communication ($0.98 per minute).
  • 🗒Sending stickers to amuse your lady ($2.45 per sticker).
  • 🗒Watching streams is a good chance to see your lady (free).
  • 🗒Sending real gifts can be a good way to impress your lady ($49 fee for the delivery).

There are many other interesting features as well. Of course, not all of them are paid ones. What’s more, there’s another dating site to meet hot Asian women. It’s The Lucky Date, and its prices are as follows:

💘 Live chat (per minute)$0.299
💘Sending virtual giftsStarting $5 per one gift
💘Sending messages (per one message)$4.5
💘Sending photos (per one photo)$1.5
💘Sending animated sticker (per one)$2.99
💘Sending emojis (per one emoji)$1.5

Latin mail order bride platforms

Latin mail order bride platforms

Not every single man is interested in meeting Asian ladies. Many great dating platforms are offering Latin mail order brides. I can ensure that Love Fort is one of the best dating sites to consider, given its professional services. Here’s what it can offer to you:

  • 🗒Live chat is one of the best ways of communication ($0.7 per minute);
  • 🗒Making interaction more interesting is possible with stickers ($1.75 per sticker);
  • 🗒Enjoying private videos of charming ladies ($17.5 per video);
  • 🗒Sending real gifts and flowers is another way of showing interest ($35 for the delivery);
  • 🗒Sending mails to a lady is a good way of interaction when she’s not online ($3.5 for each mail).

If you want to find another great dating site to meet hot ladies from Latin America, I recommend visiting La-Date, one of the most reputable places. Besides, it offers great prices to consider, so have a look at the table:

💘Live chat (per minute)$0.70
💘Sending virtual giftsStarting from $20.65 per one gift
💘Sending messages (per one message)$3.5
💘Sending photos (per one photo)$3.5
💘Receiving videos (per one video)$17.5
💘Fees for sending real gifts$35

European mail order bride platforms

European mail order bride platforms

I think I should mention that European women are also increasingly popular among Western men. I’ve noticed that there’s also an increasing number of platforms. But no need to worry, as I can strongly recommend Jolly Romance. It offers the following:

  • 🗒Chatting with ladies and enjoying their companionship ($0.7 per minute);
  • 🗒Sending animated stickers ($1.75 per sticker);
  • 🗒Having access to some great galleries of ladies ($17.5 per private video);
  • 🗒A chance to send real gift or flowers ($35 for the delivery);
  • 🗒Sending long letters to your favorite women ($3.5 for each letter).

I’m sure you’ll like Jolly Romance, as it has lots of women from Europe, but at the same time, I can advise you to check out Amour Factory, which is another awesome place to meet and buy a wife. And here is its price list:

💘Live chat (per minute)$0.70
💘Sending virtual giftsStarting from $20.65 per one gift
💘Sending messages (per one message)$3.5
💘Sending photos (per one photo)$3.5
💘Receiving videos (per one video)$17.5
💘Fees for sending real gifts$35

Slavic mail order bride platform

Slavic mail order bride platform

How about learning more about Russian mail bride cost? Or how much does a Ukrainian bride cost? If you’re keen on dating Slavic women, especially those from Russia or Ukraine, I think UkraineBride4You is an ideal place to start. Here’s what it can offer:

  • Simple text chat is a great chance to have a good time ($2 for every 5 minutes);
  • Video chat is more entertaining, as you can see your interlocutor ($3.99 for every 5 minutes);
  • Chatting with a feature of CamShare is more fun ($2.2 per minute);
  • Sending virtual gifts is a chance to show your interest ($6 per sticker);
  • Special call services allow you to have a real phone call ($3.99 per minute).

But that’s not the only site you can consider when it comes to getting a wife. To make Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride price less expensive, you can easily benefit from Bravo Date, one of my favorite dating platforms. It offers great services at great prices. Here’s what I want you to know about its prices:

💘Live chat (per minute)$0.70
💘Sending virtual giftsStarting from $20.65 per one gift
💘Sending messages (per one message)$3.5
💘Sending photos (per one photo)$3.5
💘Receiving videos (per one video)$17.5
💘Fees for sending real gifts$35

Offline costs of mail order brides

How much does a mail bride cost? I think it’s time to delve into offline expenses to clarify everything. When considering the regions I described above, I made a table with approximate sums that one should consider when planning to get a wife. Here’s what’s needed to know:

🗺 Regions✈ Plane Tickets (round trip)🏩 Hotel Expenses (2 weeks)🍲 Food & Transportation🎭 Offline Dating🔢 Total Sum
Asian Brides$800-$1,000$1,000$500$1,000$3,500
Latin Brides$500-$1,000$2,000$1,000$1,000$5,000
European Brides$1,000-$1,500$4,000$2,000$3,000$10,500
Slavic Brides$800-$1,000$3,000$1,500$2,500$8,000

That being said, I shall say that prices might vary. So, let me explain every region separately, and here’s what I need to highlight:

  • Asian brides. Asia is a great and large region. Ladies here are quite traditional. For those planning to find ladies for marriage in Asia, countries like Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Laos are among the first considerations. The average cost of Asian mail order brides is about $5K, including both offline and online costs.
  • Latin brides. I can say that Latin women for marriage aren’t expensive either. If you want to buy a wife from Latin America, you should be ready to spend about $8K. Again, this is a much lower price than other international brides. You better look for brides from countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Paraguay.
  • European brides. Ladies in Europe are also popular. Of course, I can say that they’re not as popular as Asian or hot Latinas, but still, there’s much attention from single men who are interested in liberal and independent women. The total cost for European women can be about $10K or even more. You should seek ladies in countries like Romania, Montenegro, Portugal, Hungary, and Italy.
  • Slavic brides. Overall, Slavic brides are among the most popular candidates for marriage, especially women from Ukraine, Russia, and Bulgaria. What’s more, these countries are quite affordable when considering mail order brides cost. To get a Slavic woman for marriage, you might need to spend about $10K, including offline and online costs.

All in all, I can say that the average price of mail order bride can start from $5K and go higher. But every lady is worth every cent spent on her, as the life with her will pay off.

How to take a mall order to your country

I described the offline and online expenses, but one section is often overlooked. It’s about bringing a lady to your country. Let’s say you spent a great time with your lady in your country. This isn’t the end of anything. It’s just the beginning. Now you should consider how to bring your lady to your country.

In general, there’s a type of visa mainly referred to as a K-1 visa. It’s granted to international brides to be eligible to come to your country. The total cost of getting this visa and bringing your lady can be less than $1,500. The process is direct, but it can take some time. For example, to get the US K-1 visa, you and your future might need to wait about 90 days.

What’s the best site to buy a wife? Should it be free or paid? I know many people who think that using a dating site offering everything for free can be efficient in terms of the mail bride order price. But that’s not the case. Let’s compare the benefits of both paid and free platforms:

Free Dating SitesPaid Dating Site
☺ Nothing to pay for💵Great services
☺Hassle-free registration💵Higher levels of security
☺Interesting features💵A large user base
 💵Better profile quality
 💵More features to consider

It’s clear that paid dating sites have more pros. But I think I should also show some cons of both dating platforms:

Free Dating SitesPaid Dating Sites
😢 Problems with securityℹ Higher prices
😢Fake accounts and scamsℹ Not so many services for free
😢No regular updates 
😢No professional customer service 
😢Non-informative profiles 

Now, I can say that a paid dating site is a winner when it comes to choosing a mail order bride. Only great platforms can offer high quality, and they’re always paid ones.


What are the cheapest mail order brides?

When talking about the cheapest brides in the world of mail order brides, it can be said that women from Asia are among the most affordable brides for marriages. Online expenses along with offline ones are really inexpensive when compared to other regions. You can get a wife for about $5K, which is low.

Does mail order bride services work?

According to my experience and the success stories I witnessed, I can easily assure everyone that such services really work. The question isn’t about whether they work, but you should be concerned with the proper platform that you plan to choose, and that’s why you better benefit from the one I mentioned above.

What is the average cost of a mail order bride?

Although it can sound a bit like a tricky question, the real answer is about $10K. Such a price includes many costs starting from online dating services to bringing your lady to your country. Thus, you should be emotionally and financially ready if you’re planning to get a wife from a different country.

Cheapest country to get a wife

There are plenty of cheap countries where you can get a wife. As for me, I think Thailand is an ideal place for those seeking a really cheap place to meet hot ladies for marriage. 

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