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I’ve been to several places in the Middle East, and I can say that Lebanon is a special place known for its unique history, diverse culture, charming music, fine arts, and delicious cuisine. But I can say that Lebanese women are really the best to witness in this country. Given their beauty and charm, I can say that a typical Lebanese bride can change a man’s life.

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But what’s so special about her? Lebanese mail order bride isn’t only known for her exotic appearance, but she’s a perfect candidate for marriage since she’s caring, respectful, and docile. Nowadays, it can be hard to find women with such features. If interested, follow my Lebanese woman guide and learn more about Lebanese females.

Interesting facts about Lebanese brides

Average Age of Marriage for Lebanese Women26
Popular cities with Lebanese bridesBeirut, Tripoli, Sidon, Tyre, Kobayat,
Lebanese brides populationMore than 3 million
Best dating websites🖤 The Lucky Date🖤 Asian Melodies🖤 Eastern Honey

In Lebanon, you’ll find a chance to meet hot ladies, but most of them come from traditional families. Lebanese ladies can be conservative, especially compared to other ladies from the Western world.

Moreover, Lebanese wives are known for being passionate, engaging, and kind. So, if you’re looking for Asian women for marriage, you better focus on Asian brides from Lebanon, a land of the most charming ladies to discover.

Some interesting statistics to know

What do you know about Lebanese women? Lebanese mail order brides are generally committed partners, and thanks to their patience in marriage, they’re known for keeping their divorce rates lower. For now, it’s about 1.6 per 1K population.

Thanks to social improvements in the everyday life of Lebanese women, they don’t rush to get married too soon as it was decades ago. Still, girls from Lebanon are known for being marriage-oriented ladies, and they get married before they reach 30.

Regarding the fertility rate, Lebanese ladies are known for being more fertile than ladies in European countries and the US. For now, the fertility rate is more than 2 kids per woman. They love kids, respect their husbands, and do their best to protect their families. So, you better start looking for Lebanese women for marriage.

Interesting things to know about Lebanon brides

I’ve noticed some men might overlook Lebanese women. One of the main reasons is quite a low population of singles interested in foreign men. The second reason is that it’s a country in the Arab world. I can say that overgeneralization can be a killer of romance. This is what happens when single men overlook the charm of Lebanese brides.

I can assure you that Lebanese ladies really stand out among Asian women from different nationalities. And I think it’s time to reveal some interesting points about Lebanese brides every single man should know about:

  • Stunning appearance. It’s no secret that Lebanese girls are among the sexiest and hottest women in the Arab world, and just look at women like Rita Hayek, Diala Makki, Elissa, and Haifa Wehbe. They demonstrate the beauty standards of Lebanese women.
  • Passionate nature. Given their conservative nature, you might need to wait quite a lot to experience intimacy with them, but it’s worth waiting. Lebanese women are known for being quite passionate partners in bed.
  • Family values. One of the reasons why I respect and admire these ladies is the way they’re attached to their families. They’ll do their best to make their family members happy. I think such ladies are the best candidates for foreign men seeking a change in their lives.
  • Intelligence. Many Lebanese women are educated and erudite. They’re smart and have a good sense of humor. In other words, I can assure every single man that dating a Lebanese woman isn’t only a passionate venture but also an exciting dating experience.  

Lebanese wedding traditions

I really recommend visiting the Lebanese Republic just to attend their weddings. It’s really colorful events that will make you lose your sense of time. Their weddings are interesting and more modern than the weddings in other countries in the Middle Eastern region. There are lots of fireworks that give more charm to weddings. Including Zaffe dancers makes any wedding reception even more interesting.

I was also surprised by the extravagance of their tables. And I can say that any Lebanese wedding without many photos isn’t a real one. It’s hard to come up with an event that will require more photos. And the wedding cake is one of the latest trends popular in this country.

Where to find a Lebanon girl?

Now that you know that Lebanese brides for marriage are the best candidates, I think I should give some tips on where you can find them. I think meeting Lebanese women in their own country is one of the options to consider. But what do you know about the best cities in this country?

Top 5 cities to meet a Lebanese girl

Lots of beaches, delicious cuisine, picturesque architecture, and even more can be considered appealing sides of Lebanon in addition to a chance to meet beautiful Lebanese women. Here are the top 5 cities to date local Lebanese beauties:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Beirut. This is the biggest city where you can meet Lebanese singles. Thanks to a wide range of places, you can easily meet offline Beirut women whenever you wish. In this capital city, you won’t run out of date ideas.
  • Tripoli. It’s the second-largest place located in the Northern region of the country. Like Beirut, it’s one of the most ancient places known for archaeological importance. Its clock tower and Palm Islands Nature Reserves are among the most popular places.
  • Sidon. This is a relatively small city. Although it’s mainly popular for its agricultural contribution to the country’s economy, it offers great nightclubs and bars where you can have a great time. Especially foreigners like visiting this place.
  • Tyre. It’s quite a populous city, once known as a Phoenician city. It’s one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as this city offers many great ruins of the Roman Empire. What’s more, this place is known for its unique delicious cuisine.
  • Kobayat. How about beaches and great resorts? If you’re keen on mild weather, you better visit Kobayat, where you can meet many hot women from Lebanon. But I should warn you that it’s not really an affordable place, as it’s one of the most popular places among tourists.

I can continue to list the best cities where you can meet more Lebanese women, as there are more to discover. Some cities can offer ski resorts, great pubs, perfect nightlife, etc. But what about meeting Lebanese mail order brides online?

Online dating options

You can easily meet Lebanese girls online. There are many great dating sites to meet singles for marriage. But why is looking for a Lebanese girlfriend online better? Here are my main arguments:

🔥 I believe that the most attractive girls can be found online hassle-free.

😍 Not all women in Lebanon are approachable, but that’s not the case with online dating.

💣 Dating a Lebanese woman online is more convenient and affordable.

♨ I can say that people online are more open, braver, and honest.

🚀 Online dating is considered to be efficient and productive.

🧘‍♂️ You’ll never have a problem like a shortage of Lebanese girls.

While there are many dating sites and apps you can find in Lebanon, don’t rush to pick any of them at random. I want to compare Tinder and a mail order bride platform like Asian Melodies. Let’s have a look at their differences.

Tinder vs Asian Melodies

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like Asian Melodies
🔥Great for having fun♥ Great for single men seeking ladies for marriage
🔥Ideal for casual flings♥ Not ideal for casual dating
🔥Not all profiles are real♥ International dating platform
🔥Higher chance of being scammed♥ A higher number of ladies for marriage
🔥Limited options for long-term bonds♥ A wide range of professional services

While Tinder is a popular dating app, it’s limited in services, and unlike Asian Melodies, it won’t offer a chance to find ladies for marriage.

Who is a Lebanese mail order bride?

When Lebanese women decide to become international brides, they appeal to the services of agencies offering mail order brides. Like you, these Lebanese girls are interested in finding partners with serious intentions. But according to my experience in the international dating arena, I can say that not everyone knows how this works.

How do mail order brides work?

Before dating Lebanese mail order brides, you should understand that mail order bride dating sites work differently from other sites. Before you meet a Lebanese girl for marriage, you should know about the following:

  • Finding a proper site. Looking for Lebanese women dating online? The first thing is to choose an appropriate site that will offer a chance to find a future Lebanese wife. I should note that Asian Melodies can be a great place to start.
  • Creating a new account. On professional platforms, you can’t start dating Lebanese girls without registration. Besides, you’ll have to verify your account to meet a Lebanese woman online.
  • Searching for Lebanese women. Once you create a new account, it’s time to look for Lebanese girls. I should say that the best way to find a Lebanese girl is to use a search tool that will assist you with finding the perfect match among Lebanese mail order brides.
  • Dating Lebanon girls. Your online venture starts with dating ladies online to meet one of them in person. This makes online dating better, as you can meet one of your Lebanese girls in person.

The legality of Lebanese mail order brides

Thankfully, I can easily say that there’s nothing illicit when it comes to finding and getting mail order wives from Lebanon. You can easily find a person for marriage without worrying about the legality of a Lebanese woman for marriage and romantic relationships.

Cost of mail order wives

Before looking for women in Lebanon, be it online or offline, I should mention that it’s not a journey for free. If you’re single and looking for the perfect person for marriage and creating a family, you need to be concerned about the prices. How much does it cost to get Lebanese singles? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Online dating services. The top dating platforms will charge for their services, including online communication with charming Lebanese people, an online shop of gifts and flowers, and even more. This will cost you about $1,000 to date these Arabic women online.
  • Travel expenses. To enjoy the natural beauty of Lebanon and its women, you should be ready to spend more than $2K for accommodation, travel costs, and other relevant expenses for 2 weeks.
  • Offline costs. The next thing to consider is offline dating expenses. You’ll have to go to great places to charm your lady. Besides, being generous is quite an effective way of impressing Lebanese singles. This venture will cost you about $1K

Overall, the total cost might range from $4K to $6K, depending on the duration of your venture and your generosity.

Perks of dating Lebanese singles

Lebanese females are known for their unique traditional values. For most of them, it’s important to be a good wife rather than a good girlfriend. Given the Lebanese dating culture, a Lebanese bride is a person seeking a chance to meet a person to create a family.

Still, it doesn’t mean that they’re not great for dating. Here are the benefits of dating beautiful girls from Lebanon:

  • A chance to learn a new culture. Did you know that Lebanese girls are quite erudite, which makes them even more appealing for dating? They’re proud of their nation and its history, and it’s a chance to learn more about Lebanese culture.
  • A chance to travel to new places. Before you meet Lebanese girls, you should know they’re keen on traveling. Dating Lebanese women is a chance to see new places across Lebanon, as these women love showing their country to foreigners.
  • A chance to have a great time. A Lebanese woman can seem quite conservative, but she’ll surprise with her lively nature, especially young Lebanese women. They know how to chill out, and they can show you the best places to visit.
  • A chance to find a perfect woman. Lebanese wives are known for being generous and calm women, making them even more popular among Westerners. You better rush to find a good place to meet Lebanese girls.

Success stories of men who have met Lebanese brides

Kevin from Canada

Kevin from Canada

I’ve always been an old-fashioned person, and when searching for a woman for marriage, I wanted to meet someone with traditional values, and it was challenging for me. That’s why I decided to try my luck online. It was a new experience for me, and I didn’t know where to start. My criteria were traditional views, no gender role vision, family values, and so on.

So, I spent more than a month until I discovered Lebanese ladies. I think they are born to be great life partners. This is how I managed to meet Zaina from Lebanon. Her exceptional beauty, religious background, and submissive nature made me fall for her.

She was shy when communicating with me, as it was her first experience too. After several weeks, I visited her and met her family. She was happy to meet me, and the same was for me. Now, we’re arranging a real wedding, and I’m planning to get married to her in Lebanon.

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Tobey from the US

Tobey from the US

For now, I’m married to Abroud from Lebanon. Like many international couples in the US, we met each other online. But I didn’t know that one day I would marry someone from a different country and religion.

Before marrying Abroud, I had the experience of dating local women in my country, but in many cases, it was just something short-term. So, I found dating agencies helping people find their halves online, and I decided to try my luck with Asian women. This is how I chose the Asian Melodies dating site, where I met my Abroud.

We had a fun time together, and despite myths about Lebanese women, I can say that they’re really open-minded, interesting, and witty ladies. We didn’t spend much time online, and after six months of our romantic venture, we married.

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The final thoughts

I can assure you that Lebanese girls are the best option for people interested in traditional ladies. They’ll do their best to make their men happy and content. Even contemporary Lebanese women are quite distant from Western values. So, you better rush to meet Lebanese brides online. With the best dating platforms, you can find beautiful Lebanese women.


Can I buy a Lebanese bride?

If you’re looking for a Lebanese lady for marriage or long-term relationships, the good news is that you can get a wife through dating agencies or platforms. These family-oriented women are great women to spend your whole life with; all you need is to find a good agency or site.

What makes a Lebanese wife unique?

Lebanese ladies are known to make good wives. These women from Lebanon are known for their traditional values, being less feministic and more caring partners. Besides, Lebanese singles are known for being docile and compliant.

How often do Lebanese mail order brides divorce?

When talking about the divorce rate, most Westernized countries are known for higher divorce rates, but a small country in the Middle East, like Lebanon, is known for a lower divorce rate. This should be one of the main reasons to start dating a Lebanese girl.

Where can I meet Lebanese singles?

You can meet Lebanese women in different countries other than Lebanon. Still, a trip to Lebanon and its great cities is a chance to meet singles ready for dating and marriage. There are many popular tourist destination options, but the best way to meet and date a Lebanese dame is through the best sites.

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