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Korean hottest women have to undergo strict Asian beauty standards, however, many sexy Korean girls deserve attention. Each day we can see the beauty of the hottest Korean actresses on magazine covers or TV. If I faced a choice of what country to choose for a future bride, I would stop on Korean girlfriend, as many hot Korean girls are not only beautiful but also intelligent.

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Temperament and Physical Characteristics of Hot Korean women

Ladies from Korea are in the highest demand in Asia, as hot Korean women are not only attractive but also very modern and with good manners. The hottest Korean girls are known for their loyalty and family values. Korean ladies are also very self-confident, regardless they are at work or with friends.

Normally, sexy Korean women are considered to be ladies with round faces, large almond eyes, tiny and neat noses, slim bodies, narrow cheekbones, and, of course, white skin. A hot Korean woman usually has smooth and silky hair and porcelain skin. It’s quite normal when 30-year-old Koreans still look like teenagers. They are also known as the best lovers.

The majority of sexy Korean women are considered to be even more passionate and calm than women from the West. However, it doesn’t mean that hottest Korean girls never get annoyed. They just don’t show their angriness in public. I had never seen any spoiled hottest Koreans shouting or throwing heavy things at someone. Maybe Korean culture religion left a good fingerprint, but ladies in Korea prefer to discuss everything in calm.

Who is the hottest Korean woman?

Generally, it’s hard to answer, as almost all sexy Korean girls are hot and passionate. I would like to highlight one of the hottest Korean women, who broke many men’s hearts and managed to create a happy family with 2 children. Her name is Jeon Ji-Hyun – a very prosperous and the hottest Korean model who is listed on the showbiz walls.

Who is the prettiest Korean woman?

The young and beautiful face of this hot Korean girl never disappears from my memory. She conquers the hearts of her fans with her unique beauty and charm. Kang Ji-young belongs to the hottest Korean actresses and singers, who reached everything themselves. She has a really attractive appearance and a women’s natural charisma.

What is considered beautiful in Korea?

All the hottest Korean women strive to look like idols. If some of them don’t meet the most common beauty standards, these ladies are not considered beautiful. All hot Korean women have big open eyes, white pure faces, small pointed noses, short faces with middle-sized foreheads, and black silky hear.

Honestly, in my opinion, hottest Korean girls are popular when they have youthful faces. Lips are not so big, the bottom lip must be bigger than the top one. The hottest Koreans even use fillers to make the lower lip fatter. As for the figure, it should be slim and fragile, pale skin is a must.

The most famous hot Korean women

I discovered the top 30 hottest Korean women who are famous talented actresses and models, and want to share my opinion about these beauties. This is not the ranking list, but I collected the most beloved and sexy Korean girls.

The TOP 30 Korean hottest women in 2024

NameAgeHoroscopeMarital statusOccupationInstagram page
Jeon Ji-Hyun41MarriedModel@junjihyun.official
Choi Sora29💓Model@sola5532
Jang Yoon Ju41MarriedModel, TV presenter, singer, songwriter@yoonjujang
Kang Ji-young27💓Singer, a former Kara group member, and an actress@kkangjji_
Go Ara31💓Model and actress@ara_go_0211
Bae Suzy27💓Model and actress@baesuzyoficiall
Kim So Eun32💓Actress@socun89
Song Hye Kyo40DivorcedActress@kyo1122
Park Ji-Yeon28💓Actress and singer@ jiyeon2__
Oh Yeon Seo34💓Actress, singer@ohvely22
Kim Tae-hee42MarriedActress@kimtaehee99
Honey Lee38MarriedActress, model@honey_lee32
Shin Min-ah38💓Actress and model@illusomina
Park Shin-Hye31MarriedActress and singer@ssinz7
Lee Sung Kyung31💓Actress@heybiblee
Son Ye-Jin 39MarriedActress@yejinhand
Park Min Young35💓Actress@rachel_mypark
Han Hyo-Joo34💓Actress@hanhyojoo222
Nana30💓Model, actress, singer@jin_a_nana
Yoona31💓Actress and singer@yoona__lim
Jung Ho Yeon27💓Model, actress@hoooooyeony
Kim Ji-soo27💓Actress and singer@sooyaaa__
Song Ji Hyo40💓Model, actress, and TV presenter@my_songjihyo
Han Ga In39💓Actress@hgi.0202
Han So Hee28💓Actress@xeesoxee
Jang Nara40💓Singer and actress@nara0318
IU29💓Actress, singer, songwriter@dlwlrma
Kim Ji Won29💓Actress@kimjiwonx
Koo Hye-sun37MarriedActress, singer, artist, songwriter, and director@kookoo900
Yoo In Na39💓DJ and actress@yooinna

* 💓 – single

Hot Korean girl Jeon Ji-Hyun

I highlighted her as the hottest Korean model, who has a luxurious first-class aura and is the mother of 2 children in her 40. The star is modeling for advertisements and shows her youthful face on the popular covers. She deserves acknowledgment for her slim body and beautiful face. Since 2012 this model got married.

Hottest Korean model Choi Sora

She is a unique supermodel. This woman is slim and tall, with an unordinary appearance. That is why this lady belongs to those sexy Korean girls modeling in fashion houses, such as Marc Jacobs or Louis Vuitton, and looks very confident on the podium.

Beautiful Korean lady Jang Yoon Ju

When talking about the hottest Korean actresses, I cannot avoid indicating Jang Yoon Ju. She is one of the most famous supermodels, whose career pass was very rapid and successful. Jang used to sing in a girl group. Her long legs and eye curves helped to attract many fans. Actually, the woman made about $5 million being a popular star for her whole life.

Hot Korean woman Go Ara

This beautiful Korean woman has a very contemporary look and a good combination of Asian uniqueness with European signs. Go Ara is a participant of the Artist Company. Her actor debut started in 2003 with SM Entertainment. She participated in Dance, Pacemaker, Papa, and other popular films and TV series, such as Sharp 1 and 2, Black, and Reply.

Sexy Korean woman Bae Suzy

She is considered a hot Korean woman possessing natural beauty and taking care of themselves. The lady won several praises in the beauty competition and moved to the actor activity. She played in the Dream High drama school very successfully and then appeared in various famous films: While You Were Sleeping, Starting a business, Big, and Vagabond.

Hot Korean girl Kim So Eun

Even the hottest Korean actresses wished to have such pure beauty and sweet smiles as Kim So Eun has. She managed to conquer the hearts of her media fans. Already ten years ago, she played in the Boys Over Flowers, which impressed viewers so much. Then she acted in the Sisters of the Sea, Lie game, Two boys, etc.

Beautiful Korean actress Song Hye Kyo

She is a hot Korean woman on Korean TV. Her beauty, elegance, and sensitivity played a significant role in her future acting career. Actually, she is also a popular model with a net worth of $31 million. Song Hye Kyo is known in South Korea for playing in such films as Full House, the Wind Blows, Autumn in My Heart, and Descendants of the Sun.

 Pretty Korean star Park Ji-Yeon

She has admirable beauty and belongs to Korean sexy women with natural charisma and slim body. Park is a former member of the T-ara group, then a solo singer, and acted in such famous movies as High dream 2, Master of Study, and Death Bell 2. Her net worth makes approximately $2 million. She is also a very successful singer, and in February 2022, she signed a contract with AnB Group.

 Pretty Korean girl Kang Ji-young

Not all the hottest Korean actresses have such an intensive life. Kang Ji-young, in her, 27 managed to become a popular actress, who played in numerous movies, such as Jigoku Sensei Nube, and beloved singer. She made a debut in 2015 when her solo song the Last Farewell was released.

Hottest Korean actress Oh Yeon Seo

She is an actress, singer, and fashion model, this woman is among the hottest Korean women and very desirable to men. She became very popular due to her roles in dramas like Café Minamdang in 2022, A Korean Odyssey in 2018, and Love with Flaws in 2020. She has a very sexy look and currently is a single woman.

Beautiful Korean girl Kim Tae-hee

She is among the hot ladies from South Korea and actresses in South Korea. Kim Tae-hee stays beautiful over the years due to her youthful face and fit, slim body. She meets all Asian beauty standards: big eyes, white and bright skin, a high bridge of the nose, and flawless features on her face. She is a famous actress now, who participates in various dramas.

Sexy Korean model Honey Lee

This beauty is among the Korean sexy women, who are beloved by their audience and successful in the art. Honey Lee is a famous actress, singer, and model at present time. After she participated in the TOP 5 Miss Universe 2007, she even became more popular in South Korea. This hot Korean woman got many awards for participating in MBC Drama and KBS Entertainment.

Hot Korean girl Shin Min-ah

Shin Min-ah is among the hottest Korean actresses and models dealing with AM Entertainment. She is well-known for the Oh My Venus TV series and for participating in My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho drama. When she was 17, she debuted in the Beautiful Days. The woman appeared in 29 movies and has nominations for her accolades as one of the best leading actresses.

Sexy Korean woman Park Shin-Hye

This hot Korean girl has more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Park Shin Hye is one of the most famous and hottest Korean actresses on the screen, who has made a fortune in the cinema industry and received numerous roles in Asian films. Her parents were musicians, and she inherited their talent when being a successful singer.

Hot Korean woman Lee Sung Kyung

She is one of the hottest Koreans who belongs to famous celebrities. Being a prosperous singer, model, and actress, she succeeded in TV shows, such as Cheese in the Trap, Dr. Romantic 2, The Doctors, and Shooting Stars in 2022.

Pretty Korean girl Son Ye-Jin

Son is a hot Korean girl and a famous actress. She played in more than 20 Asian movies and was awarded the prize of Best actress for such films as the Last Princess, The Pirates, My Wife got Married. The actress in her 22 had already appeared in 30 projects, and now her fortune already makes $ 41 Million.

Hottest Korean actress Park Min Young

She belongs to the beautiful Korean women, who completely meet the beauty standards of South Korea. With her slim fit body and smooth skin, she looks very desirable on screens. Park is a successful actress which started her career with the Sungkyunkwan Scandal drama, City Hunter, and other movies. Later she made her famous debut in the Cat horror movie.

Hot Korean girl Han Hyo-Joo

Not all sexy Korean women can combine talent, acting ability, and beauty, but Han could. She is known for her leading roles in TV series starting in 2007 (Heaven and Earth), then in 2009 (Brilliant Legacy), and many others. The last one brought her the breakthrough, and actually, she is the owner of numerous awards. 

Pretty Korean woman Nana

This hottest South Korean model has delicate and sharp beauty. She participated in a girl group and was even included in the “Top beautiful faces” list developed by TC Candler. Nana tried herself in many fields, but the most preferable for the girl was acting. She participated in the girl singing group after school. Actually, she is a singer and model.

Korean hotty Yoona

She is engaged in entertainment activities as an actress and famous singer in South Korea and, like all sexy Korean women, looks at fans from the screen of the television while they are watching movies with her participation. Yoona is also known as an SNSD cult group member. Her recent roles were in 2020 (Hush), 2019 (Exit), and 2017 (The King loves).

 Sexy Korean girl Jung Ho Yeon

Jung is a very beautiful South Korean actress who is engaged in the entertainment field. She has a very sexy and attractive appearance, which surely fits all magazine covers. First of all, the girl made a successful model career, becoming a part of the modeling shows – Name Sake Show and Korea’s Next Model. 

As an actress, she appeared in the Netflix Squid Game Series. Nowadays, this girl is ranked in the TOP-50 models list. She acted in Japanese movies and her beautiful face became recognizable among Korean people. 

Korean sexy actress Kim Ji-soo

Kim belongs to such hottest Koreans, who were born into rich families. Her father is the big boss in a company, and her mother worked in NGO, in South Korea. The girl’s own fortune now makes above $20 Million, which she earned being a successful actress for many years.  

Beautiful Korean model Song Ji Hyo

Among many hot Korean girls engaged in entertainment, Song Ji Hyo always gets benefits due to her gorgeous beauty. Many Korean sexy women envy her ability to stay attractive for so many years. She is also famous for being present in the game show Running Man. Then the woman sighed the contract with Uzu Rocks in 2022.

Sexy actress from South Korea Han Ga In

This beautiful woman is one of the hottest Korean actresses. She played in the Yellow Handkerchief series and Terms of Endearment at the very beginning of her career and then became a very prosperous model in showbiz. She fulfilled several successful projects in 2012 when she played in the Moon Embracing drama and her hit movie Architecture 101.

Korean hot actress Han So Hee

She is a hot Korean girl who receives great attention from viewers of Asian movies. Han So Hee managed to build a good acting career and is always desirable to famous brands and magazines in South Korea due to her sweet look, elegance, manners, and charm. It is said, she possesses an uncooperative ability for transformation. 

Hot Korean girl Jang Nara

Some Korean sexy women are not just beloved and desirable by the audience due to their physical features but also famous and talented due to their personal contribution to a successful career. Jang Nara is one such lady. She is an agelessly beautiful actress which is engaged in entertainment and is also known as a musician and a talented producer.

Korean hotty IU

Her birth name is Lee Ji-Eun. She is one of the South Korean women, who conquer the hearts of the audience with her youthful face and charming beauty, tiny waist, and long legs. The lady is also known as a very prosperous songwriter, singer, and producer. Her popularity started in 2011 when she released her first album, Real + and Last Fantasy. The girl’s net worth reaches $45 Million.

Sexy Korean woman Kim Ji Won

She started her career at the vocal school. Not all hot Korean ladies in South Korea possess angel voices and professionalism, as Kim does. That is why the big showbiz accepted her, and no longer she appeared in several commercials gradually, she grew and became known as the Lollipop Girl.

Kim became popular due to her roles in the Heirs TV series in 2013 and the Descendants of the Sun in 2016, leading roles in the Fight for My Way in 2017 and Lovestruck in the City during 2020-2021. 

Pretty Korean girl Koo Hye-sun

This hot Korean girl is a famous singer, however, more succeeded as an actress. Her role as Geum Jan Di in the film Boys Over Flowers made the lady popular, she finally became a movie star. Then she managed to become a director and combined her work with painting.

Koo as the director debuted in her short movie The Madonna. It helped her to become recognized in the cinematography business as a good producer. She also debuted at the Puchon International Film Festival in 2009 and was awarded for her movie. 

Hot actress from South Korea Yoo In Na

Yoo is among the hottest Korean actresses and musicians. She is recognized for participation in the Family series The Secret Garden and Queen In-Hyun’s Man. The girl worked as a DJ in famous radio shows such as Let’s Crank Up the Volume. She is well-known for her talent and, charming beauty, sexy and feminine appearance.

Hot Korean women online

Jessica, 27
Ayuki, 23
Yan, 25
Grace, 28
Anne, 24
Doris, 47
Cynara, 20
Sandy, 22
More profiles


Women from South Korea are the most beautiful and desirable in the whole of Asia. They manage to undergo the strictest beauty standards due to their cute appearance. Many successful and prosperous models and actresses came from Korea. They can conquer the hearts of many Western men. 


How much is the Korean bride’s price?

$11K is the price of a Korean mail order bride, and this price will cover the expenses of both dating online and offline.

What do Korean brides wear?

Korean brides tend to wear white dresses similar to the style of Western wedding dresses.

What is a Korean mail order bride?

A Korean mail order bride is a woman you can meet and date on mail order bride platforms with the purpose of getting married to her.

Where to find a Korean bride?

Eastern Honeys is a great dating website that offers a wide range of Korean ladies. If you’re in South Korea, you can meet locals in places like Ganghwado Island, Pocheon Art Valley, and Jeonju Hanok Village.

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