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Many single men dream about dating Irish women, and there are many reasons why Irish mail order brides are getting more popular. But if you think that ladies with modern values and a Western mentality can’t make a great life partner, I am sure that you’re completely wrong, and Irish women for marriage are ready to prove that.

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Irish brides are known for being excellent wives, interesting partners, and passionate lovers, not to mention that they’re smart and charming at the same time. Dating Irish women is just an incredible experience you shouldn’t miss at any cost. But before you start dating them, I will try to shed light on Irish brides for marriage in detail.

Interesting facts about Irish brides

Average Age of Marriage for Irish Women34.8
Popular cities with Irish bridesDublin, Galway, Belfast, Limerick, Kilkenny
Irish brides population2.5 million
Best dating websites🖤 Amour Factory

Before meeting Irish women, you should know more about these charming ladies. The more you know about them, the easier it will be for you to understand them. I strongly recommend that you know more about the women you’re planning to date since it’s always a good way to be ready for possible challenges.

Some interesting statistics to know about Irish mail order wives

It’s great to look at some numbers to understand more about Irish women for marriage, and here are things to know:

  • Do they marry often? It can be hard to say that Irish women tend to rush regarding marriage. For now, it’s about 2 marriages per 1K population. Of course, it’s significantly less than the rate of marriage in 2019, when it was more than 4 marriages per 1K population.
  • Do they divorce a lot? Although women in Ireland are not keen on getting married too soon, they’re quite successful at keeping their marriages successful. For now, the divorce rate in the country is about 0.6 divorces per 1K population, making it one of the lowest in the EU.
  • Do they plan kids? It’s not surprising that the fertility rate in the country is low, given how late they get married. For now, there are about 1.7 kids per woman in Ireland. This demonstrates that women in this country don’t have more than 2 kids in general.

Interesting things to know about Irish brides

If you’re interested in finding out how to date a Irish girl, you should know more about her. When discussing Irish ladies for marriage, don’t forget the following 5 interesting facts about them:

  • St Patrick’s Day. When dating Irish women, you should know that this is a special day loved by almost every Irish lady. It’s their national day of celebration.
  • Their beloved music. One of the most important aspects of Irish culture is music. There are many music bands they’re proud of. Music is something they’re obsessed with.
  • Their food. Irish women don’t only take pride in their culture and music, but they’re also proud of their local dishes, such as shepherd’s pie, Irish stew, fish pie, seafood chowder, and so on.
  • Tea lovers. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages in Ireland. And a good cup of tea is a good reason to have a good chat.
  • Religion. Compared to other European countries, Ireland can be said to be conservative and religious, and this is what you need to keep in mind when dating Irish girls.

Irish wedding traditions

Planning to marry Irish woman? Then, you need to know some interesting traditions of the Irish culture and Irish wedding reception, and here are 3 of them:

  • Superstitions. Don’t forget that Irish ladies are quite superstitious and believe in lucky symbols. Thus, you can see things like shamrocks or tiny horseshoes in the decorations of the wedding ceremony.
  • Irish Uilleann Pipes and Harp. As I already mentioned, music is an essential part of their culture, which is a common instrument during the official wedding ceremony.
  • Handfasting. This is known as tying the knot, and it’s common in many different cultures, symbolizing unity and harmony between newlyweds.

Where to find an Irish bride?

There are several ways to find an ideal place to meet hot ladies from Ireland. How about going to this amazing country where you can meet Irish girls?

Top 5 cities to meet hot Irish brides

Looking for single Irish women? It’s time to discover Ireland and its best cities where you can meet Irish women to start a relationship. Here are the top 5 cities that I think are worth your time and attention:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Dublin. It’s one of the most charming and modern places in Europe. Being the capital city, Dublin offers a wide range of daytime and nightlife venues where you can meet hot ladies from Ireland. Don’t forget to visit Trinity College, the oldest university in the country.
  • Galway. It’s another great place where you can start dating Irish woman. It’s one of the best places if you want to experience and enjoy the music of Ireland. Besides, it’s known for its colorful buildings.
  • Limerick. Known as the Irish City of Culture, this is an amazing laid-back place where you can meet hot ladies for dating. Moreover, being an island city, it’s quite popular among tourists.
  • Kilkenny. When it comes to natural landscapes, Kilkenny is one of the best places where you can enjoy the companionship of Irish women.
  • Cork. It’s a great city with mesmerizing architecture and hospitable people. Besides, it’s known for offering an excellent museum of butter.

Online dating options

Still, despite the great experience you’ll get from traveling to Ireland, online dating is preferable, as it has many great perks to consider. Meeting Irish women online is easy and convenient, but don’t rush to pick a random site. There are many reasons why you better try your luck online.  When considering ways of meeting Irish girls, I guess you should think of taking advantage of online dating, offering the following benefits:

😘 Having a great and pleasant time online

💋 Learning more about your future partner

👩 Getting a chance to choose from myriads of options

😍 Finding someone with common interests and mutual feelings

♛ Being brave and honest with anyone you like

🍿 Discovering more people and new things

Many great sites are tailoring to different needs of single men interested in dating Irish women. There’s an international dating platform like Badoo, and you can also benefit from mail order bride services like Amour Factory. Let’s consider what makes them different.

Badoo vs Amour

International dating service BadooMail Order Bride Platforms like Amour Factory
🔥 Having fun ♥ Creating meaningful connections
🔥Limited options♥ Wide range of tools and services
🔥Limited to online communication♥Different options like sending real gifts
🔥Higher chances of being ghosted♥Maintaining long-term relationships
🔥Not intended for long-term bonds♥A chance to meet in person

When considering Badoo, you’ll be mainly limited to online communicating and having fun online. But I am pretty sure that the Amour Factory is quite a different platform. It mainly focuses on arranging services so that you can meet and date someone online with the purpose of meeting your future European lady in person.

Who is an Irish mail order bride?

When thinking of an Irish bride, you should think of a woman interested in finding a real partner for real relationships. In other words, an Irish mail order bride is a woman you can get on top platforms mainly for marriage. But that might initially sound obscure, so let me explain a bit more about Irish women for marriage before you can meet them.

How do mail order brides work?

If you’re into Irish wives, you should know how mail order bride service works to get your Irish wife. Irish mail order brides will be offered by top marriage agencies. You’ll get access to the catalog of charming ladies. To get a wife, you should understand 3 stages of how you can achieve your goal:

  • Registration and searching for an ideal match. One of the first things to do is to find a good agency platform, register, and create a good profile. Then, you dedicate some time to seeking an ideal partner based on your personal preferences.
  • Dating and communicating with your single-minded partner or partners. You can narrow down your options to several on one person. Dating Irish woman online is one of the steps toward creating more solid bonds.
  • Meeting your lady in person. Once you get closer, you can meet Irish girl in person. Some agencies arrange real dates so you can have offline dating. After this stage, you and your Irish lady might decide whether you plan to go further with your relationships.

The legality of Irish mail order brides

When you become a part of the mail order bride world, you’ll encounter questions like whether it’s legal or acceptable to order or buy a person for marriage. Indeed, this is a question where I need to bring some details to highlight. First, let’s start with the notion of getting or ordering mail order brides from Ireland.

Getting or ordering a mail order bride doesn’t mean that you’re buying a person literally. It’s just a term describing the whole process of finding a dating site, meeting ladies online, and so on. Thus, when getting a wife, you simply invest in service to find a better match with a perspective for marriage. And thus, there’s nothing illegal with it. You better be concerned about the prices of getting a wife abroad.

Cost of mail order brides

When it comes to prices, you should know what you’ll spend your money on. As was said, getting a wife starts with finding a decent platform. It continues until you invite your lady to your county. Thus, you can divide expenses into the following stages:

  • Online dating services. You’ll meet your lady online, and for this, you’ll have to spend on services offered online. Besides the duration of your online venture, you might spend on things like real gifts, which can be expensive. On average, expenses might be up to $2K.
  • A trip. When you decide to visit your lady and meet her in person, you’ll have to consider costs like flight tickets, accommodation, meals, transportation, and so on. Overall, for a 14-day trip, you might spend more than $2K.
  • Offline dating. Expenses here depend on 2 factors. First of all, it depends on the city where you plan to stay, and secondly, it’s about how generous you’re going to be. You might spend more than $4K within 2 weeks.
  • Bringing your lady. To bring your lady to your country takes time, and it might cost you about $2K, including visa costs. If you’re determined to get married to your lady, it’s worth spending on her. So, you should be ready to spend about $10K to get an Irish mail order bride.

Perks of dating hot Irish women

When dating an Irish girl, you should be ready for an interesting experience, as spending time with them is never boring. These smart, passionate, and caring ladies know how to bring colors to your relationship. Here are 5 main benefits of dating Irish women:

  • It’s all about craic in Ireland. Life is full of enjoyment and entertainment. Craic is a term that encompasses a large set of things associated with positive things in the lives of Irish people. A really true craic is to spend time with friends and loved ones.
  • You’ll enjoy her Irish accent. Irish women are proud of their English language proficiency, and what’s more, they have a peculiar accent making their speech even more appealing to listen to. Thus, an Irish woman for marriage is a chance to be a part of such a cute accent.
  • They have a great sense of humor. If you’re aware of Irish literature, you may know that it’s full of people great at satire and sarcasm. Thus, it’s normal that women in Ireland are really fans of Jonathan Swift’s sense of humor, making it even cooler to be dating them.
  • You’ll have a chance to taste great tea. It’s not a secret that most Irish ladies are great cooks, but at the same time, they know how to make a great cup of tea, the country’s most popular drink. Never miss a chance to try Irish tea.
  • They’re quite friendly and polite. Irish women are really interesting, witty, and funny ladies, but at the same time, they’re really polite. Although it happens that they can be too direct, they don’t forget about their manners, making them great partners.

Success stories of men who have met Irish brides

Matt from the US

Matt from the US

Finding someone for marriage online was something wild for me. I thought that this was something unusual and unacceptable. But I didn’t even expect that I would meet my future wife online. Thanks to great dating sites offering mail order Irish brides, I managed to meet my wife Maeve. It’s so cool that several clicks can change our fates.

First of all, I was quite skeptical about meeting someone online, but I’ve always wanted to meet and date Irish ladies. Thanks to my friend’s advice, I braved and tried an online dating site where I met Maeve. We started communicating online, but I didn’t know that we would get attached to each other so quickly.

I visited her several times, and at some point, we both knew that we wanted something more than frequent visits. Thus, I decided to marry. Last year, we managed to have a great wedding, and now we’re a married couple.

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Kylian from the US

Kylian from the US

Who wouldn’t want to meet hot ladies from Ireland? Well, I was really enthusiastic about meeting and dating Irish dames. When thinking of a typical Irish woman, I would imagine red-headed girls with a temper and strong nature.

Irish single women are quite challenging to find, but I was lucky to discover a mail order bride platform offering Ireland women for marriage. This is how I met Fiona. She was interesting, inquisitive, and smart, and dating her was a great experience for me.

After some time dating online, I decided to meet her in person, and Fiona was of the same opinion. We met each other about 5 times. When we met last time, I proposed to her, and it was a great moment for both of us. We are planning to have the wedding next month.

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Alfred from Canada

Alfred from Canada

Due to my job, I had to travel a lot to many different places, and I can say no ladies other than Irish ladies impressed me so much. Irish women are quite different from other ladies I met in my life, especially when compared to other European ladies.

Thus, I wanted to meet one of them, but because of being busy, I couldn’t do that by conventional means. So, I decided to meet an Ireland girl online. I found a good site and registered. I used search filters to get access to the profiles of Irish girls.

After searching for an ideal match, I met Aoife. That was a strange name that is pronounced EE-fa. She was cute, polite, and really smart. I spent a great time communicating with her, and after several months of online communication, we decided to meet each other in person. So, next week, I’m planning to visit her.

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Now, I think there’s nothing that might prevent you from thinking about Ukrainian ladies. If you’re looking for great candidates for marriage, you better find Irish women dating online. They’re talented, funny, interesting, and brave women with unearthly beauty. It can be challenging to find ladies who can rival their perfection. You just need a good dating site to meet them.


Can I buy an Irish bride?

When buying an Irish woman for marriage, you’re simply expected to get dating services, which is known as buying brides. In this case, you can buy an Irish bride, and there’s nothing illegal or inappropriate about it. You just need to find a good and reliable platform.

Where can I meet Irish singles?

There are plenty of places where you can meet Irish ladies, including local dating spots. You might want to visit their country, but the best option is online dating. You can easily meet and date the woman of your dreams hassle-free with top dating sites.

What makes an Irish wife unique?

Irish ladies are elegant and charming. It can be hard to resist their mesmerizing nature, and at the same time, they’re known for being caring, interesting, and kind ladies to date. What’s more, Irish brides are quite passionate about sex.

How often do Irish mail-order brides divorce?

It’s common to expect that European countries might have high divorce rates, but that’s not the case with Ireland. Instead, the rate of divorces in this country is 0.6 per 1K population, showcasing that women in Ireland don’t tend to divorce quite often.

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