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Asian women for marriage are getting more popular like ladies from Latin America, and the same can be said about Indian brides. These ladies make not only great dates but also perfect wives. Single Indian women are known for being humble and selfless, and it’s common for most Indian ladies to be really subservient, making them popular among Western singles. I am sure that any Indian woman can be ideal for marriage, as she can make you feel like a king in your family.

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When I look through international women for marriage, it can be challenging to point out the most ideal candidates for marriage, but I know that Indian women are among the top ones who can make you happy. An Indian bride is really worth your time, and there are myriad reasons why you should consider an Indian girl for marriage, but before you rush to find them, I offer you a chance to learn more about mail order Indian brides.

Interesting facts about an Indian bride

Average Age of Marriage for Indian Women22
Popular cities with Indian bridesAgra, Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur
Indian brides populationMore than 604 million
Best dating websites🖤 The Lucky Date🖤 Eastern Honeys🖤 Asian Melodies

India is an amazing place where you can meet many amazing people. I’ve been there several times, and I’ll never cease admiring the culture of these people. When it comes to single Indian women, you can meet different ladies, be they white or dark-skinned Indian brides you can consider for marriage. I think that every person should visit this country to enjoy everything from its culture to its delicious cuisine. But let me tell you more about Indian brides for marriage.

Some interesting statistics to know

While the modern world is obsessed with pursuing careers and other ambitions, family planning and building might seem less important nowadays, but this isn’t true when it comes to Indian mail order brides. While doing mini research about women in India, I found out that these women are really interested in getting married and building families. If you’re interested in such women, you better not miss a chance to get married to one of the India mail order brides. Let’s have a look at some statistics to understand these ladies better:

  • High rates of marriage. In the table above, I specified the age of marriage which is about 22, and interestingly, more than 50% of women are married by the age of 20. This is quite impressive, especially compared to other Asian countries.
  • The divorce rate in India. I felt surprised to find out that India has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. It’s amazing given that many women rush to get married as early as possible. So, Indian ladies are great when it comes to keeping their families stable.
  • The fertility rate of Indian women. It’s not a secret that the female population of India is the second-largest in the world. Such numbers owe to the high fertility of Indian women. Of course, this fertility rate is now much lower than it was several decades ago. For now, the fertility rate in India is about 2 kids per woman.

Interesting things to know about Indian brides

Dating Indian women is an amazing experience based on several success stories I managed to discover. What’s more, I had a chance to learn some interesting things about them, and it’s time to share some interesting facts about Indian women. Here are they:

  • Beautiful Indian brides. Although North and South Indian brides might have some differences in physical appearance, they both are charming and gorgeous. Have a glance at such women as Sherlyn Chopra, Gul Panag, and Aditi Pao Hydari.
  • Erudite women. In India, education is highly valued, and much attention is given to the education of women. Besides, Indian dames are keen on discovering new things and reading a lot, leading to the increase of erudite women in the country.
  • Bollywood. When talking about India, I think that Bollywood is something to be mentioned. Almost every lady in India has a favorite Bollywood movie. She might even know the lyrics of the songs from that movie. Thus, most of them are keen on watching popular movies.
  • Great cooks. India is known for its cuisine, which is considered to be among the most ancient ones. Your future Indian bride might be good at preparing food like samosa, dal soup, curry, tandoori chicken, biryani, and the like.
  • Tea lovers. When visiting India to meet your lady in real life, don’t miss your chance to taste popular Indian tea. This is a beverage that has been popular for centuries. Almost every lady can prepare special tea with milk, and this is worth trying.

Indian wedding traditions

This is a section that I can write about non-stop. India is known for its rich culture, and this can be seen in their weddings. When visiting India, don’t miss your chance to visit their local weddings and enjoy their peculiar culture. Although there’s so much to describe their weddings, I want to highlight 3 things:

  • Auspicious date for the wedding. The wedding date is something taken seriously. Stars and planets are factors that might offer a good date for your wedding. This is common in their culture.
  • Henna. It’s a kind of cosmetic paint applied to the hands and feet. This is a symbol of people planning to get married. It’s one of the oldest traditions in the world.
  • The Holy Fire. This is the fire known as Agni. This is a sacred fire that acts as a witness to the wedding ceremony. 7 steps are taken around the fire.

Indian Girls Online:

Valentina, 30
30 y.o.
Occupation Industrial Engineer
Kids No
Isabel, 27
27 y.o.
Occupation makeup artist
Kids No
Neybelis, 25
25 y.o.
Occupation psychologist
Kids No
Yosmar, 29
29 y.o.
Occupation Costume Designer
Kids No
Veronica, 28
28 y.o.
Occupation Marketing Advisor
Kids No
Alexandra, 26
26 y.o.
Occupation attorney
Kids 1
Glorimar, 30
30 y.o.
Occupation Doctor
Kids 1
Caroli, 25
25 y.o.
Occupation Clerk
Kids No
Carolina, 27
27 y.o.
Occupation lawyer
Kids No
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Where to find an Indian bride?

I strongly recommend meeting Indian girls in their own country. It’s an amazing place where single women are really keen on meeting and dating them. Thus, during your travel to this country, you won’t have problems meeting single women.

Top 5 cities to meet single Indian girls

India has tons of reasons that make it a special place for you. It’s home to white and Bengal tigers, various spices popular in the world, large food service networks, and even more. It can be challenging to count all the best things about India. Thus, you better think about arranging a trip to this charming land. And here are the top cities to start:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Agra. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard about the popular Taj Mahal, a symbol of love and dedication? It’s located in this amazing place. It’s one of the most visited places on earth.
  • Goa. Do you like beach resorts and a great nightlife? If yes, it means you need to head to this charming place known as Goa. It’s a great place to meet Indian women interested in meeting Western men.
  • Mumbai. When planning a trip to this exotic country, Mumbai should be among the destinations. It’s a great and crowded city. It has quite a lot to offer in terms of places to visit. You meet many brides Mumbai can offer to the single men visiting this big city.
  • Jaipur. This is also a big city to discover, and it’s called Pink City. Besides offering an impressive range of charming architecture, there are so many great places you can discover, not to mention that women in this place are crazy about foreigners rather than local men.
  • Hyderabad. If you’re keen on Indian cuisine, this is a must-visit place for you, not to mention it has great places like the Chowmahalla Palace, Birla Mandir, and Golconda Fort.  

There are many other great cities and towns where you can meet Indian women, but what if I told you that there’s a better way of meeting real Indian brides?

Online dating options

It’s known that internet dating is considered to be among the most popular options when it comes to finding Indian brides for sale. You can easily meet someone online with just a few clicks, but what makes this option so appealing? Here are some benefits of dating online:

🙀 There’s nothing complicated about online dating, as everything is easily accessible.

ℹ You can learn more about an Indian wife who tickles your interest without the need to meet in person.

☀ Dating websites offer a chance for being quite picky, as they offer a wide range of Indian women for marriage. You can choose your bride online easily.

💵 It’s more affordable when it comes to internet dating, so there’s no need to spend too much to meet an Indian woman for marriage.

🤜 Top dating sites ensure that you’ll be able to find an ideal Indian girl within a short time.

There are many great sites where you can start dating Indian women. I picked a locally popular Tinder and a great platform called The Lucky Date so that I can show which is better for those who want to find Indian wife.

Tinder vs The Lucky Date

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms The Lucky Date
🔥local dating♥ international dating
🔥more casual experience♥ long-term bonds
🔥mainly for fun♥ meaningful connections
🔥abundance of fake profiles♥ verified profiles
🔥more local options♥ more options from different parts of the world

It’s clear that The Lucky Date is better for those seeking a real Indian girl for marriage, whereas Tinder is great in terms of local dating. So, you need to meet Indian brides on The Lucky Date.

Who is an Indian mail order bride?

An Indian mail order bride is a woman seeking a partner abroad due to financial and social reasons. She’ll be listed in the catalog of a particular dating site or agency, and she can be considered for more serious relationships and marriage.

How do mail order brides work?

I have noticed that many single men seeking an Indian mail order bride through dating sites might not know how everything works. Actually, there’s nothing complicated. Your journey should start from a dating site where you can meet ladies for marriage. Then, you simply benefit from matchmaking and searching filters to find an ideal match.

Afterward, you spend some time online trying to understand each other. The more time you spend with your future Indian wife, the better you’ll know your candidate for marriage. You might consider meeting Indian women in person once you’re sure that your lady is a person who can be ideal for you. This is how everything works.

The legality of an Indian mail order bride

Now that you’re aware of how everything works, it’s time to consider the legality of Indian mail order brides. The good news is that they’re completely legal. Of course, you might have heard that you can buy an Indian mail order bride, but it simply means that you’re investing in your future bride by getting services. Since you don’t buy any person literally, there’s nothing illegal about getting an Indian woman for marriage.

Cost of mail order brides

It’s time for me to explain how much investment you need to get an Indian wife. Unlike in some other nations, you don’t have to spend too much to get an Indian wife. Here are the things you need to spend on:

  • Online dating services. On top dating sites, you might need to spend not more than $2K to get closer to your Indian woman.
  • Traveling to India. Visiting this country in South Asia isn’t too expensive. Accommodation, tickets, meals, and transportation might cost you about $3K or even less, depending on the city where you plan to stay.
  • Offline dating. Spending time in India doesn’t cost too much, as it’s a very affordable place, and in this case, you might consider spending less than $2K.
  • Bringing your Indian wife to your country. This venture might cost you about $1.5K, and the overall price of Indian women for marriage is less than $9K.

Perks of dating Indian singles

Before you start dating mail order Indian brides, you should be ready to indulge in a great dating experience. Indian women are known for being great dates from Asia, and although they seem very independent and modern, they can’t avoid being really traditional in dating, which is a huge advantage when compared to ladies from other countries in Europe. But that’s not all that’s so cool about dating Indian ladies. Here are other benefits to discover:

  • Exotic culture. When I first watched a Bollywood movie, it was interesting how everything was so colorful, but I didn’t think that India is indeed a country of various colors and traditions. I was amazed by their exotic culture when I visited this country. It’s worth discovering the culture of your Indian girlfriend.
  • English proficiency. One of the best things I observed in this country is their fluency in the English language. So, I think that you’ll never have a problem communicating with Indian women for marriage, as most of them know how to speak English fluently.  
  • Docile nature. When dating Indian women, you’ll never be hungry. You’ll be treated as a king, and don’t forget that you’ll be sexually satisfied. They’ll do their best to make you happy, and their docile nature is what makes that possible. Her dedication to their beloved one is what makes her special and different from Western and American women.
  • Obsession with cricket. While there are many sports fans in India, you’ll never miss a chance to play or watch a cricket match. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India, and almost every Indian lady is proud of her national team.
  • Less demanding women. When people start seeking foreign brides, they might come across women with high demands. But that’s not the case with Indian women for marriage. They’re known for their humble and moderate nature like Lebanese women. It’s not common for an Indian wife to be too picky or demanding.

Success stories of men who have met India mail order brides

Robert from the UK

Robert from the UK

Among Asian ladies for marriage, my favorites have always been hot Indian women. It’s no secret that Indian wives are greater than many ladies in Western countries, and that’s why I decided to find my Indian mail order wife.

I managed to find Indian wife on the top dating site known as The Lucky Date. Thanks to this professional mail order bride site, I met my future life partner, and her name was Lakshmi. She was kind, polite, and funny. I was more attached to her personality than her appealing look.

She was too different from the ladies I used to date. We dedicated much time to each other online, and I braved to ask her if she wanted to be my wife. She was shocked, but she didn’t hesitate to say yes. I couldn’t visit her in India. Still, we are working on getting a visa for her so that she can easily come to me as my future spouse.

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Joseph from Canada

Joseph from Canada

On The Lucky Date, I met many beautiful Indian women, and most of them were young Indian brides seeking the attention of Western guys. Like them, I was also interested in discovering my future Indian bride online.

Although this site wasn’t particularly one of the Indian dating sites, there are many Indian singles looking for single men ready for commitment. Thus, it wasn’t challenging to find hot Indian brides. After several days, I managed to discover a perfect Indian wife candidate. Her name was Aarya. Her humble nature, intelligence, and calm attitude made me like her.

She was really respectful, caring, attentive to details, and open-minded. We didn’t spend much time online, as she preferred dating in real life. We met each other in Mumbai, a city where she lived. Then, she visited me in Canada. Now, we are thinking of getting married.

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Gilbert from the US

Gilbert from the US

There are many cool Asian dating sites where I met foreign women from Asian countries. But I really can say that a typical mail order Indian bride is quite different from other Asian ladies for marriage. A foreign bride from India will be a great wife and life partner at the same time.

When I first met beautiful Indian girls, I thought they were too traditional for me. But it turned out that Indian girls are really balanced in terms of being modern and traditional. Indian women tend to have family values while being quite modern and ambitious. This is what I like in most Indian women, and thus, I decided to find an Indian mail order wife.

After a short time on The Lucky Date, I met my wife. Her name was Satya. I remember writing her messages with compliments. Now, we live together in the US. We have 2 kids. So, with an online dating site, it’s possible to meet the woman of your dreams as I did.

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Alfred from the US

Alfred from the US

More and more online dating sites offer a chance to meet beautiful Indian women. Like many single men, I also wanted to find Indian brides. So, I started to look for the best international dating sites where I could meet Indian females.

My desire to meet an India bride can be explained by the fact that Indian culture is unique, diverse, and full of customs, not to mention that women are taught to respect their husbands. So, I wanted to find a woman who could treat me better than local girls. I was lucky to discover The Lucky Date, where I met my future wife, Anushka.

With dating agencies like The Lucky Date, it’s possible to find a woman from this Asian country, and this is actually how I married my Anushka. This site was a great place where I managed to meet my ideal life partner and married her.

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Indian women for marriage are considered to be born for marriage. They know how to take care of their beloved people, make great wives and mothers, and make others happy, making them different from ladies coming from other countries. Indian brides in USA are getting more popular, and it means that Western men are more interested in finding Indian women for marriage. It’s time to try to find mail order brides from India on top sites.

Can I buy an Indian bride?

If you’re planning to buy an Indian bride, you should know how you can do that. You can’t buy any person literally. But in the world of mail order brides, buying a person is when you invest in your future bride by getting dating services. This is how you can buy an Indian bride.

Where can I meet Indian singles?

If you’re looking for places where you can meet hot Indian singles, you better try visiting India known for exotic places. But there’s a better way of meeting Indian women for marriage, and it’s through online dating allowing you to access a limitless number of Indian brides. The best site is The Lucky Date.

What makes an Indian wife unique?

An Indian wife is a great life partner. In addition to her commitment and selfless nature, she’ll be an interesting partner to talk to. What’s more, she’ll be a passionate, docile, and caring wife, which makes her stand out among other Asian women for marriage.

How often do Indian mail-order brides divorce?

India is a country blending modern and traditional values, and when it comes to divorces in this country, it can be said to have one of the lowest rates. This is also true when it comes to Indian mail order brides, so their marriages are quite successful.

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