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When talking about Chinese mail order brides, it is worth mentioning the natural features and cultural particularities of these hot Chinese babes. To discover the world of innocent Asian beauty, I definitely should be acquainted with the hottest Chinese women and discover who is the prettiest model in China. Finally, I have to know the name of a hot Chines chick who will make me marry her.

Temperament and Physical Characteristics of Hot Chinese women

Chinese hotties are famous for their untraditional almond-shaped eyes and pale round face. Black skin for an Asian girl means she works on the street and has low social status. Western women are different. That is why all sexy Chinese girls always whiten their faces to look more attractive.

Thus, I certainly know that Chinese sexy women have:

  • Dark or black hair
  • Dark almond eyes
  • White and pure skin
  • Low height
  • Tiny bodies

In addition, women in China do not age quickly, so I am sure my beautiful Chinese woman will never be affected by time. The Eastern ladies are also well known for respecting their rituals and family values. I will definitely find a common language with any sexy Chinese girl, as they are so flexible with soft characters.

Who is the hottest Chinese woman?

It’s not easy to answer, especially when I look at hot Chinese chicks on Instagram. To lose my head is very likely for me. First of all, the names of popular models and actresses come to my mind. Choosing among them, I would prefer to highlight Lynn Hung among the hottest Chinese women, as she is best, judging by her passion.

The beautiful Chinese model lives an active life on social networks. Lynn being an actress and model possess plenty of fans. She makes money due to her beauty and talent. Actually, the lady is one of the richest and hottest Chinese women. 

Who is the prettiest Chinese woman?

If I were asked who is the prettiest woman among the hot Chinese girls, I would certainly state she is Bianca Bai. This sexy Chinese girl is so feminine and hot but intelligent at the same time – the best combination, which is inherent to most Chinese hot women who can easily break the hearts of many Western males.

Bianca Bai had been the face of the Vogue journal for a long time. Many investors in the modeling business consider this hot Chinese chick a good asset to start with. It is not surprising as she really looks extremely sexy on magazine pages in beautiful bras. 

What is considered beautiful in China?

First, all the hottest Chinese women pay attention to their skin – a clean and pale face is a must. All women mostly have dark hair, preferably to keep it long and straight. As most girls have very slim bodies and low heights, sexy Chinese women strive to enlarge their breasts to make them bigger. Some of them even have surgery.

Yinghui, 24
24 y.o.
Location Chengdu, China
Occupation Model
Kids No children
Yin Dong Mei, 27
Yin Dong Mei
27 y.o.
Location Shenzhen, China
Occupation Model
Kids No children
Nan, 27
27 y.o.
Location Shanghai, China
Occupation Piano teacher
Kids No children
Xiaomei, 26
26 y.o.
Location Baicheng, China
Occupation The manager
Kids No children
Huiting, 24
24 y.o.
Location Shenzhen, China
Occupation Costume designer
Kids No children
Xuechan Xu, 24
Xuechan Xu
24 y.o.
Location Nanning, China
Occupation Salesmans
Kids No children
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The most famous hot Chinese women

Now I am sure that sexy Chinese babes belong to the most demanded women in the world. I have already discovered the 30 most popular models and celebrities from China, and I would like to share my opinion on what features a hot Chinese woman has and how successful she can be.

The TOP-30 hot Chinese babes

NameAgeHoroscopeMarital statusOccupationInstagram page
Cherry Ngan28💓Actress, model, singer@cherrysavor
Bianca Bai40MarriedModel and actress@biancabai
Du Juan40💓Actress, ballerina, model du_juan_fan_page_
Chrissie Chau36💓Model @chrissienana
Fan Bingbing41💓Actress@bingbing_fan
Gaile Lok42MarriedModel@gaileofficial
Guang Xiaotong24💓Actress and singer@stronger917
Guli Nazha 30💓Singer, model@nz0502
Karena NG28💓Model, actress@karena_ngs
Lin Chi-ling47MarriedTV presenter, model@chiling.lin
Li Quin32💓Actress@liqin_qqin
Lin Yun26💓Actress@jellylinyun
Lynn Hung 41MarriedModel, actress@lynnx1010
Wenwen Han26MarriedViolinist, dancer@hanwenwenfans
Wu Quian29💓Actress@wu_janice
Xu Jiao24💓Actress@xuuujiao
Zhang Yuqi35MarriedActress@yuqi.z
Zhang Ziyi43MarriedActress@zhangziyi_official
Zhou Dongyu30💓Dancer, actress@zhoudongyu
Gong Li56MarriedActress@officialgongli
Zhao Wei46MarriedPop-star, singer, producer@zhaoweiofficial
Yang Mi35MarriedActress and blogger@yangmi_
Yao Chen42MarriedActress, TV presenter@yaochenofficial
Liu Yifei34💓Actress@yifei_cc
Tong Liya38MarriedSinger, actress@yaya_tongliya
Gao Yuanyuan42MarriedActress@gaoyuanyuan_gyy
Liu Tao43MarriedModel, actress@liutao_tamia
Liu Shishi35MarriedActress, singer@liushishi_lss
Ni Ni33💓Actress@captainmiao
Zhao Liying34MarriedActress@zhaoliyingofficial

* 💓 – single

Sexy Chinese girl Cherry Ngan

This sexy Chinese girl is from a simple family living in Hong Kong. From childhood, she wanted to play in the theater and first tried her roles at school. Her career started with her first school competition while playing in a Chinese movie.

She is really wealthy person, as her monthly earnings are between $60 and $120 thousand. It’s not surprising, as this hot Chinese woman has a talent and played leading roles in famous dramas, participated in various advertising companies, and got numerous awards. 

Hot Chinese chick Bianca Bai

This is one of the sexy Chinese babes born in Hong Kong and actually is a famous singer, model, and actress. She is enough recognizable and very sexy Chinese woman. She started modeling right after graduation from school and was promoted successfully. Then, she tried herself as an actress and also won a fortune in this field.

Sexy Chinese woman Du Juan

This hot Chinese girl also known as Jennifer Du among her fans, became famous after starting a ballerina career. However, this girl had a problem finding a partner because of her height – she is more than 70 inches tall. That is why she shifted quickly to modeling and had been posing for popular magazines like Vogue.

Hottest Chinese model Chrissie Chau

This sexy Chinese girl is an unordinary career among the rest of the hot Chinese chicks as her parameters don’t meet the model standards. She is open to making extraordinary photos for advertising bikinis or underwear. Then this lady started playing roles in movies, which made her even more popular, and her net income for 2021 had made about $1 Million.

Hot Chinese girl Fan Bingbing

As many reports say, this hot Chinese chick is one of the richest celebrities among Chinese hot women. She is such attractive that it seems she can win the first plays in any world beauty competition. Fan played in Chinese and famous Hollywood movies and gained popularity.

Hottest Chinese model Gaile Lok

This hot Chinese girl is a model in Chinese-Vietnamese, who graduated from a US university. Her popularity came from the beginning of the 2000s after her participation in some movies. Actually, she is focused on Instagram page development. Nowadays, this hot Chinese chick has about 40K followers on Instagram, and she is very rich and self-confident.

Hot Chinese chick Guan Xiaotong

Most beautiful Chinese women envy Guan for her strong physical state, huge energy, and lovely voice. She has a talent in her blood, as the parents of this beautiful lady were actors. Guan gained her first popularity in 2003 with Nuan, created by the plot of Mo Yan’s The White Dog and the Swing. This movie won acknowledgment in China and Japan.

Sexy Chinese woman Guli Nazha

Guli is one of the hottest Chinese models and looks really cute in her photos. This pretty lady first showed beauty in several movies and presented a lovely voice in already recorded musical albums. Her career as an actress officially started in 2012 when she played in Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky.

This hot Chinese woman made a debut playing in the Police Story 2013 movie, which was her first step into a big cinema.

Sexy Chinese woman Karena Ng

Karena belongs among the beautiful Chinese girls and models of Hong Kong origin. She participated in advertising complaints in 2010 and got awards as a successful model. Then, the girl modeled for Tempo in 2010, and after that, in 2011, this beautiful Chinese girl played in the Magic to Win comedy, from which her acting career started.

Beautiful Chinese woman Lin Chi-ling

Lin is the first of the Asian women and Chinese hotties who played a significant role in the media market in China. She is famous for her gorgeous beauty and attractiveness. This lady participated in numerous TV talk shows and has become a very recognizable celebrity. Her popularity is not going to drop. Despite her 47, she is still a desirable hot Chinese woman who can conquer men’s hearts.

She belongs to the highest-paid Chinese ladies and hottest Chinese models in the fashion business. She worked with famous companies, such as China Airlines, Olay, and Pantene.

Hot Chinese girl Li Qin

She is also called Pretty Lee for her beautiful appearance. Li belongs to Chinese hot women with a very charming voice for which she got some important awards playing roles in cinema. It is not surprising, as the lady graduated from the singing school.

This sexy Chinese girl gained popularity during 2010-2016, playing Xue Baochai in the Dream of Red Mansions series, then won various awards and participated in numerous nominations. By 2020 she ranked the 72nd in the List of 100 most beautiful Chinese by Forbes.

Beautiful Chinese lady Lin Yun

All hot Chinese babes have ever dreamed of playing in movies, and Lin did! In 2016, she starred in a Mermaid film, making her popular. This hot Chinese chick has become a famous TV actress. Actually, her net worth amounts to $1.5 million.

She played roles in famous movies by Stephen Chow in 2016 and 2017, such as White Bone Spirit and the Dreaming Man. The actress prefers to keep her private life a secret, but sources say she is still single.

Hottest Chinese model Lynn Hung

Like many sexy Chinese babes, Lynn was dreaming of a modeling career since her teenage. She became a supermodel very fast after coming to Hong Kong. When she mastered this business, a girl opened herself to the world of big cinema. This hot Chinese woman is actually one of the richest and most popular models.

Chinese sexy babe Wenwen Han

Wenwen is the sexy Chinese girl who played the role of a teenager in the Karate Kid movie. It was her first actor step, after which she played in less popular movies and started developing her social media accounts.

Han was very successful in the cinema industry and conquered many men’s hearts. She earns about $1 million, and she is already married. Her lucky husband’s name is Ken Chu.

Sexy Chinese girl Wu Qian

She is known as Janice Wu among Chinese sexy women who started an actor career back in the early 2000s. Wu debuted in 2014, then played in numerous TV movies and shows. The girls were also engaged in music and even created some albums with personal videos.

Actually, this pretty and hot Chinese chick develops activities associated with beauty as well as worked in the entertainment industry starting from 2014, and made over 10 movies and dramas.

Hot Chinese chick Xu Jiao

Among all Chinese hotties, Xu achieved good results in her early life. Despite the fact that this lady is still young, she became very independent. At her 24, the lady has already played in 16 movies and 4 TV series.

This lady is a very successful actress. Xu Jiao possesses assets with a net value of $99 million income. According to the various records, she is still single.

Sexy Chinese woman Zhang Yuqi

Another sexy Chinese girl gained big popularity after playing in the Little Mermaid film in 2016. Nowadays, she still participates in different projects, getting numerous awards for each movie. Zhang does not belong to very rich Chinese hotties. Her net worth makes $200 thousand.

Chinese hot woman Zhang Ziyi

This beauty is a very famous and rich actress in the modern cinema world of China. She ranked in the list of the 10 most wealthy women for many years. She participates in Chinese and also Hollywood projects.

Zhang belongs to the wealthy sexy Chinese babes as her net worth reaches $1M. The actress is married to a 51-year-old gentleman, Wang Feng, who is known to be a rock singer.

Hot Chinese girl Zhou Dongyu

She is a very tiny princess and one of the most fragile girls among hot Chinese chicks. She manages to look like a teenager in her 30. Being modest, Zhou continues conquering men’s hearts. She participated in various film productions and got some valuable awards. This hot Chinese girl graduated from Beijing Film Academy and possessed net assets with a value of $ 1.5 million.

Beautiful Chinese woman Gong Li

This well-known and hottest Chinese woman, graduated from Drama Academy in Beijing in 1989. Being a student, she had already been noticed by the director Zhang Yimou and made her first debut in 1987 with Zhang’s Red Sorghum.

This hot Chinese woman received the name of the most beautiful lady in China in 2006. She played roles in 3 Chinese movies with Oscar nominations. Actually, she is a famous TV show presenter and an actor. She also voiced the Disney Mulan cartoon.

Sexy Chinese woman Zhao Wei

It is a big challenge to meet a clever woman among hot Chinese chicks. She is known to do everything with good quality: work, hobbies, and personal life. This sexy Chinese girl reached everything without any help with the help of her appearance and skills.

Hot Chinese chick Yang Mi

If I want to find a pretty and educated cute Chinese woman, this lady is the best example. This honey got enormous popularity when she released some famous movies in China and Hollywood. Actually, she runs video-blogging activities. Her net worth makes up to $1 million already.

Hottes Chinese actress Yao Chen

She is also known as Angelina Jolie because there is no such a girl among Chinese hotties who looks more like her as Yao does. They are both famous celebrities, run charity activities, and are very attractive. Her popularity began after playing in several movies and cooperating with the UN in the refugee program.

Pretty Chinese girl Liu Yifei

A lot of people saw this hot Chinese girl in Mulan movie by Disney, produced in 2020. The lady acted as a real professional, combining her internal strength, unforgettable beauty, and skills. For sure, Liu participated in other films, which deserve viewers’ attention. Her asset value reaches $ 1 Million.

Sexy Chinese woman Tong Liya

She is one of the hottest Chinese babes who started her career being a ballet dancer. The cinema world accepted her immediately. She played in 18 films and 41 TV shows. Tong also participated in some singles.

Hot Chinese chick Gao Yuanyuan

Gao belongs to the top 100 cute Chinese women and the most popular stars in China. She appears very often in many films, TV shows, and series. The audience appreciates her pretty appearance, softness, and excellent humor sense.

Beautiful Chinese babe Liu Tao

This sexy Chinese girl played in various television series. However, she didn’t play so much in films. Her several single albums also gained immense popularity after releasing. The lady is known for her professional skills, very pretty look, and softness.

Sexy Chinese girl Liu Shishi

She is one of the hottest Chinese women with a gorgeous look and excellent professionalism. During her career path, the lady got many awards, respect, and love from the audience. This hot Chinese woman played in dozens of films, television shows, and musicals and released some beautiful songs.

Chinese hot woman Ni Ni

It’s a sexy Chinese woman who proved herself to be an excellent and skilled professional. This lady played in numerous films and serials. The majority of them got awards in different categories. In 2019, she already got the Person of the Year title and the award from Sina Fashion.

Sexy Chinese woman Zhao Liying

Among the hottest Chinese girls, Zhao stands out with her lovely face and adorable appearance. She looks like an elf from a fairy tale, who won the hearts of her fans with her pretty ears and natural charm. Her beauty is very close to the most common standards in Asia. 

Zhao stands out among the hot Chinese babes because she has very sweet ears. She looks very much like an elf or other tender fairy-tale hero. The woman became a fan among viewers possessing her charming appearance and polite manners. Her net worth makes up to $30 Million.

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Chinese women are gorgeous, soft, polite, with good manners, and sexy. They stay young and beautiful for many years due to their nature and origin as well as their ability to take care of themselves. A hot bride from China is a good choice for any lucky man from over the globe!


How much is the Chinese bride’s price?

You’ll have to spend about $9K to get a bride from China, including offline and online dating costs.

What do Chinese brides wear?

Chinese brides wear a white dress, which is getting more popular in bigger cities. It’s also common to see Chinese brides wearing a red dress, a qipao.

What is a Chinese mail order bride?

A typical Chinese woman who’s found on an international dating site offering marriage services is known as a mail order bride from China.

Where to find a Chinese bride?

Eastern Honeys is a great platform offering a large user base of Chinese women for marriage. You can also find Chinese singles in China, especially in popular places such as the Forbidden City, Chengdu Research Base, and the Potala Palace.

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