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I’ve always been mesmerized by Japan, and I’m sure most people must have heard how cool and exciting this country is in real life. Well, I can say that Japan is a captivating place since ancient traditions sitting side by side with advanced developments and cutting-edge technologies. And the best about this amazing country is the Japanese women. Today, I’d like to discuss Japanese brides and highlight all the best and most exciting things about them.

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I’d like to reveal why it’s a great idea to consider Japanese mail order brides for marriage. Before I delve into Japanese women, I guess I should mention that Japan remained one of the most isolated countries, but with international trade, Japan started to become more open. Nowadays, more and more Japanese girls are interested in Western culture, and it can be said that sexy Japanese women are now more eager to see the attention of Western men.

So, international marriages happen in this country, and thanks to the rise of such marriages, I can easily say that Japanese wives are among the best in the world. A typical Japanese wife is still traditional, and family values are quite important to her. This explains why Japanese mail order wives are in demand among Western guys planning to find the best candidates for marriage. This is where it’s important to know more about a Japanese mail order bride and what she can offer.

It’s not only their traditional background that makes Japanese girls so appealing. A Japanese bride is a versatile person accompanied by calm nature. She’ll do her best to make her life partner happy. If this is what you want from your future wife, then Japanese ladies should be your main consideration. Now, it’s time to elaborate more on these beautiful Japanese women for marriage and reveal all the interesting and useful info about them. So, stay tuned not to miss anything important.

Interesting facts about Japanese brides

Average Age of Marriage for Japanese women29.4
Popular cities with Japanese bridesKyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Kobe
Japanese brides population64.9 million
Best dating websites🖤 The Lucky Date Asia🖤 Asian Melodies🖤 Eastern Honeys

Japan is indeed an exciting place, and people there are known to live quite long, about 84 years on average. That’s quite high when compared to other countries.

Asian brides from Japan are quite different from ladies living in other Asian countries. They’re more successful in their careers, not to mention that most of them are workaholics.

But does this make Japanese women less appealing? Definitely not. As there are so many cool things about them. Before you find a Japanese girlfriend, you should dedicate some time to learning more about them and their unique culture.

Some interesting statistics to know

Now it’s time to look at some interesting statistics about Japanese ladies. What can be said about Japanese women? First of all, I should mention that there’s been an increase in divorce rates in recent years, and one of the main factors that explain such a sad phenomenon is that Japanese society favors more males than women. But that’s good news for Western guys seeking a chance to meet hot Japanese brides for marriage. Here’s more you can discover about these women:

  • Increasing age of marriage. From the table above, you can see that Japanese women tend to marry later than many other Asian women for marriage. This can be explained by improved conditions for women and their ambition to become more successful in their careers.
  • A low fertility rate. One of the most common problems in Japan is the fact that there’s a decreasing fertility rate. Nowadays, Japan is facing a demographic crisis. For now, the fertility rate in Japan is about 1.34 kids per woman.

Low gender gap index. Despite improvements in conditions for women in Japan, this country has a lot to do to make the lives of Japanese ladies better. The gender gap index lower than 0.6 means that there’s low economic participation and opportunity for women in this country.

Interesting facts to know about a Japanese girl

In addition to the raw number above, it’s time to consider other interesting facts about these traditional ladies for marriage. What else should you know about Japanese brides? Let me share some interesting facts about them, and here are they:

  • Gorgeous women worth your attention. Whiter skin complexion, thinner waists, captivating eyes, etc., are among the main features of sexy Japanese women for marriage. These ladies are considered quite enchanting, and if you don’t know how Japanese mail order brides look like, look up such names as Aya Omasa, Haruna Kawaguchi, Mirei Kiritani, and Kyoko Fukada.
  • Obsession with beauty. One of the most interesting things that you’ll discover is that local women are really obsessed with their appearances. There are lots of cosmetic shops. Skincare products are in demand, not to mention that plastic surgery is quite common among Japanese ladies. So, almost every lady does her best to look more charming.
  • Docile ladies. One of the most interesting features that many people find unusual is their docile nature. They’re quite respectful toward their partners, but at the same time, they are taught to obey their husbands, which is a part of their conservative culture. For Western men, finding docile women is something incredible. So, don’t miss your chance to have a docile wife.
  • Commitment. Casual dating isn’t quite popular in Japan, especially if you’re visiting smaller cities and towns. Women from these places are quite shy and reserved, and one-night stands are not quite common among Japanese hot ladies. For a Japanese girl, it’s important to be committed to her partner instead of seeking someone to hook up with.
  • Frugal ladies. Japan is quite an expensive place, and ladies from this country learn how to spend their money wisely. This is what makes these ladies special. If you’re seeking women who can take care of your money in a proper manner, Japanese mail order brides should be your consideration for sure. They don’t like spending money in vain.
  • Ladies of discipline. When talking about Japanese mail order wives, you should imagine not only hard-working women, but you should also know that women of this country are quite disciplined. They’re known for being really punctual. This is what makes them special.
  • Passionate nature. Sex education is quite developed in this country, and this explains why Japanese hot dames are great when it comes to bed. They’re known for being passionate, so they know how to impress you in bed.

Japanese wedding traditions

There are many interesting traditions you can observe when traveling to Japan, as it’s one of the most interesting places full of odd and intriguing customs you can see. And the best way to see them is to visit the local wedding ceremony, and here are the most interesting ones I would like to share:

  • Sharing Sake. You can see the ceremony of sake sharing, which is believed to start a century ago. Cups of Sake are exchanged between the groom and bride. Such a ritual is common among couples following Shinto traditions.
  • Choose the auspicious wedding date. Before the wedding takes place, you should know that much importance is given to the specific date. There’s a calendar of fortune telling, and based on this calendar, a better date is chosen.
  • Special bouquet and letter to parents. One of the most heartbreaking moments is when the presentation of the bouquet takes place. A bride will present a bouquet and letter to her parents as a sign of love, respect, and farewell.
  • Monetary gifts. One of the most modern yet interesting customs is monetary gifts. Or I can say you’ll see many envelopes with cash in them. Nowadays, instead of giving presents, it’s common to give envelopes with money.

Where to meet Japanese brides?

I hope you’re already convinced about dating and meeting these hot women. Well, it’s time to consider the best places where you can meet them. How about going to Japan? Despite being a costly venture, you’ll discover lots of things and enjoy the companionship of hospitable people. First of all, this place offers advanced public transportation infrastructure, so getting around is quick and easy.

There’s a large number of UNESCO spots, mesmerizing castles, charming cherry blossoms, Shinto temples, and even more. And don’t forget that you can meet local girls who are so popular among foreigners. Japan isn’t a small place, so I would like to share the most popular places that you shouldn’t miss.

Top 5 places to visit in Japan

When traveling to this exotic country, I think the places I described below would be great to try. Based on my experience, I recommend visiting the following places:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Mount Fuji. It’s one of the most recognizable landmarks of Japan. This captivating and majestic place is one of the most popular destinations among tourists and even local people.
  • Imperial Palace in Tokyo. One of the most popular destinations to visit is the Imperial Palace, surrounded by grand gardens, giving this place a charming view.
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. It’s a historic place that has been made to commemorate the victims of the world’s first nuclear attack in 1945. This is the park serving as a symbol of peace.
  • The Atsuta Shrine. It’s a popular place in the city of Nagoya. If you’re planning to visit other cities than the capital, this is where you should head for sure.
  • Hokkaido. It’s one of the most popular places, and it’s where you can enjoy winter festivals. You’ll discover great parks and resorts where you can meet hot singles.

Online dating to meet Japanese women

Let’s say you don’t have time to visit Japan frequently, as a one-time visit might not be enough to meet a person who can suit your interest. But what can be better and more practical? This is where you should consider online dating options. Japan is a land of cutting-edge technologies, and the fact that online dating is prevalent isn’t something unusual. What else makes online dating a better option? Have a look at the following:

💵 Internet dating is less costly than a real trip, so there’s no need to spend more than you’re ready for. Everything is affordable, and your venture can be cost-effective.

👌 Online dating is considered more effective when it comes to finding, meeting, and dating hot ladies from Japan. You can be sure that you can meet your Japanese woman.

💣 Dating sites are known for being really convenient to use. You don’t need to travel to meet someone special, and thanks to mobile dating, you can easily date on the go.

💦 With the top dating sites, you can learn more about your partner from Japan before you even start dating online. In other words, more information is easily accessible online. 

There are many local apps that you can discover in Japan, ranging from Pairs to Tinder. You can easily arrange a date through the Tinder app. But there’s an international dating site like Eastern Honeys. This is one of the top platforms where you can meet hot Japanese girls. Which one is better?

Tinder vs Eastern Honeys

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like Eastern Honeys
🔥Good to find local singles in Japan♥ Good for international dating and creating serious relationships with Japanese women
🔥Mainly used for casual flings♥ An ideal mail order bride website for people seeking Japanese women for marriage
🔥Full of fake accounts and scams♥ A safe platform where you don’t have to deal with fake accounts or scams
🔥Some free features without great services to meet someone for long-term bonds♥ Known for a wide range of professional and exclusive services
🔥 A limited set of detailed Japanese profiles♥ Known for offering detailed profiles

Who is a Japanese mail order bride?

It’s time to consider more about the practice of mail order brides from Japan and understand more about them. When a Japanese girl is interested in finding a partner abroad, she’ll have several options to consider. And one of them is becoming a mail order wife. Not long ago, the practice of mail order wives was associated with more negative things than positive, but now the success rates of such marriages have proven that this works.

But what are mail order brides? When you read any article on mail order brides, you should understand that you’re reading about women for marriage. Like in the case of foreign men seeking foreign brides, mail order wives are also interested in getting the attention of foreigners. The same can be said about Japanese brides. They’re seeking a chance to meet someone who can be interested in them. But why would a Japanese mail order bride want to become a mail order bride?

A Japanese girl for marriage decides to become a mail order wife for several reasons. One of the main reasons why you can meet Japanese women for marriage online is due to their desire to find a better and more romantic partner than Japanese men. For others, it’s a chance to learn new things and languages.

Like in the case of other Asian women like Chinese brides, Japanese girls are interested in bringing a difference to their lives, not to mention that dating foreigners have become trendy. Now it’s time to meet Japanese brides, but you should understand how everything works. Do you know how the practice of mail order wives works? Let me explain more in detail.

How do mail order brides services work?

Thankfully, there are great options when it comes to online dating sites offering Asian women for marriage ranging from Korean brides to Japanese women for marriage. On such platforms, you can easily choose your best match among Japanese ladies. It’s time to consider how you should proceed with the process of getting Japanese wives.

The first and most important step is to choose only the best dating sites where you can meet your ideal Japanese bride online. Only top online dating sites can ensure that you can get access to the profiles of real Asian mail order brides in addition to offering great online dating services. Thus, I recommend using one of the sites offered above. After choosing the right site to meet an Asian beauty, it’s time to consider other steps.

Registration process

The next thing you should do is create a new account. You’ll pass through the registration process that would require you to fill out the sign-up form. You’ll be asked to provide basic info like your name, age, and email. And don’t forget to get your account verified, for which you’ll receive some extra bonuses.

Informative profile

After the verification of your account, it’s time to consider making your profile informative. Be sure to add needed info so that your profile can be appealing to other users. Single Japanese women are attracted to informative profiles, so be sure to make your profile informative. What’s more, don’t forget to add some recent photos.

Seeking Japanese women for marriage

With the top Asian mail order bride platforms, you can be sure to meet an ideal match among beautiful Japanese brides. But how to find that ideal partner for a serious relationship? There are great search filters that you can use to find an ideal life partner from Japan. You can set the required parameters to narrow down all possible ladies.

Making contact with Japanese mail order brides

While online, you won’t have problems making contact with Japanese brides, as there are several ways you can do so. You can simply invite them to chat. You can like their profiles and add them to your favorites. Or, on many dating sites, you’ll benefit from features like sending winks. This is how you can show interest in a Japanese girl. Coming up with icebreakers is what you can also benefit from.

Online dating and communication

At some point, your interest will be mutual. After that, you should start dating them online. The more you spend time online, the more you’ll know about your future Japanese bride. Online communication is the best way you can understand whether you want to go further with your Japanese woman.

The legality of Japanese mail order wives

After you find the right partner for dating, it’s time to consider visiting your lady. Going to Japan is what you need to think about. Before doing so, you might wonder if what you’re doing is legal. No need for doubts, as there’s nothing illicit when it comes to mail order brides and to get them online. So, you shouldn’t be bothered by this question.

Although you can come across criticism towards this practice, you should know that the practice mail order bride has proven to be an efficient way of finding the right wife. So, you should focus on your future Japanese wife. The legality of mail order wives is not your obstacle, and even in the most conservative countries, no challenges are on your way to a meeting and dating mail order wives.

Costs of Japanese women for marriage 

Once you’re sure about the legality of Japanese mail order brides, it’s time to think about the prices of these women for marriage. How much does a Japanese mail order bride cost? Japanese mail order brides are not quite cheap to get; as you may know, Japan is one of the most expensive places where you can travel.

Still, no need to worry, as every cent you spend won’t be something done in vain. Instead, if you know how to spend your money frugally and efficiently, you’ll get a chance to get the best wife you can dream about. So, it’s time to look at the expenses so you can know what to expect from your mail order bride venture.

Online dating services

As I already said, one of the first steps in getting a mail order wife from Japan is to find a good dating platform offering Japanese women for marriage. Such sites with Japanese brides won’t be free at all. So, you’ll have to spend on services like communication, sending virtual gifts, buying real flowers and presents, and so on. Depending on the site, your expenses might vary from $500 to $1,000 per month. At this level, you can control all your expenses.

Travel costs

The next step is to consider travel costs. Going to Japan might not be as affordable as you might think. Thus, you should research going to Japan and all possible expenses that you might have. But how much will it cost to travel to Japan? When considering the costs of a 2-week trip, accommodation, meals, and ticket costs, you might need to spend about $2K or more, depending on how you want to spend your money and which hotels you choose.

Offline dating costs

After online dating and getting to this country, you should also consider the costs of offline dating ventures. You might want to spend a great time in fancy places in addition to traveling across the country with your Japanese girlfriend. How much will it be to experience the best moments with your lady and spoil her with presents? Well, in this case, you might need to spend more or less $3K overall. When it comes to the total costs, you should expect to spend more than $5.5K to get a Japanese bride.

Perks of dating Japanese girls

Japan is quite an interesting place. There’s a special place for women, and the government takes care of its females. For example, there are special cars for women. For women working late, there are special taxi cars with female drivers. So, it’s clear that Japan prioritizes its women, but that doesn’t mean that there’s gender equality in this country. 

Japanese men are known for being in a more male-dominated society, and thus, nowadays, Japanese ladies are interested in discovering places where they get access to more liberal places.

This explains why there are so many women who seek the attention of Western guys. Dating these ladies is just a great experience, and here are the top benefits of being with Japanese girls for marriage:

  • Humble nature. Japanese girls don’t like showing off. They’re among the most humble women in the world. You can simply be impressed with their humility. Even the sexiest women you’ll meet in Japan are quite humble, and this is one of the first things you’ll mention while dating them. This makes your online dating experience more delightful.
  • Blend of liberal and traditional values. Although the younger generation of Japanese women seeks better conditions for women and gender equality, they still remain quite traditional compared to Western ladies. Traditional values come from their backgrounds and beliefs. So, you’ll never be bothered by feministic whims.
  • Perfect housewives. Did you know that the eldest son is expected to live with his parents, and his future wife might become a maid in his home who’ll take care of him and his parents? Because of such tradition, many ladies are taught to be great housewives and perfect cooks. Simply put, a Japanese girl isn’t only a great lover but also a great housewife. 
  • Interesting dating culture. One of the most interesting things about dating in Japan is that you can indulge in their colorful dating culture. Blind dates are quite common, and interestingly, dating is seen as something fun. So, when in Japan, you can also be a part of this fun culture. Group dating is also a common custom in Japanese dating culture.
  • Women of traditions. When talking about Japan, it’s also common to think of cherry blossoms, which are quite popular. There’s a tradition of sitting under these cherries. But there are also many other traditions that local girls stick to. So, while dating them, you’ll get a chance to learn more interesting things about their unique culture.

The final thoughts

Japanese women are indeed among the most charming partners, and they’re not ladies for casual dating. You should rush to find your Japanese mail order bride on the top dating site, and to find your ideal partner, you might want to start your journey on the Eastern Honeys dating website, known for being a great place offering Japanese girls for marriage. So, what are you waiting for?


Can I buy a Japanese bride?

No, you can’t buy a Japanese bride. It seems that when reading the article about mail order brides, you might think about getting a wife, but I should warn you that there’s no such thing as buying a person literally. In the world of mail order brides, buying a bride is just a term used to describe a process when a single man invests in his future wife by buying the needed services. He spends money to get closer to his future wife.

Where can I meet Japanese singles?

You can meet Japanese girls in popular spots in Japan. But it’s not as efficient as meeting them online. You just need a good Japanese mail order bride platform. With just a few clicks, you’ll get access to the world of hot Japanese mail order brides. This is where you can pick an ideal Japanese woman based on your preferences. So, the best place to meet a Japanese mail order wife is through dating sites.

What makes a Japanese wife unique?

Japanese beauties are ideal as wives, and one of the main reasons is that they’re not like Western women. Japanese culture is deeply rooted in these women, and most Japanese women are taught to obey, respect, and value their husbands. Thus, many men strive to find a Japanese wife, as she’ll be quite different and unique.

How often do Japanese mail order brides divorce?

While local marriages in Japan tend to end in divorce more often than before, Japanese mail order wives are much better at keeping their marriages stable abroad. It can be said that more than 80% of such marriages are considered to be successful. So, your future Japanese wife will do her best to avoid a breakup.

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