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I can assure every single man that an internet dating site or app can be a good substitute for a conventional way of meeting ladies, especially for those interested in creating solid bonds. One of the best solutions I would like to discuss is the notion of mail order brides and everything related to them. Mail order bride platforms are great places where people can meet their future soulmates with just a few clicks.

The concept of mail ordered bride isn’t new, and this practice is quite a long one. In the modern world, there are modern ways of looking for a wife. If you need a wife, I can help you understand more about getting a wife online and share great insights into how you can find international women for marriage. So, there’s a lot to discover about getting an international bride.

Is it possible to find a woman online free of charge if you plan to get married? Or what does it mean to get brides online? In this detailed guide on buying a wife, I’ll try to address these questions and even more. So, I recommend staying tuned with my guide and discovering the world of mail order brides seeking the attention of single men like you.

Statistics about mail order brides

Before I start discussing some exciting aspects of mail order brides, I think you should glance at the following table that can provide some interesting statistics about mail order wives.

♥ Success rate of mail order bridesMore than 80%
🔥 Most sexual mail order bride countryVenezuelan and Mexican brides
👍 Visitors’ choice in the worldJapanese mail order bride
💣 Popular countries with mail bridesThailand, the Philippines, Ukraine, China
💵 Average cost of mail order bride$1,500-$3,000
☺ Best international dating sites Eastern Honeys, Jolly Romance, La Date
🌐 Best mail order bride platforms LoveFort, ColombiaLady, TheLuckyDate
🔢 Average age of mail order bride26 years old
💔 Average divorce rateLess than 30%

Mail order brides are getting popular not just because it’s easier to find a person through a dating agency. They’re popular because they can be considered more successful in the Western world. More and more international marriages become better alternatives to local marriages. But who are the most popular mail order wives?

In general, it’s common for men from countries like the US, Canada, and the UK to be interested in Asian women for marriage. This can be explained by the fact that they’re quite traditional, docile, respectful, and charming. This indicates that Western men are seeking women who can be more feminine than feminists. 

What is a mail order bride?

A mail order bride is a woman who can be accessed through dating services and agencies. In general, it’s a woman desiring to meet someone special from the Western part of the world. What makes this practice different from the concept used at the beginning of the 20th century? Let me remind you that women were introduced to their future husbands through the mail, and reporters used to call these women mail order brides.

Thus, they were ordered by mail, which is how the term became popular. But the practice of mail order brides is quite different nowadays. The motivation behind mail order brides has also changed. International marriages are on the rise, and the same can be said about international brides you can meet on dating sites. Let’s consider more things about mail order wives.

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What does it mean to mail order a bride?

What is a mail order bride? To understand this better, it’s time to look at this from a different perspective. I mean that to mail order a bride or simply buy or get a bride means that you’re ready to invest in your future bride. To mail order a bride isn’t the term that should be considered incorrectly. It’s something different from what you might think of. Let me put it differently:

  • You don’t buy any person literally. One of the most misunderstood things about mail order brides is the concept of purchasing a person online or via agencies. Instead, these agencies or dating sites serve as bridges between you and your future mail order girlfriend or bride.
  • It’s one of the largest businesses. These platforms and agencies offer paid dating services that you need to buy to get closer to your future bride. This is what you expect when mail ordering a bride. And this is one of the major businesses in the world of online dating.
  • You can pick a lady from the catalog. The best thing about getting a wife is the chance to choose from a catalog. You can choose a person based on your personal preferences and parameters. This is what makes international bride platforms and agencies popular.

Why do single men need them?

Single man find bride on international dating platforms for many reasons reasons. Still, there are some common ones. One of the main reasons why people want to meet wifes from different countries is explained by the decreasing popularity of local marriages. I mean that ladies in the Western world are more career and goal-oriented, which leads to a decrease in marriage.

A higher rate of divorces can be considered to be another reason. It can be challenging for couples to get along, and men seek alternatives in the face of mail order brides. Then, men are interested in finding a lady who can be appealing, passionate, and young, and again, mail order brides can be the best solution. So, what is a mail order bride? It’s a woman who can be a good solution to the problems and desires of a single man.

Mail order brides are increasingly popular nowadays. From what I’ve already told, these international brides are ideal for single men interested in creating strong families. This makes them popular, as more and more single men want to meet wives abroad, giving rise to dating platforms offering mail order brides. So, coming back to the question of ‘What is a mail order bride,’ I can easily say that she’s a popular woman in demand who can become your potential wife.

Are they real?

Before you find a bride online, you might want to consider how real these women are in real life. Based on my experience, I can easily say that there are 2 categories of men when it comes to international brides. One group is about happy men living their lives with their hot wives. The other group is about disappointed men.

When you plan to find a wife, you should be concerned with how to find a wife more efficiently without losing money. I can assure you that international brides are real, but not everyone is careful about choosing the right platform to meet these real women for marriage. Choose any platform that I’ll offer in this article, as they’re legitimate, functioning, and safe.

So, what is a mail order bride? Now I’m sure you know that she’s a woman willing to become your potential wife, but you should be ready to get dating services to find and meet her. If everything goes as planned, you can easily get married to her. Let me delve into other aspects of getting a wife abroad with commonly asked questions.

All you need to know about a mail order bride

Buying a wife can seem like a complicated process, but trust me, it’s quite an easy process. If you’re looking for a wife, it’s time to consider all the important details. To learn more, I suggest looking through some common questions about mail order brides from our interview.

How and where can you choose a mail order bride?

Alex Du
Alex Du

When you plan to find a mail order bride, you should know which nation suits you more. There are Asian, Latin, European, and Slavic mail order brides. I recommend you pick a region that suits you more. Why is it important? Based on your choice, you’ll be able to pick a proper agency or platform.

The next step is to choose your mail order bride site carefully. Not every site is what you need. Don’t get trapped by so-called free dating platforms. It’s not possible to find a wife online free of charge, as with mail order brides, you’re expected to invest in them. Thus, it’s known as ordering or buying a wife.

Which site is the best for you? I’d say that it depends on the region, and if you’re looking for Latin women for marriage, you better try your luck with LoveFort, while Eastern Honeys is great for Asian women. When it comes to Slavic and European mail order brides, you better try Jolly Romance.

How is it possible to find a lady online?

Alex Du
Alex Du

Now that you know which nation and site you’re interested in, it’s time to consider how to approach finding a lady online. At first, you’ll see that there’ll be myriads of ladies, and this can be confusing. Thus, you better not rush. There are 2 things to consider.

Before finding an appealing profile of a lady who might be interesting to you, you should have a good and informative profile. Thus, you need to create a truthful profile. Why so? I can assure you that only detailed and informative profiles are appealing to ladies online. Try to avoid lying, exaggerating, or ignoring your profile.

The second thing to consider is who you can be interested in. You can indicate your interests through a matchmaking system or search filters by setting parameters like age, skin color, country, marital status, etc. This will help you narrow down options. Then, all you need is to show your interest by following or adding a lady to your favorites.

How to make contact with ladies online?

Alex Du
Alex Du

With a truthful profile, you can increase the chance that a lady of your interest will respond to your attention. Once you find a person who can be interesting to you, it’s time to browse a profile. On many profile pages, you can easily contact them with various options like sending invitations to chats, icebreakers, and so on.

After browsing profiles and sending icebreakers, it’s time to make contact. I should say that the response rate of ladies on the dating sites I mentioned in the table is quite high. I can assure you that you’ll get your response really soon. Thus, it’s time for communication.

How to get closer to a mail order bride?

Alex Du
Alex Du

Making contact with mail order brides is just one step toward getting a wife. If you want to get closer to an international bride, it’s a time of dedication to her, and I mean not only your time but also your finances. But how? One of the best things to do is send her gifts, and I don’t mean virtual gifts. I’m talking about real gifts that you can find on top dating sites.

After some time, you should decide whether that particular woman is the person you need. And if it’s so, you might want to meet her in person. A chance to meet your partner in real life is what makes mail order bride platforms more efficient and more appealing. So, I should say that your offline dating will be a pivotal point in your relationship that can lead to marriage.

How much is a mail order bride?

I can say that the topic of mail order bride price can be confusing, but let me put it simply. You spend on dating services. Then, you might want to spoil your lady with real gifts and flowers, which I recommend gaining the heart of your lady. After that, you might want to visit her in her country, and finally, it’s time to consider inviting her to your country to get married. The overall process might cost you $3K on average.

Can you really mail order a bride?

Literally, you don’t buy any person. Coming back to one of the most popular questions like ‘What is a mail order bride,’ I want you to know that it’s a person who’ll be listed on dating sites. Like you, she’s interested in creating a family abroad. Thus, she needs to be interested in you as well.

Your online venture will be the process of buying a bride. In other words, spending time online, buying dating services, getting real gifts, and so on. This is what you need to know about buying a mail order bride, and yes, it’s possible in this way.

Let me put it this way. Do you literally buy a person? No. Do you deal with human trafficking? No. Do you commit any crime when looking for a bride? No. Simply put, there’s nothing illegal when it comes to mail order brides.

Success stories with mail order brides

There are great dating sites, and I want you to know what people think and share about those platforms. I think that real users reflect the best aspects of dating platforms.

5 stories to know

Let me show 5 random examples of success stories that describe their love venture successes on the top 3 dating sites like Jolly Romance, LaDate, and Love Fort.

John and Lisa

I want to thank the team of LaDate. With its help and its great site, I found the woman of my dreams. Lisa has changed my life, and until now, I didn’t believe that online dating sites are real places for real women. I dated her for 3 months, and then I just asked for her contact details. Now we’re dating offline.

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There are tons of sites that let me down, but I should confess that LaDate was a real discovery for me. I didn’t want to start dating on this site, but I learned about free credits. I gave it a try, and now, I am dating a hot lady I plan to meet in person next month.

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Michael and Masha

When I was fed up with local dating and being disappointed, I wanted to meet someone abroad. I heard about Jolly Romance. I felt lucky when I met so many charming ladies who were friendly and polite to me. Now, I’m dating one of the hottest ladies from Ukraine, who makes me crazy about her.

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Adam and Chu

Jolly Romance was one of the greatest dating sites I’ve ever used. Thanks to its prices and great features, I managed to find a special person who could be my future wife. I’ve been communicating with her for several days, and I believe that we have a chance to create a real family.

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John and Bella

I believe that online dating can be a game changer like Love Fort in international dating. It’s a great site where I met my love, Adriana. I had doubts at first, as I paid for the services of this platform, expecting to spend my money in vain. But thankfully, I was completely wrong.

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3 sites to meet mail order brides

Now, I should share some information about these dating sites that can also change your life. Pick one of them and check out what it can offer to you.

LoveFort 💓

  • Official sites: 🔗 lovefort.com
  • Mail order brides from: Latin American countries
  • Interesting features: Newsfeed, communication tools, search filters
  • Bonuses: Available
  • Registration: Free
  • Membership type: Credits
  • Starting price: $2.99

Love Fort is an international dating site offering a chance for single men to meet hot Latinas. It’s a practical place with all safety measures allowing you to date hassle-free. Thanks to a large and active user base, you’ll get your chance to meet hot ladies for marriage. All you need is to register and create a new account. But is it possible to use this platform for free?

Not all great features of this site are offered for free. There are some features like sending winks, saying hello, browsing profiles, looking at the galleries, etc. that you can use for free. Still, when it comes to communicating online, you need to get some credits. Thankfully, it’s one of the most affordable dating platforms to meet hot singles for marriage.

LaDate 💓

  • Official sites: 🔗 la-date.com
  • Mail order brides from: Latin American countries
  • Interesting features: communication tools, swipe feature, correspondence, online shop
  • Bonuses: Available
  • Registration: Free
  • Membership type: Credits
  • Starting price: $2.99

Another great site to meet Latin women for marriage is LaDate. It’s an international mail order bride platform offering a real chance to meet real women. Thanks to easy and free registration, you can easily meet your future soulmate within a short time. You can start dating with bonus credits given to you once you open a new account. So, you don’t have to make a real purchase until you test this site.

There are many interesting things you can discover in addition to women online. What’s more, you can even send real gifts to your lady. To do so, you need to visit a great online shop. In addition to this feature, you can also request a real date, which makes this dating site more appealing. Overall, it’s one of the best places to meet hot mail order brides.

Jolly Romance 💓

  • Official sites: 🔗 jollyromance.com
  • Mail order brides from: Slavic countries, Eastern Europe
  • Interesting features: Search filters, private galleries, newsfeed, live chat
  • Bonuses: Available
  • Registration: Free
  • Membership type: Credits
  • Starting price: $2.99

If you’re interested in meeting hot women from Slavic countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Bulgaria, you should start looking for them on the Jolly Romance dating site. It’s one of the best places to find a bride. But what makes this site so special? First of all, thanks to the free credits that you’ll get upon registration, you can check out the features and decide whether you’ll want to date on this platform.

Secondly, its profile quality makes this site one of the most reputable and reliable places to meet real women. And there are great features that can facilitate your dating experience on this site. Don’t forget to visit the People page, where you’ll be offered to see ladies’ profiles online. Swipe until you find an ideal match. Detailed profiles make this place even more appealing.

Final Thoughts

Planning to find bride? Don’t forget to keep this guide on mail order brides closer to you, as I’m sure you’ll need some information to avoid making mistakes when choosing a foreign wife. Besides, try to use a reliable place to meet wives who won’t turn out to be scams. If you approach choosing a life partner carefully, you’ll never regret your choice.


How much does it cost to mail order a bride?

When considering the price of a mail order bride, you should be ready to spend about $3K to get a wife. Buying a wife can be a costly venture, but with reliable dating sites, you’ll never have to overspend. And don’t forget that the cost of your future wife will depend on how long you’re planning to date online and offline.

How to become a mail order bride?

Actually, nothing is challenging when it comes to becoming a mail order wife. A woman simply needs to find a good dating agency. After ID verification, this lady can benefit from the dating services. She gets help to create an informative profile with photos. Thus, the process is easy and hassle-free.

How to order a mail order bride?

To do so, you just need to find a good dating site or agency. Then, you need to look through possible matches and find someone who’ll suit your interests. Then, you’ll narrow down your options to a single person. You’re expected to invest in your lady until you both agree to meet in person. This is how you order a mail order bride.

Is a mail order bride real?

The question is tricky, and it depends on the experience. If you’re wise enough to pick a dating site more carefully, you’ll meet real women for marriage. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time. 

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  1. Foreign brides are cool indeed. I just didn’t know a lot about them until now. So, I think I know where I would love to start.

    • 🧡🧡🧡 I am beyond grateful for your trust! Wish you the greatest of luck in your dating journey. Feel free to contact me in case you have any queries.

  2. Do you have any guide on how and where I should start in addition to some tips on how I can impress ladies online?

    • LoveFort, LaDate, and JollyRomance provide decent dating services and vast diversity of communication tools. So basically, you can start from any of these sites. And in order to impress ladies online, you don’t have to do anything extra. Just stay attentive, respectful, and easy-going.

  3. I used to think that it was illegal to get a wife. Now, I understand that there’s nothing illicit about this practice.

    • Yes, you are right! There is nothing illegal or unethical in mail order brides services. Getting a wife from abroad is an absolutely legit and real experience.

  4. Are these sites you offer here reliable indeed? Which is the best among them? Please, I need your help in finding mail order brides.

    • Yes! All these sites are reliable and have a good reputation among online daters. LoveFort is the best site if you are looking for passionate Latin brides. And Jolly Romance is the best platform to meet stunning brides from Eastern and Central Europe.

    • 😊😊😊 I am very pleased that you visited my page. Good luck, and if you have more questions about mail order brides, please reach out.

    • Yes, we provide trusted and legit mail order brides services that allow you to legally get a wife from abroad. It saves time and money and what’s more important, allows you to find real love online!

  5. What are the best sites where I can get my future bride? Please share some reliable sites to meet real women.

    • LoveFort, LaDate, and JollyRomance are currently the best sites on the dating market. Along with rich databases of real foreign brides, they offer free registration, so you don’t have to pay extra to test them out.

    • LoveFort 🔥, LaDate🔥🔥, and JollyRomance🔥🔥🔥 are currently the best sites on the dating market. Along with rich databases of real foreign brides, they offer free registration, so you don’t have to pay extra to test them out.

    • Start by choosing a legit mail order brides site from the list on this page. Sign up, browse profiles of foreign brides, and don’t hesitate to get to know them better via available communication tools. ❤️

    • Indeed they are! More than 80% of mail order brides make heartwarming success stories. And yours could be the next!🤍🤍🤍

    • Thank you for your feedback! Hope the information was useful. Waiting for you to tell me how these services worked out for you.💌💌💌

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