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To my surprise, Serbia isn’t a member of the EU, but when I traveled across this charming place, time passed too fast for me. There are so many cool places that I recommend anyone travel to see. For me, Serbia is one of the top places to travel, but I want to talk about Serbian women. In this guide on dating a Serbian girl, I would like to share some exciting ideas and insights.

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For me, Serbia isn’t only a place overlooked by tourists, but Serbian brides are also quite overlooked, which I want to fix in this article. Women of Serbia are among the sexiest ladies, not only among Slavic women but also in the world. This makes them special, but their perfection isn’t limited to what they look like, as Serbian mail order brides are an ideal choice for single men.

I can assure any Western man dating Serbian women is pleasant, joyful, and cool, and these ladies are quite passionate in bed. If interested, just follow this guide and discover more about them.

Interesting facts about Serbian brides

Average Age of Marriage for Serbian Women28
Popular cities with Serbian bridesBelgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Kraljevo
Serbian brides populationMore than 4.4 million
Best dating websites🖤 Jolly Romance 🖤 Amour Factory

Before you meet Serbia women, I think I need to share some info about them. Unlike ladies from European countries, Serbia women are quite traditional, and for them, family is really important. What’s more, they have a lot in common with Russian women, but thanks to Serbian culture, Serbian women are known for their charming inner world.

Some interesting statistics to know

One of the shocking things I found out was the higher divorce rates. Compared to other European countries, I can say that Serbia has a divorce rate of 7 per 1K population. One of the main reasons behind such a sad phenomenon is the fact that local women are not valued by local men.

When talking about the Gender Equality Index of Serbia, I can say that it has 58 points, which might not be impressive. Still, I can say it’s been a steady increase in this index, demonstrating that the conditions for women are improving.

This, in turn, explains why Serbian girls delay marriage and a decrease in the fertility rate among local girls. On average, a Serbian woman will have 1.5 kids, which is quite low. Thus, I can say that Slavic girls don’t rush to have kids.

Interesting things to know about Serbian mail order wives

Although Serbia isn’t the most famous European country, I’m still sure it has everything that you might be interested in. One of the best about this country is the chance to meet European brides. Before doing so, you should know what makes a Serbian bride so special, and here are things I would like to share with you:

  • Perfect looks. Although it’s common to think of blonde women when thinking about Serb women, you can still come across ladies with dark hair. When discussing Serbian beauty standards, you better look at the women like Barbara Tatalovic, Bojana Panic, and Elena Gavrilovic.
  • Intelligence. Serbian girls are valued for their intelligence. They’re among the smartest women in Europe. It’s not only a great experience to date these charming women, but you can also be sure that you’ll never get bored with them.
  • Great cooks. When dating Serbian brides, it’ll be inevitable to try their national dishes. I can say that Serbs are great cooks, and they can impress you with dishes like ajvar, punjene paprike, sarma, gibanica, prebranac, etc.
  • Marriage-oriented women. Interestingly, casual dating isn’t quite popular in Serbia. Ladies in this country are interested in finding someone for a serious relationship rather than seeking partners for casual flings.
  • Great sense of humor. Serbian people are known for their great sense of humor. Your future bride from Serbia will be great regarding sarcasm and self-irony. So, in addition to their witty nature, this makes them even better candidates for marriage.
  • Emotional ladies. One of the most striking features I find interesting is that Serbian women are quite emotional and open, unlike ladies from other Western countries. And guess what? They’re not obsessed with their privacy as it’s common in other countries.

Serbian wedding traditions

Weddings are quite colorful and eventful in Serbia. Decorations become one of the main parts of the wedding day. Besides, attending local weddings is a perfect chance to taste wine in Buklia, a specially decorated bottle.

There’s also an interesting and amusing event that I was lucky to take part in, known as apple shooting. It’s not common in urban areas, but still, it’s quite joyful to see how the groom shoots the apple he takes from the tree. This is how he’s allowed to enter the house of the bride.

The wedding cake is something special. You need to wait until the end of the reception to try it. I found out that it was the responsibility of the bride’s family to arrange and buy a wedding cake. I should also note that you’ll see lots of mirrors and garlic when attending Serbian weddings. They’re believed to ward off demons.

Where to find a Serbian woman for marriage?

If you’re determined to find a Serbian woman, I think it’s time to discuss the best options you can consider when looking for a Serbian girl for marriage. To meet a Serbian woman, you might need to consider going to Serbia, which is a good experience for you.

Top 5 cities to meet a Serbian girl

Do you love adventures, historical sites, untouched nature, a wide range of mountains, great attractions, and perfect nightlife? If your answer is yes, then I should invite you to visit Serbia, one of the most charming places in Europe. When visiting this country, don’t forget to visit the following cities:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Belgrade. Why not meet offline Belgrade girls? This is one of the best cities, not to mention it’s the capital city. In this place, you’ll get a chance to meet your perfect bride. There are myriads of attractions where you can meet hot Serbian women.
  • Novi Sad. It’s a city which is also known as the Athens of Serbia. It’s a place packed with historical places dating back to the Hapsburgs. Novi Sad is known for its abundance of great parks across the city. Besides, there are many great places to meet hot singles.
  • Kragujevac. It’s one of the largest cities in Serbia that lies alongside the Lepenica River. One of the best things about this place is the wide range of pubs and bars. One of the most popular destinations is the Sumarice Memorial Park.
  • Kraljevo. Located in the center of Serbia, it’s quite a small city. Moreover, it’s a laid-back place where you can meet many local ladies. There are many monasteries open for tourists. One of the most prominent buildings in this city is Studenica dating back to the 12th century.
  • Nis. This is one of the most charming places to have a great time. This is where you can meet young ladies interested in foreign men. One of the spookiest yet intriguing places to visit is the Tower of Skulls, which is popular among locals.

Online dating options to meet hot Serbian brides

If you’re looking for a chance to meet a Serbian woman, you better try your luck with the best dating sites offering a chance to meet great Serbian wife candidates. But what makes online dating better than a trip to Serbia? Here are the main reasons to find Serbian women dating online:

🔥 I recommend online dating to single men interested in real results, as I believe top dating sites are the most efficient for meeting a future Serbian wife.

😍 Top dating sites offer a real chance to meet real women for marriage, which makes your journey more convenient.

💵 Don’t forget that online dating is quite affordable compared to making a real trip to this country.

💣 With such platforms, you’ll be offered a wide range of ladies to choose from, making the ideal place even for the pickiest men interested in Serbian brides.

There are countless benefits of why you should start dating Serbian girls online, but how about the most popular dating sites in Serbia? It’s common to see Tinder and Jolly Romance. So, let me show their main differences.

Tinder vs Jolly Romance

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like Jolly Romance
🔥Great for having fun♥ Great for single men seeking ladies for marriage
🔥Ideal for casual relationships♥ Not ideal for casual dating or one-night stands
🔥Problems with fake accounts♥ International dating platform offering Serbian brides for marriage
🔥Higher chance of being scammed or deceived♥ A higher number of ladies for marriage
🔥Challenging to meet a partner for long-term bonds♥ A wide range of professional features like sending real gifts or arranging a real date

Overall, both options are common when it comes to online dating. Still, if you’re planning to meet someone special, you should start looking for a Serbian wife on Jolly Romance.

Who is a Serbian mail order bride?

Most Serbian girls are more interested in international marriages than ever before. They appeal to dating agencies to become Serbian brides on the top dating sites. Like you, these Serbian women for marriage are interested in finding a real partner for committed bonds.

I can say that Serbian girls make great life partners, and it can be challenging to find better candidates, but what do you know about them? It’s time to reveal more about Serbian women for marriage and how you can get them through Serbian brides agency.

How do mail order brides work?

Before you start looking for Serbian girls for marriage, you better know how everything works. It happens to come across terms like buying or getting a Serbian woman. But is it possible to buy Serbian brides?

This is where you need to understand that the buying process is simply investing in your future Serbian girl who’ll be your future wife. Before looking for Serbian ladies for marriage, here’s how you’ll get a wife:

  • Choose the right site. To meet a Serbian girlfriend who’ll be your perfect match, you need to know where to find her. Thus, the first thing to do is find a Serbian girl dating site where you can meet Serbian brides.
  • Register and make a good profile. Once you find a good site, you’ll have to register and create a new account to start dating. I strongly recommend making an informative profile to find a perfect Serbian bride.
  • Start looking for Serbian brides. Once you’re done with your profile, it’s time to look for Serbian girls. I think you better appeal to the help of search tools. You just need to set parameters of your preference, and that’s all. You’ll get a chance to narrow down your options.
  • Start dating Serbian girls. If you’re sure about the possible match, it’s time to dedicate more time to your future Serbian bride. It’s time for online communication. Once everything goes as planned, you might consider meeting in person.

The legality of Serbian mail order brides

Since you know how to find and meet mail order wives from Serbia, it’s time to consider the legal aspects of Serbian women. These women, who were once known as Yugoslavian women, are actually interested in creating strong bonds.

Thus, there’s nothing illegal about getting Serbian wives since you’re not buying any person literally. As I mentioned already, it’s just a process of investing in Serbian brides. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the legality of Serbian women.

Cost of mail order wives

Before you find women for marriage, you should know the prices. To find a loving wife from Serbia won’t be quite an expensive journey. Still, you need to know about possible expenses, and here are things you should know for sure:

  • Online dating services. If you have serious intentions and plan to find a real woman for marriage, you’ll have to spend on dating services, including live chat, buying virtual and real gifts, sending and receiving media content, and so on. This will cost you about $1,000.
  • Travel costs. Once you’re sure that your Serbian girl is the person who should become your wife, it’s time to think about meeting her in person. This is where you should consider travel costs, including tickets to transportation, which will be about $1,000.
  • Offline dating. Dating a Serbian woman offline will entail expenses like going to restaurants, cafes, etc. Besides, you’ll be expected to buy flowers and gifts. Since I have visited Serbia several times, I can say that it’s not too expensive to be dating in Serbia. Be ready to spend about $1.5K. The overall cost of Serbian beauties for marriage is about $4K.

Perks of dating Serbian singles

Dating a Serbian girl can be a good experience. Serbian women are quite interesting, charming, and fun ladies. But that’s not all. I have no doubt that Serbian girls are among the best dates you can find, and here are the top benefits of dating them:

  • Spending a great time outdoors. Serbian wives are known for being adventure lovers. They’re known for their love for nature. They love spending time outdoors, and thus, dating them is about an active lifestyle.
  • More intimacy. Serbian wives have always been renowned for being great in bed. They’ll do their best to make their partners satisfied. So, if you’re looking for Serbian women for marriage great in bed, you only need to appeal to dating agencies.

Traditional values. If you’re looking for ladies who can be loyal, committed, and docile, Serbian women are among the best options to consider. This will make your dating experience more pleasant and exciting to enjoy.

Success stories of men who have met Serbian mail order brides

George from the US

Henry from the UK

In my country, online dating has become quite popular, as well as finding someone online for a serious relationship. I wanted to meet Slavic women on popular international dating sites, and while looking for them, I managed to meet single Serbian ladies.

Among them, I managed to discover my perfect lady, Mia. When someone is looking for a Serbian woman online, it’s really hard to resist these dames due to their charm and elegance, which was the case with me. But I was able to focus on my Mia, who was quite different from ladies in my country.

She was humble, caring, and sincere. She was so perfect that I started having doubts about whether she was real. So, after several weeks of online communication, I suggested meeting her in person. And she was happy to hear that. That happened more than a year ago, and now, we’re married and live in New York.

Begin your story
Tom from the US

Luther from the UK

In the world of international dating, it can be challenging to focus on particular ladies, but I always knew that I would want to meet a woman from Serbia. When I was younger, I used to visit Serbia, and I saw many people there. During my visits, I saw how good Serbian women were as wives. So, I decided to meet my future wife on one of the international dating sites.

At first, I spent much time seeking a better match, and after several days, I sent an invitation letter to Lara, who stood out among others. She was a woman with manners, a positive attitude, and a sexy look. She wasn’t cold when communicating with me.

We had a great time online, and after several weeks of our communication, she asked why I didn’t want to visit her. So, it was a great offer for me. I visited her to understand whether we could match each other, and everything was great. So, I am planning to visit her again and propose to her.

Begin your story

The final thoughts

When traveling across the globe and seeing different cultures, I always notice the values of local girls, and I can say that Serbian brides are among the best candidates for marriage. They’re unique in many senses, making them stand out among other international brides. To meet Serbian women online, you just need a good dating site.


Can I buy a Serbian bride?

If you’re interested in long-term relationships and family life, you can get a Serbian bride on top dating platforms offering mail order brides. With these sites, you can get your future wife and have a happy family life. Don’t forget to choose the right site to start dating Serbian ladies.

Where can I meet Serbian singles?

You can travel to the coolest places in Serbia to meet hot and sexy Serbian women, but you can also find online Serbian singles interested in a foreign husband. Online dating sites are great in terms of options, prices, and convenience.

What makes a Serbian wife unique?

Serbian ladies are known for being perfect wives. They’re great both in bed and kitchen, not to mention the fact that they make great mothers. Unlike ladies from other countries, Slavic brides are quite family oriented and traditional, making them even better marriage candidates.

How often do Serbian mail order brides divorce?

Although local divorces are increasing in Serbia, the divorce rates among Serbian mail order brides are quite low. The majority of their marriages are considered to be successful. Your potential wife from Serbia will do her best to ensure a stable married life.

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