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A chance to meet Korean girls is something incredible, and I’m sure that visiting their country will be even more pleasant. When dating your future Korean bride in South Korea, you’ll discover great things about this amazing place. In addition to the fact that Korean mail brides are hospitable, you’ll be enchanted by local cuisine. Besides, don’t forget that this is a land of charming places that you should definitely visit.

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South Korea is a unique place, and for example, the Demilitarized Zone in this country is also worth visiting. You’ll learn a lot about the tension between North and South Korea. What’s more, I can assure you that you’ll discover interesting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, making South Korea popular among tourists. In other words, I’m sure that you’ll never forget about your trip to this country to find Korean wife.

Dating a Korean girl is a great experience, but what should you know about your future Korean mail order bride? Prior to thinking of discovering Korean women dating online, dedicate some time to understanding a Korean bride and getting to know where you can find your potential Korean wife. So, follow this guide on Korean mail order brides.

Interesting facts about Korean Brides

Average Age of Marriage for Korean Women30
Popular cities with Korean bridesSeoul, Busan, Seogwipo, Jeju City, Gangneung
Korean brides populationMore than 25 million
Best dating websites🖤 The Lucky Dates 🖤 Eastern Honeys 🖤 Asian Melodies

Before you start looking for beautiful foreign brides in Korea, you should look at some numbers. Not all Western men can be lucky to find a real mail order bride from this Asian country, but if you know where to start your journey, you’ll meet your future life partner. Now, it’s time to consider some interesting statistics about mail order brides from Korea.

Some interesting statistics to know about Korean brides

It’s no secret that most mail order Korean brides are quite traditional when compared to ladies from Western countries. Still, Korean women are now more modern and career-oriented than ever before. They don’t rush to get married. South Korean society is getting more liberal when it comes to creating relationships and dating.

If you want to date beautiful Korean women, you should know that you still need to be interested in a serious relationship rather than casual dating, which is something frowned upon in this country. So, these women can be said to cherish an interest in having relationships with their partners, and they tend to get married after several years of dating. But that’s not all I want to share. Look at what I find interesting about Korean girls:

  • Divorce rate. Before you find a Korean mail order bride, it’s normal to think about how successful Korean women are in a marriage. Korean girls don’t tend to divorce quite often. For now, it’s just about 2 divorces per 1K population. Korean ladies are great when it comes to keeping their married lives stable.
  • Decrease in marriages. One of the main problems of this country is the decreasing number of marriages, especially in major cities. In 20 years, there’s been a decrease of 40% in marriages. Of course, such a problem might lead to another one, which is a low fertility rate among Korean women.
  • Low fertility rate. The main issue in the country related to local women and men is the low fertility rate. For now, it’s about 0.8 kids per woman. It means that there are couples who don’t even have a kid. There are many factors explaining this, and the desire of a Korean girl to be independent and educated can be included among them.

Korean wedding traditions

When visiting your Korean mail order bride, don’t forget to attend the local weddings. You’ll see how Korean women and men approach their weddings. Actually, a typical Korean wedding is quite a colorful event, and it might offer a wide range of customs. Visiting weddings in cities and rural places can be a great experience.

I’ve seen several weddings, and it was a pleasure to see that Korean ladies do their best to stick to their local traditions. If you’re planning to get married to a Korean girl, here are some interesting things that I would like you to know:

  • Hanbok. It’s common for a Koren bride to wear a hanbok. It’s traditional clothing that is usually made of silk.
  • Specific colors. Although you might see lots of colors during a Korean wedding, it’s common for the bride to be in red, while the groom is expected to be in blue.
  • Money as a gift. This is a tradition that I saw almost in every wedding I attended. It’s common for guests to bring envelopes with cash inside.
  • Handwashing. In many cultures, there’s a tradition of getting cleaned. The same can be observed in Korean weddings during the handwashing process.

Interesting facts to know about a Korean bride

Before delving into the details of where you can meet a Korean mail order bride, there are more things I want to highlight. It’s no secret that Korean ladies are popular among Western men, and there are plenty of reasons to explain this phenomenon. For me, here are the main factors that might explain why one should be interested in looking for Korean mail order brides:

  • Charming appearance of a Korean bride. Why find a Korean wife? Perhaps, the main reason is her charming appearance. If you look up the Instagram account Kristychaan, you’ll see how sexy and hot she is. So, a Korean mail order bride is someone who can be enchanting.
  • Traditional values of foreign brides in Korea. This is actually common for both South and North Korean mail order brides. They all value their families and stick to their traditions. And this is what makes them different from Western women.
  • Passionate nature of Korean girls for marriage. Korean brides are renowned for being passionate. I would say that you shouldn’t be deceived by their reserved nature and shyness, as South Korean brides know how to satisfy you in bed.

Where to find Korean mail order brides?

When thinking about Korean women, the question of where to find them is imminent. So, to meet your Korean woman, you might consider visiting her homeland. South Korea is a great and liberal country where you can easily find, meet, and date your future Korean bride. But what do you know about this country?

Top 5 cities to meet a Korean woman

Are you searching for a Korean woman? Perhaps, you can find your future Korean bride in major cities. There are plenty of places where you can meet single Korean women interested in dating foreign guys. If you are unsure where to start, it’s time to reveal some popular destinations where you can meet the Korean woman of your dreams:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Seoul. If you’re planning to meet Korean women in person, I would recommend starting in this city. Seoul is the capital city, and it’s a great place full of various destinations where you can meet local South Korean women. You can also meet Korean girls during the nighttime. It’s a city full of great night venues full of single Korean ladies. For now, there are more than 25 million people living in this amazing place.
  • Busan. It’s a port city, and at the same time, it’s the second largest city in South Korea. If you’re looking for a hot woman, why not meet her on the perfect beaches in Busan? In this city, you won’t run out of mail order Korean brides, as there are so many Korean ladies interested in dating foreign men. So, you might try your luck with South Korean women in Busan.
  • Seogwipo. How about discovering the jaw-dropping nature of this country? I strongly recommend visiting this charming and laid-back city. I’m sure you’ll get a chance to meet hot yet traditional Korean brides in this place. Overall, it’s an ideal place if you’re tired of busy places and wants to indulge in serene places where you won’t be disturbed by crowds and their noises.
  • Jeju City. Jeju City is an amazing city where you can meet hot Korean girls. I like this city because it’s located on a separate island. So, traveling to this place is awesome. What’s more, I really liked its restaurants and hotels. I can easily say that it’s a city ideal for tourists, and it’s cheaper to stay in this place than in Seoul. Why not meet your future Korean bride in this amazing city?
  • Gangneung. When I visited this place, I didn’t notice many tourists. It means that you have a higher chance of attracting the attention of sexy Korean women. You won’t have problems approaching a Korean lady, as everyone in this place is kind, polite, and open. If you’re planning to seek Korean wives, you might consider this small city at first.

Online dating sites

Mail order bride sites and international dating agencies can be helpful when it comes to meeting and dating Korean women. Many reputable dating sites offer a chance to meet the Korean beauty who can be your future wife. But what makes an online dating service appealing to people who are interested in dating Korean brides?

An international dating site is a real chance to meet a Korean bride online. Many sites offer a wide range of Korean mail order brides to choose from. What’s more, dating these Asian women online has the following benefits:

💷 You shouldn’t forget that meeting your future South Korean wife is more affordable than simply looking for her in her own country. Online dating can be a cost-effective solution for you.

😍 You can easily find your ideal Korean girlfriend among Korean mail order wives. You just need to benefit from search filters, and you can meet potential Korean brides online in no time.

🌐 Nowadays, many Korean girls are on the internet, and thus, international dating sites are really efficient destinations for those interested in meeting beautiful Korean women.

🤔 What do you know about a typical Korean woman? What does she think about dating you? You can answer many questions before meeting your Korean woman, which makes dating sites more efficient.

🛋 A dating site is convenient to use, as you don’t have to travel to the Korean peninsula to meet the best Korean brides, and you can meet these Asian brides on top international dating sites.

What are the popular dating apps and sites in South Korea? You can find Tinder, which is quite common among the younger generation. But if you want something like a Korean date order place, you better consider Asian Melodies. If you’re unsure which one is better, I suggest glancing at their comparison table.

Tinder VS Asian Melodies

It was interesting to discover that Tinder is still popular in this country. However, there are also some local dating apps as well. But if you’re determined to meet Korean women for marriage, you might want to start dating on Asian Melodies. Before making your decision, I think you should look through their differences:

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like Asian Melodies
🔥Focusing on local dating♥ International dating service to meet Korean girls for marriage  
🔥Focusing on casual dating♥ Meeting real women for real and serious relationships
🔥Problems with fake or scam accounts♥ Renowned for profile quality
🔥Very few detailed profiles♥ Exclusive online shop for sending real gifts and flowers

As for me, it’s better to try your luck on Asian Melodies if you want to find South Korean mail order brides. It would be challenging to find real Korean mail order wives on Tinder, which is known more for flirting online, having fun, and just hanging out. A traditional Korean bride should be accessed from a reliable dating platform like Asian Melodies, which offers a wide range of mail order Korean brides.

Who’s a Korean mail order bride?

South Korean brides are in demand, thanks to their growing popularity. Dating Korean women for marriage can be more than meeting a traditional woman, as they have much to offer to single men like you. But let me delve into the concept of mail order brides from South Korea and explain more about them.

First of all, you should understand that Korean women for marriage are purely interested in finding someone who’ll be a decent partner for them. Secondly, they seek a better place to live. And finally, they’re seeking better conditions for their future kids. In short, Korean brides are motivated to find a better candidate for a better life.

So, they’re not simply interested in finding a man living abroad. They’re interested in meeting a person who can be a great candidate for them. Thus, you should be ready to be a better person than local men in South Korea.

How do mail order brides work?

Before you want to meet a South Korean wife, you should know how everything works. I can say that many people are not clearly aware of how mail order brides work, so it’s time for me to elaborate on this.

Choosing the right platform to meet South Korean brides

One of the main problems many single men face today is related to choosing the right place to meet ladies from Korea. You can’t find Korean mail order wives on random sites. Specific platforms are working with local agencies helping women from South Korea to become mail order brides.

Thus, you should choose the site where you can be sure to find a woman interested in marriage and serious relationships. That’s why I mentioned Asian Melodies, as this is the site where you can access myriads of single Korean mail order brides waiting for your attention. So, you should start dating Korean women on the right platforms.

Creating a new account online

This is the next stage once you find the right place offering Korean girls for marriage. One of the initial steps toward meeting your future wife from South Korea lies through the registration process. Having an account will allow you to browse profiles and test some site features.

So, you should start by creating a new account, and you need to know that informative profiles are more appealing to users online. Please note that empty or half-empty profiles are considered suspicious. It means you need to provide some basic information and don’t forget about adding some photos.

Choosing the right person

After creating a new account, it’s time to seek the ladies who are right for you. How can someone look for the right person online? Thankfully, there’s a search tool that answers this question. You set the required parameters and click on search. You can look for someone based on factors like physical features, social background, and even more.

But I can say that searching for the right person isn’t limited to search tools. You can browse profiles of ladies who seem appealing to you. And you can look through the profile information. I can assure you that most international dating sites of the best quality provide detailed profiles of ladies for marriage.

Online dating and meeting in person

If you find someone to date, you’ll spend a lot of time communicating online. The more you date your lady, the more you learn about her. And you should know whether you want to spend time with your future Korean bride. Thus, you might think of meeting your lady in person.

This is where you can benefit from arranging a date. Or you can ask for contact details. Meeting and dating offline is the final stage when you can decide whether you want to continue to date your Korean life partner. Overall, this is quite a long yet simple process when you find, meet, and date a woman who can become your future life partner.

The legality of Korean brides

Now it’s time to consider whether it’s legal to get a Korean bride. It’s not something new to hear about getting Korean mail order brides. The whole process explained above demonstrates what it means to get a Korean bride. This is what you should expect when you buy a wife abroad.

There’s no direct payment to get a wife. You do that through dating agencies, and thus, there’s nothing illegal about it. So, you don’t need to worry about it. All you need is to know where to look for these mail order brides.

Costs of Korean brides

One of the most important things everyone should consider when planning to get married to a Korean mail order wife is the total cost of your venture. How much does it cost to get a wife from South Korea? There are several things to consider when calculating the total costs of your future mail order wife. Let me delve into the details.

International dating services

One of the main things you’ll have to consider is online dating expenses. Regarding popular dating sites, you might spend about $1K per month. Still, you can spend less or more, depending on your generosity. Expenses can be higher if you buy presents and flowers for your lady.

Travel expenses

While dating online, you might also consider visiting your lady in South Korea. The travel expenses to this country might be a bit expensive. Your 2-week travel might cost you more than $2K, including accommodation, transportation, and meals.

Offline dating

This is where calculating your expenses might be tricky. Going to a restaurant, spending time together, and buying gifts for your lady will cost you more than $2K in 2 weeks. As you see, the trip to this country is quite expensive. But I’m sure that your future Korean wife is worth every cent you’ll spend on her.

Arranging a wedding

This is the process of inviting your lady to your country. You’ll get married so that your fiancé can get citizenship in the future. Overall, this is not a short period, and it might cost you about $2K. Overall, your venture to get a wife from South Korea will be about $7K in total.

Perks of dating Korean singles

There is quite a lot you can experience when dating them. First of all, you shouldn’t forget about their polite nature. They’re also known for being docile in relationships. This is what can make you feel more confident. Unlike their Western counterparts, Korean dames aren’t feminists. They tend to be more feminine.

In addition, Korean wives are known for their passionate nature, as they’re great in bed. If you’re keen on dating passionate ladies, Korean brides should be among your first options. Finally, Korean women are great cooks. If you love Korean cuisine, then dating Korean women should be among your considerations for sure.

James and Haneul

James and Haneul

James is 45 years old, and he works as a financial manager in Tucson, USA. Haneul is 26, and she used to be a school teacher in South Korea. But why did she use to be? Well, now they’re married and live in the US together. They’re waiting for a baby. But how did everything start?

James was married before, but alas, his marriage wasn’t quite successful, and he decided to divorce. Still, he was interested in creating a family, and some of his friends recommended that he should try his luck with mail order bride services. With a dating site offering mail order brides, he managed to find Haneul.

He was surprised that Haneul was okay with the age gap between them. After several weeks of online dating, James visited Haneul in South Korea. After spending time together, they decided to get married. It took some time before they officially married.

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Mark and Nabi

Mark and Nabi

Mark is a web designer, and he resides in New York. He’s 45, and his future bride Nabi is 35. They met on a dating site. Mark isn’t among the people relying on dating sites, but he was surprised how a great dating site can change everything.

After registration, he started looking for Korean women. As he confesses, he’s always been interested in dating and marrying Korean ladies. So, it didn’t take much time until he found Nabi. They dated online for 3 months. So, they easily got attached to each other.

Then, he visited Nabi several times, and just several weeks ago, he proposed to her. She said that it was the happiest day of her life. Mark was also happy to see that Nabi accepted the proposal without any doubt. Now, they’re working on getting a K-1 visa and planning a great wedding in New York soon.

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William and Junko

William and Junko

William is 39 years old, and he’s from Nashville, US. He’s always been interested in Korean culture, history, and of course, Korean women. That’s why he was determined to find his future life partner on Eastern Honeys. This is where he met his bride, Junko. It didn’t take much time before they started liking each other.

Junko is now 22, and she’s been dreaming of meeting and dating someone abroad. She’s never been interested in meeting and dating local men. She was lucky to meet William. They both chatted for hours online. And after some time, William decided to visit Junko.

She was happy about such a decision. Eastern Honeys dating site was quite helpful in terms of arranging the first real date, which was awesome, according to Junko. Now, William is back in Nashville and planning to invite Junko to the US. He hopes that their relationship will lead to marriage.

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Thomas and Nali

Thomas and Nali

Thomas is 44 years old, and at the moment, he’s a dentist in Denver, US. Thomas wasn’t a person seeking ladies online, but with Eastern Honeys, he was able to change his mind. This is where he found his Nali, who changed his life for good.

Nali is 25, and she’s a fashion designer. Unlike Thomas, Nali is eager to meet people online, and since her childhood, she’s been dreaming of meeting a foreigner. So, 2 people were united on Eastern Honeys. Everything started with a funny icebreaker sent by Thomas. She decided to respond.

They couldn’t believe that this icebreaker led to a great relationship. After 3 months of online dating, Thomas visited Nali, who lives not far from Seoul. They had a great time together and traveled across South Korea. Thomas visits her lady almost once in three months. At the moment, they’re thinking of marriage and making plans.

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The final thoughts

Why find a Korean woman for marriage? Thanks to great sites like Asian Melodies, you can find your Korean bride online. There are enough reasons why you should consider Korean ladies for marriage. And be sure that it’s not too difficult to find Asian women from this country. So, it’s time to try your luck.


Can I buy a Korean bride?

With mail order bride platforms, you can invest in your future woman for marriage. There’s no other way you can get your wife. So, you can’t pay your money and get your future wife delivered. Buying a mail order wife from Korea means you just appeal to the services of international dating sites.

Where can I meet Korean singles?

Perhaps, the best way to meet these exotic ladies would be through dating sites. All you need is to find a decent platform that will suit your interests and expectations. There is a wide range of sites where you can find a woman, so choose carefully enough.

What makes a Korean wife unique?

Unlike other ladies from Western countries, Korean wives are known for being reserved, shy, polite, and interesting. What’s more, they’re also known for their appealing nature, docile attitude, and even more. So, they can make ideal wives.

How often do Korean mail order brides divorce?

Compared to other countries’ divorce rates, South Korea is quite successful in keeping their marriages safe and stable. Thus, you can be sure that most local marriages tend to last longer.

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