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While traveling across different countries, I have a chance to see where ladies are in demand. Today, I want to talk about ladies from Mexico. In other words, I can say Mexican brides are getting more popular day by day. 

Among international women for marriage, single Mexican women have always been in demand, and this is true even nowadays. I am sure that single men who are interested in passionate women with unearthly beauty are quite keen on meeting Mexican girls to plan more serious bonds with them. 

But what do you know about them? Or what makes Mexican women for marriage so special? Let me give some interesting insights about them. If interested and determined to find and date hot singles from Mexico, you should discover more about Mexican mail order brides and all the relevant information that I collected and prepared for you. All you need is to continue to read my guide on Mexican wives.

Interesting facts about Mexican brides

Average Age of Marriage for Mexican Women23.2
Popular cities with Mexican bridesMexico City, Guadalajara, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta
Mexican brides populationMore than 64 million
Best dating websites🖤 La-Date

When dealing with ladies for marriage, I found out that Mexican women for marriage are considered to be the most charming ladies in the Latin word, and it’s not surprising why so many single men are interested in dating and marrying them. If you’re a single man in search of a great wife candidate, I have no doubts about Mexican mail order brides, but before that, why not discover more about them? Read on to know more about what I found out about them.

Some interesting statistics to know

From the information in the table I collected, I tried to highlight that women in Mexico don’t delay marriage. They’re really family-oriented women, and it’s common for a lady in Mexico to find a partner once she’s older than 18. But what else should you know about Mexican women for marriage? Here are some interesting details I found out for you:

  • Higher marriage rates. Women in Mexico don’t get married as often as they used to many years ago, but still, compared to other Western countries, it’s high. More than 70% of women aged between 30 and 59 are married.
  • Higher fertility rate. Another interesting fact to highlight is their fertility rate. The rate is about 2 kids per woman, which is quite high. So, it’s common for ladies to have more than 2 kids on average. 

Interesting things to know about Mexican brides

There’s more I can share with you. While traveling across the country, I had a chance to meet different people, and I really learned a lot about Mexican ladies. So, when you plan to date these women, you should know more information about them. And here are some cool things I hope will be useful to you:

  • Stunning appearance. It can be hard to resist Mexican ladies, and women like Maite Perroni, Gonzales Reyna, and Priscila Perales showcase how Mexican ladies can be mesmerizing.
  • Late dates. When dating Latin women, be ready to wait for your lady to show up, as she’ll be late quite often.
  • Family values. Don’t panic if your lady plans to introduce you to her family, as it’s quite common for Mexican women to get the approval of their families.
  • No casual dating. If you’re planning casual dating, you better not think about Mexican ladies. They’re not keen on meeting someone for casual flings.

Mexican wedding traditions

I watched and attended many weddings in this country, and I can say that Mexican weddings are like those in Europe, and everything starts with a Catholic mass. In some cases, there’ll be a tradition of giving the lasso or el Lazo. It’s a symbol of unity for the family. It’s also common to see the tradition of 13 coins symbolizing the commitment of the groom. What’s more, Mexican weddings have become popular for their Mariachi, which I find amazing.

Music is indeed an important part of the Mexican wedding, and in addition to religious songs, you’ll hear some joyful and festive songs as well. During the wedding reception, it’s common for the food to be served late, so be patient before you indulge in popular Mexican cuisine. Finally, there are a great many dances that bring colors to the wedding day. I can assure you that a wedding day in Mexico is a great and colorful day to enjoy.

Where to find a Mexican bride?

It’s time for me to share some great insights about options that can be useful for you. If you’re really interested in meeting Mexican women, you’ll get several options for consideration. As for me, one of the best things to do is visit this amazing country full of interesting locations allowing you to meet exotic women for dating. So, get ready to book your ticket and discover those places.

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies

For some people, Mexico is an ideal place for those interested in beaches and vibrant city life. This is really true about Mexico, based on my own experience and it has more to offer. But I should say that Mexico isn’t a small place to visit, and you better know where you can start your journey. Here are the top 5 cities that are best according to my experience:

  • Mexico City. Being the capital city, it’s one of the most visited and vibrant places. Although it’s quite a modern place, it has a lot in terms of historical sites in addition to more than 1,200 museums. The nightlife in this city is also amazing.
  • Guadalajara. This is another amazing spot to keep in mind. Besides, it’s the second-largest city in Mexico. In this city, you can discover many single ladies who are really interested in dating foreigners.
  • Cancun. It’s another exotic place where you can meet hot singles for dating and even more. This is a port city, and it’s not surprising that it offers great nightlife. Besides, it’s a city popular for handicraft shopping.
  • Puerto Vallarta. If you’re looking for the most romantic destination in Mexico, perhaps it’s your ideal place known for its Zona Romantica, which is the historic center of the city. It offers great beach resorts to spend a great time in.
  • Merida. It’s a colonial city known for its colorful architecture. There are many great pubs and cafes to spend a good time and have a chance for meeting hot singles. Unlike other cities, this one is quite calm and less crowded.

Online dating options

What if you’re not planning to visit this country? It happens that you should consider another option. Believe it or not, there’s a better alternative which is online dating. Meeting and dating online has become quite popular in Mexico, and besides its convenience and pleasant experience, online dating is quite practical. It’s time to discover the advantages of dating online, and I think that the following are the best ones when it comes to online dating:

  • 😽 More pleasant and entertaining without the need to worry about anything
  • 💄 Getting access to details about your partner before meeting in person
  • 🍸 A chance to access myriad ladies to choose from
  •  ♥  Having a great time with your partner and learning new things
  • 🎦 A chance for being clear and honest without the need for hiding anything
  • 🚀 More efficient and faster way of finding a single-minded partner
  • 💵 Affordable dating option without the need to overpay

It’s clear that online dating is great, but don’t rush to pick a random site. Believe it or not, not every site is good for you. I shall confess that only top platforms can ensure a better experience. When looking through the most popular dating sites, you can spot Tinder and La-Date. Let me show their differences.

Tinder vs La-Date

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like La Date
🔥 Entertainment purpose♥ Ideal for meeting ladies for marriage
🔥Casual dating♥ Not ideal for casual dating or non-committed bonds
🔥Local dating options♥ International dating trespassing physical borders
🔥Fake profiles♥ A chance to meet real women for marriage
🔥Limited options to consider♥ Myriad ladies to choose from

There’s almost no one who hasn’t used or heard about Tinder, which is quite popular in the world of casual dating, but La Date is a professional platform where you can meet Mexican mail order brides making it quite popular and more useful for men seeking a partner for marriage.

Who is a Mexican mail order bride?

I have noticed that when it comes to mail order brides, not everyone is aware of important details. Thus, when talking about Mexican brides for marriage, I strongly suggest that you understand more about them. Roughly speaking, Mexican wives you’ll meet on top dating sites are ladies seeking partners for serious relationships. They’re not interested in finding a partner for non-committed bonds, and they’re more interested in marriage.

There are myriads of reasons motivating Mexican women to become mail order brides. When you meet Mexican girl for marriage, you should know that she might be interested in a person who will take care of her, be a better husband candidate, ensure a better future for her, or something else. Shortly speaking, a Mexican mail order bride is a woman for marriage you can meet through dating sites and agencies.

How do mail order brides work?

The industry of mail order brides has become more popular, and one of the main reasons is a real chance to meet real women for marriage. But how does everything work? How is it possible to find and meet a Mexican woman for marriage? If you’re interested in meeting Mexican women for marriage, here’s what I should share with you:

  • How do dating sites work? Platforms offering a chance for dating Mexican women for serious relationships are simple to use. They’ll offer dating services so that you can start looking for ladies and dating them online.
  • How do I start? First of all, you need to find a good site offering Mexican girls for marriage and register there. After registration, you better spend some time making a good profile so that it can be appealing to ladies online.
  • How to find a woman online? If you wonder about how you can meet Mexican women, you should know that most dating platforms offer search tools. They come with great search filters so that you can easily narrow down your options.
  • How to meet a woman in person? Dating a Mexican girl online is great, but what about meeting her in person? Top dating sites offer such an opportunity, and you can easily request for a real date.

The legality of Mexican mail order brides

Now that you know how mail order brides work, it’s time to consider the legality of Mexican mail order brides. Are they legal? When considering mail order brides from Mexico, it’s common to come across terms like buying, ordering, or getting a bride. That sounds like something illegal, but don’t rush to panic, as not everything is bad. Instead, you should understand what it means to get a wife. I can assure you that mail order brides are legal in almost every country.

I can simply define the practice of getting mail order brides as a process when a man invests in his future by buying dating services. Thus, it’s not a process when you buy someone directly by paying with credit cards. Stemming from this, I can say that you don’t have to worry about getting a wife from Mexico, as it’s a completely legal and acceptable practice. But it’s time to consider the costs of Mexican brides for marriage.

Cost of mail order brides

Mexico is a great country, and it’s not quite expensive to visit this country. It’s not only great for its affordability, but it’s a great place where you can get Mexican brides. What’s the price you need to pay for a charming lady from this country? If you’re determined to get a wife, you need to consider the following:

  • Dating site services. If you’ve decided to use the La-Date platform, which is ideal for you, especially in terms of prices, you might need to expect to spend about $2K. This price can be higher if you’re planning to get a real gift for your lady.
  • Travel costs. After an online venture, it’s time to consider meeting in person, and this is where you can arrange a trip for an affordable price. A round trip might cost about $1K, a price for tickets you’ll get. Then, accommodation and meals will be about 1K if you’re planning to stay more than a week.
  • Offline dating. Here prices can vary depending on the city you’ll stay in. What’s more, your generosity and desire to impress your lady might affect the price, and you might need to spend over $3K.
  • Bringing your lady to your country. One of the final stages is to bring your lady, and for this, you might spend less than $1,5K in total. Let’s consider all costs. In sum, you’ll have to spend less than $8K to get a Mexican mail order wife.

Perks of dating Mexican singles

Before finding Mexican women dating online, you should know why you should consider dating them, and it’s clear that their unearthly beauty, passionate nature, and great cooking skill are enough to get in love with them. Still, they can offer even more, and here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider meeting Mexican girls:

  • Women from a unique culture. Dating Mexican woman is indeed something exotic. They have interesting and odd traditions. How many women do you know who can celebrate the day of the dead?
  • Unusual sense of humor. If you don’t know how to date a Mexican girl, you better start with a great sense of humor. Mexican ladies are keen on laughing, and they have a specific sense of humor that’s a blend of satirical and dark humor.
  • A real-life soap opera. Do you like telenovelas? I bet you do. Or at least you should if you’re planning to date these charming women for marriage. Mexican ladies are dramatic and emotional since they love with all their passion.
  • Real fans of their national football team. Mexican women are crazy about sports, especially when it comes to the Mexican football teams. They love football and don’t miss their chance to visit local matches as well.
  • Passionate women. What makes all Latin women so special is their passionate nature, and they know how to impress their men in bed. In a relationship, it’s a feature that can be hard to resist.

The final thoughts

A Mexican bride is a hot, passionate, and versatile lady ready to dedicate her life to a person who’ll take care of her. Indeed, there’s no doubt that dating Mexican women has become quite popular, and I can guarantee that there are tons of reasons that explain why single Mexican women are great wife candidates. I strongly recommend you should try your luck with top dating sites offering a wide range of Mexican mail order brides.


Can I buy a Mexican bride?

When it comes to buying a mail order bride, you should know that you can’t buy a person literally, as it’s not legal. When it comes to the mail order bride industry, this term of buying, getting, or ordering simply means investing in your future bride. In this way, you can buy a Mexican bride, and all you need is a good dating site.

Where can I meet Mexican singles?

There are many great cities where you can meet hot ladies from Mexico. But if you’re not keen on traveling or simply don’t have time, there’s a better and more convenient option like online dating. You can get access to myriad ladies waiting for your attention

What makes a Mexican wife unique?

Mexican women are renowned for their lithe physique, charming appearance, and enchanting bodies, and that’s not all. They’re great wife candidates, as they’re cool cooks, passionate lovers, and smart ladies to talk to. If you’re seeking ideal wives, you better start looking for Mexican mail order brides.

How often do Mexican mail-order brides divorce?

In general, when looking at the divorce rate in Mexico, it can be said that it’s quite high when compared to other Latin American countries. But at the same time, it explains why women from Mexico are now more interested in international marriages, the majority of which are really successful and long-lasting. 

Jennifer Lyn King
Expert Author
I try to do my best to create great content and do UptownBrides more exciting and practical. I'm experienced in the wedding niche and writing. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that I am an owner of the platform.
Jennifer Lyn King
Expert Author
I try to do my best to create great content and do UptownBrides more exciting and practical. I'm experienced in the wedding niche and writing. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that I am an owner of the platform.
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