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When traveling across the Philippines, I was amazed by the fact that Filipino wives are quite different from Western men. Their selfless approach to their lives, docile nature, and many other factors were interesting to discover. Since I know that Filipina mail order brides are among the most popular international brides, I decided to learn more about the single Philippines. Believe it or not, I am sure that single Filipina women can make happy any man in the world.

So, where should I start? Thanks to traveling to many places and seeing many international brides, I can easily say that a chance to date a Filipino woman is something perfect and incredible, as they know how to do their best to make their men happy. Suppose some single men want to marry a Filipina. In that case, I think this personal guide I prepared will be a great resource with useful insights to discover about Filipina brides for marriage.

Interesting facts about Philipino Brides

Average Age of Marriage for Filipino Women27
Popular cities with Filipino bridesManila, Cebu City, Makati City, Paranaque
Filipino brides populationMore than 55 million
Best dating websites🖤 Eastern Honeys🖤 Asian Melodies🖤 The Lucky Date

Guess what? Filipina women for marriage are among the most loyal and committed partners in the world. While looking through success stories of people who found their soulmates in the Philippines, I can assure you that anyone should consider Filipino brides for marriage if they want to live happily ever after, like in fairy tales. But let me showcase some more interesting facts about Filipina wives.

Some interesting statistics to know

When I started to do my own research on Filipino women for marriage, I tried to compare them with Western women. Indeed, it was interesting to discover that Filipino ladies are among the most popular choices because of their humble character, docile nature, and less feminism in their attitudes.

What’s more, although any Filipina bride is quite ambitious, she doesn’t delay her marriage, which is the case with modern women from the Western part of the world. But I think you’ll find the following more interesting to discover:

  • To divorce or not to divorce. I am starting this like Shakespeare because there’s a fun fact I want to share. There are 2 well-known countries where divorce is considered illegal, and they’re the Vatican and the Philippines. Thus, it’s not common for Filipina brides to get divorced.
  • Higher rates of marriage. Why marry Filipina woman? One of the main reasons is that they’re quite family-oriented. Trust me. It’s hard to deny this fact, as almost 50% of women above 20 and under 30 are already married. But that’s not all. The Philippines is one of the countries with an increasing number of international marriages.

Interesting things to know about Filipino brides

I strongly recommend that single men interested in meeting these women learn more about them. One of the main mistakes that many single men make is not knowing a lot about their ladies before dating them. Thus, I think you’ll find the following information quite useful:

  • Stunning appearance. This is what I really admire about them. They’re so elegant and sexy. Although quite short compared to Western and European women, I find Filipinas attractive with their small but cute faces and slim bodies. Indeed, I have no doubts that men can resist women who might look like Pia Wurtzbach, Julia Barreto, and the like.
  • Real fans of basketball. When visiting this country, I was surprised that basketball was one of the favorite sports in this place. The good thing I found is that not only boys are involved in this sport, but women are also keen on playing basketball.
  • Family values. Dating a Filipina girl means meeting her family. Family values are inherent in Filipino women; thus, they approach dating seriously. Courtship is considered to be the first step before real marriage, and this is what I respect in them. They’re not keen on casual dating.
  • A tradition of Pasalubong. When doing my research and traveling to this amazing country, I noticed that there’s a tradition like Pasalubong. In other words, it’s just giving souvenirs. That’s really common, and if someone asked me how to date a Filipina girl, I would say that he should start with presents.

Filipino wedding traditions

I had a chance to visit several weddings in the Philippines, and what was interesting is the fact that they were quite different from one another. I was told that every region has its own peculiar traditions to follow. That’s why I consider weddings in the Philippines really amazing and exciting. Still, here are some traditions in common I would like to share:

  • Marking arrangements. It’s a tradition known as the Bulungan. It simply means that families of both sides discuss weddings and their expenses.
  • 13 coins. This is a tradition that comes from the Western part of the world. Or to be more specific, it comes from Spain. It’s a religious tradition of coins that symbolize prosperity and unity.
  • Candle. The candle of unity is also quite common to see. This is even common to see when attending non-Christian weddings. This candle is a symbol of the unity of 2 people.
  • Rice cakes. I didn’t believe that I could like this cake. But it was really delicious. Almost every wedding in the Philippines has its own special cake made of rice.

Where to find a Filipino bride?

I can say that it’s worth visiting the Philippines, as it has a lot to offer its guests. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to meet hot local ladies.

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies

The Philippines is quite a charming place, and I visited this country several times to see all the best cities. This is a place that offers many great things for foreigners. Here are the top 5 cities based on my experience:

  • Manila. It’s one of the best cities I’ve ever been to, and being the capital city, it has a lot to offer in terms of nightlife.
  • Cebu City. The most exciting thing about this place is its beach resorts. And I think it’s one of the most affordable places to have.
  • Davao City. It’s a charming place known for its peculiar architecture. Besides, I really liked Crocodile Park, which has more than 500 crocodiles.
  • Makati City. This is one of the modern places. I can say that I saw some cool buildings that I didn’t see in the capital city.
  • Paranaque. There are many great resorts to spend a good time in. It’s one of the most charming cities in the Philippines South.

Online dating options

But is there a need to visit the Philippines to meet hot ladies? Definitely not. It’s really easy and convenient to meet Filipina girls online. And here are some benefits:

  • 🌹 More interesting and exciting to experience
  • 🔢 More ladies to consider
  • ♥ Ideal way of finding a perfect match
  • 🎦 Meeting a person who can share similar desires and expectations
  • 🤴 More affordable than making a real trip to the Philippines

For online dating options, there are 2 sites. One is Tinder, and the other one is Eastern Honeys. Now, let me compare them.

Tinder vs Eastern Honeys

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like Eastern Honeys
🔥Great for entertainment♥ Ideal for meeting women for marriage
🔥Casual flings♥ No casual dating or non-committed relationships
🔥Local dating♥ International dating site for marriage
🔥Problem with fake profiles♥ Real Filipina women for marriage
🔥Not ideal for international dating♥ Impressive user base

Eastern Honeys is preferable when it comes to finding a woman for more serious relationships. At the same time, Tinder is a better option for more casual flings.

Who is a Filipina mail order bride?

Any fool can know. The point is to understand. This is the quote by Einstein that I love reiterating to my audience quite often. Most men hear the concept of mail order brides, but not all of them are aware of what it really means.

I know some people who still think that it’s some kind of human trafficking. Just relax. The truth is simpler and easier to grasp. Filipina mail order bride is a woman who seeks a man’s attention to create long-term bonds. Thus, before dating Filipina woman, one should understand more about how everything works.

How do mail order brides work?

Meeting Filipina women isn’t as challenging as some men might think. First, you should know that Filipina mail order brides are ladies interested in men living abroad. Secondly, they’re motivated to meet and find a partner because they’re not interested in getting married to local men for various reasons. So, let me show you how everything works:

  • Picking a proper site. The reason I compared the sites above is to highlight that only professional dating sites can offer a chance to meet Filipina women for marriage.
  • Creating a new account. To meet Filipino girls, you should register and create an informative profile. Without such a profile, it would be challenging to meet ladies.
  • Searching for ladies online. Never miss a chance to use the searching tool to meet and date Filipino women. Since top dating sites will offer a large user base, you better appeal to the help of such a service to narrow down your options.
  • Dating online. Meeting Filipina girls is quite an easy task. The next step is to dedicate time to getting to know a lady better.
  • Meeting Filipina women in person. One of the final steps of getting a mail order bride is meeting a lady in person. This is possible only when a man and woman want that.

The legality of Filipina mail order bride

One of the most popular questions that I receive quite often is whether mail order brides are legal. The good news is that the practice of mail order brides is legal almost everywhere. Ironically, it’s not legal when it comes to Filipina women for marriage. Philippines brides are still among the most popular international brides.

Thanks to dating agencies, they manage to find some loopholes in the law of the Philippines. Thus, I can easily state that there’s nothing to worry about when getting a bride from this country. There’s another question I better address: the costs of Filipina mail order brides.                   

Costs of mail order brides

How much should one be ready to spend to get a wife from the Philippines? This is an interesting question. I can say that it doesn’t cost too much to get a Filipino wife. Here are things to consider when buying a bride:

  • Online dating services. A chance to meet Filipina girl online might cost you about $2K or even more, depending on how long and generous you are.
  • Travel costs. Going to the Philippines and staying there for 2 weeks might cost you about $2K overall, including meals and accommodation.
  • Real-life dating. Dating a woman offline won’t cost much, as this country is quite affordable. Still, it might be about $2K.

Overall, the total cost can be around $6K to get a Filipina wife. Thus, if you’re a single man planning to find a perfect wife, consider 2 things. You should consider getting a woman from the Philippines, and you might need to spend about $6K.  

Perks of dating Filipino singles

Meeting Filipina girl is a great chance to know more about her. But before such a venture, I think there’s a need to know why it’s worth dating Filipina women. The following benefits of dating these charming ladies should be quite convincing:

  • English proficiency. I know that communication is quite important, and I saw many couples fail since it was hard to reach a consensus about something. The main reason was a language barrier, and I am happy to say that the English language is widely spoken in the Philippines. So, no worries about the language barrier.
  • Polite nature of Filipino women. What I also like about Filipino women and their culture is their respect toward elders, family members, relatives, and foreigners. As for me, it’s the main reason why Filipino ladies are successful in marriage.
  • Patriotic ladies. Although women in the Philippines are in love with foreigners, they’re really patriotic. They’re proud of their nation. They’ll always tell you how proud that they have amazing nature, great beach resorts, jeepneys that you can find only in this country, and the fact that Erythromycin was invented in their country.
  • Ladies full of joy. When visiting this country, all ladies seem really quiet and reserved. But I can assure you that they’re not so quiet. They’re really keen on partying.  Besides, I was surprised that they’re keen on singing, which is proved by the abundance of Karaoke across the country.

The final thoughts

Let me conclude what I tried to demonstrate with my guide on single Filipino women. First, they’re among the best candidates for marriage, so you better find a Filipino mail order bride. Secondly, it means you need to have a good dating site that offers a chance to meet Filipina women dating online. Finally, I shall remind you that it won’t cost much to get Philipino brides. All in all, I really suggest the site I mentioned above and start looking for an ideal partner.  


Can I buy a Filipino bride?

Buying a Filipino bride means finding a dating site and spending money on dating services that’ll make you closer to your lady for marriage. This process is what’s referred to as buying a Filipino bride. So, if you know where to meet hot singles from the Philippines, it means you can easily buy a bride.

Where can I meet Filipino singles?

To meet Filipino singles, you can visit the Philippines. It’s one of the most exotic places with excellent destinations where you can meet Filipinas during nighttime or daytime. But your best solution to finding ladies from the Philippines should be online dating, as it’s practical, convenient, and affordable.

What makes a Filipino wife unique?

Her docile nature is among the main factors that many single men find appealing, not to mention that she’s one of the most charming candidates for marriage. Don’t forget that a Filipino wife is also a passionate lover, committed partner, and interesting interlocutor. You’ll never have regrets about having a Filipino wife.

How often do Filipino mail-order brides divorce?

It’s not common for Filipinas to divorce. What’s more, Filipino brides are among the most successful wife candidates when considering their successful marriage. If you want a great marriage life that’ll last long, you better consider Filipina women for marriage.

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