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Why do you think men are attracted to feminine and attractive European brides? Who are they? These women are Russian, Polish, German, Belarussian, Ukrainian, ect.,  having the best characteristics, as they are careful, communicative, and attractive lovers. This is why many foreign single men are looking for eastern European brides to get married in the US. Many European mail order brides also dream of meeting a foreign man, and so they start using top dating sites in the United States and Europe for compatibility and romance.

I decided to make a detailed guide on how to find perfect and hot European brides, regardless of whether this article is read by the French, Americans, Germans, Italians, Spaniards, or British. And right after you find European love, important romantic destinations like Paris or Milan will be waiting for you.

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How is it possible to get European brides for sale? In case of any doubts, I can rely on the world’s experience — men from the States and Canada always strive to find European brides for marriage, and they already know places. Eastern and Western European brides have many mythological and stereotyped beliefs, and I can realize that I have certainly found a way to change this. 

European brides are so unique, interesting, and attractive. They are too appealing and feminine. Sexy European brides are all that men need. When I am looking for a perfect woman, I should never forget about the location in Eastern Europe. Numerous reputable dating services offering free registration or communication advantages will help my journey be smooth. Many mail order European brides are searching for ideal men on sites for suitable relationships.

European brides for marriage can be interesting and preferable due to their family values and culture. Typically, European women marry before 30 and prefer to have a couple of children. There is no pressure from society for a girl’s marriage in most European countries, with only one exception — the Eastern Europe region. European families are extremely large and close. Although many children are not uncommon, family members and close family friends often are quite close and prefer to spend holidays together. So, you can consider one of the most beautiful European mail order brides for choosing a future wife.

Now, it is time to underline some outstanding features of European brides by which I can conclude that the mail order European brides are:

  • Beautiful and attractive
  • Feminine and careful
  • Passionate lovers
  • Respectful to family values
  • Prone to marriage at a young age
  • Loving kids
  • Communicative and friendly

Thus, it is possible to make an outcome that many specific signs distinguish young and mature European brides from other ladies worldwide.

European girls under 30 online:

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Olga, 29
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Irina, 21
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Oksana, 20
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Darya, 18
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Marina, 28
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Olga, 29
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How much do European brides for sale cost?

For example, I imagine myself looking for European brides for marriage. How can I get a good car for less than $20? No, that is unlikely. I am curious why e-commerce brides in Europe are sometimes not selling them at a discount. Men’s prices are merely the prices they pay for a dating website and a European trip. What is going on with European mail order brides? It seems that many people are saying there are catalogs of girl marriage laws and they say that it is illegal. Also, they cannot marry someone they have never met. All women seeking a marriage visa in the United States must be granted only to those in the U.S.

Thus, once I find one of the European brides for marriage, I should think about my first meeting in real-time, which will probably take place in her country. Then, it is high time to think about expenses, which definitely will include the following:

  • Rent a hotel
  • Travel tickets
  • Meal
  • Leisure
  • Transfer
  • Possible gifts
  • Visa costs

The cost of travel varies enormously. If I met Eastern or Western European brides in person, I would probably pay more than a couple of women from America. Compare the cost of a 2-month trip to Italy and Ukraine. The cost per two-week trip is around $3,200. It’s also necessary for people searching for already mature European brides. The best country for a cheap trip is Ukraine (or a country in Eastern Europe — the prices do not differ), but it will be worth it.

Some Russian dating sites are more expensive compared to European dating sites. When planning to meet East European mail order brides, I need to pay for the roundtrip flight $1,000. Based on personal preferences, a maximum of $5,000 is offered. During the trip, the price will vary depending on the hotel, restaurant, or gift. Also, I must consider my expenses and find the right one.

European girls above 30 online:

Julia Profile image 1
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Julia, 39
From: jollyromance.com
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Vladislava, 41
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Elizabeth, 34
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Daria, 32
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Lada, 35
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Yulia, 36
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Best Eastern European country to find European mail order brides

Most men interested in European brides for sale cannot find the perfect place. I recommend you think about some points and ask questions before searching. First, I should identify my personality and characteristics. Do I enjoy tall and beautiful girls? Is there any reason? Do I need to select a location in the best countries list for a bride buying service where I can get the best eastern European Brides?

The most reliable dating experts recommend the four popular destinations where good European brides can be found:

  • Ukraine
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • Russia


Ukraine is popular for its sexy European brides and international meetings, which is not surprising, as Ukrainian women have everything men are looking for. They are incredibly beautiful, fashion-looking, and intelligent. So, if you want to come to Ukraine and find my future wife, this is surely the right place. First of all, you should think of visiting these three cities that I recommend below:

  • Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and the place where the most ambitious and confident European brides live;
  • Odesa is a Southern city staying on the Black Sea where you can find the most gorgeous and funny mail order European brides;
  • Lviv is a Ukrainian cultural center where traditional and family-focused ladies live.

It is heard that Ukraine is the motherland of the most beautiful, feminine, kind, and careful European mail order brides.


The strongest and the most resourceful European brides live in Germany. They always know what they can expect from their lives and what they can achieve. It is not surprising when the German mature European brides make the first approach to men or even propose their marriage. If you deal with a German lady, she will behave as my equal partner.


The mail order European brides from Poland are a wonderful mixture of Western type and Slavic types of women. Polish girls are as beautiful as most Slavic ladies and prefer a natural outfit and look. Being women from the West, Polish ladies respect family values and strive to get married only once. That is why they are very practical in choosing an overseas husband.


European brides from Russia are popular among foreigners, especially Western men when looking for foreign soul mates. Many prosperous men from the US, UK, Germany, and other Western countries are hunting for sexy European brides from Russia, as they possess unique and flawless natural forms. At the same time, Russian women are contemporarily persons with a modern life outlook and well educated.

How to choose the best European bride?

When I have some doubts about what country hot European brides can be located in, I let myself pass a small but useful test. It helps me with my choice.

Which one sounds better:

  • An ordinary, family-focused girl
  • Ambitious, striving to build a career lady
  • Passionate and feminine female

Which expression is more suitable for me:

  • I will cover 100% of family expenses, and there is no need to work for my wife
  •  I don’t mind if my wife earns more than me
  • A woman with whom you are not bored is the best one

A meal choice:

  • Traditional ‘Borscht’ and ‘varenyky’
  • Bun with chicken 
  • Pizza and lasagna

I think that it is quite obvious concerning question number two! As for me, I would choose three ‘A’ answers, which means I probably prefer European mail order brides from Ukraine or Poland. If someone has chosen ‘B’ three times – his choice is probably a Scandinavian woman. If I chose ‘C’ three times, it would mean that girls from Italy or Spain (South Europe) fit me better.

Where to find European brides?

In the up-to-date world of technology, there is no need to travel around the globe to find a future wife. But, Europe is the central point of the world, which can be easily reached from everywhere. However, you can find good and reliable European mail order brides on professional dating sites. Here are the best services I would choose and recommend to others. 

Jolly Romance

This dating site is a well-known international service intended for making new people meet. When I visit it, no specific offers or slogans are inherent to one or another country. Although I stayed there a bit longer, I understood that it is mainly a dating site for Western men looking for hot European brides from Slavic countries to chat online and fall in love in the future. This is why the site is so focused on Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish subscribers.


This website is popular among Western males and provides comfortable means for cooperation with sexy European brides from Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and other European countries. It is a convenient dating service, which offers high-quality profiles of Ukrainian women, an active database for users, does not require a long time for registrations, affordable prices, and a clear payment system.


There is nothing to do nowadays without online dating platforms. Many men do not know how and where to find proper services with Eastern or Western European brides to marry. I think Amour Factory is one of the unique sites that offer excellent quality and various ways of communication with women from abroad for real love and romantic adventure. The most popular women came from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic.


This dating site has been an online platform for years. It has proven its effectiveness, and its kit of convenient tools is useful for a million people looking for a serious relationship with European mail order brides and who want to make their romantic dreams come true. Each feature and element of this site was designed to make your chances of finding real love higher. When I am looking for an online bride with BravoDate, there is a warranty that I will find a wide variety of smart and pretty girls who want to meet a foreigner. The most popular women are from Ukraine, Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic.


This is an international service for online dating, where the best European brides for marriage to men from different corners of the world, with whom real-time relations are possible. TheLuckyDate differs from other dating platforms in its design and application that is more adapted to mobile devices. Its desktop version is also nice and user-friendly, but the mobile one is much more convenient and has a better interface.

How do European mail order brides treat their future husbands?

Searching for Eastern or Western European brides, you should realize that this region is multinational, and each nation has its unique culture and traditions. Traveling Europe from its Eastern to Western parts, it is possible to notice big differences in women’s attitudes to marriage.

It is not surprising to expect something unordinary from the marriage with European brides. Some countries in Europe have differences in cultures concerning family routine life. Now I will regard the relations in functioning. First, it should be noted that mature European brides will be looking for a relationship where a man heads a household. So, marriage to a European woman will make a future partner feel like a significant part of the world. It is her job to love, appreciate and thank a man.

Family is usually an important issue when European mail order brides women get married. What are the different types and characteristics that make brides happy? It is worth noting that all women are different, and before starting any serious relationship, you must learn everything about her.

How to find a common language with European brides?

Earlier, I often asked myself what would happen if she did not speak the same language as me. It is quite adequate. Nowadays, most hot European brides are not only beautiful but also educated and intelligent. They study English at schools and universities.

It is more common that Western European brides can know English well; some of them even speak English fluently. However, it is easy to face the language barrier with some of the Eastern European pretties. No need to be afraid – the science goes ahead! Sometimes, you can use special written or voice translation services uploaded directly on a mobile device.

The cultural barrier is also an essential thing. Although, it is easy to overcome it at any time. The only thing that is needed is to read all possible information about the history of the countries where mail order European brides live, their culture, and traditions.

An essential and well-known fact is that if you share a bill with a German woman in a restaurant, for example, she never takes you as a greedy person. At the same time, European brides, especially those from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus, always expect men to cover all the costs.

Anyway, if a bride does not speak your language or has a different culture, the body language is understood by everyone worldwide!


Europe is a great region to look for a bride. Western as well as Eastern European women can become great wives. All of them are hot, sexy, feminine, respectful, smart, and, at the same time, have an excellent education, strive to create a career, and be self-confident. You just need to start looking, and a pretty soulmate will come soon!


How much is the European bride’s price?

The price is about $10,000 to get a European mail order bride, and if you’re planning to get a wife from a Western European country, the cost can be even higher.

What do European brides wear?

White wedding dresses are common, as this style is prevalent in almost every country in the European region.

What is a European mail order bride?

A European woman who becomes an international bride on popular dating sites or agencies is considered a European mail order bride.

Where to find a European bride?

One of the top sites to look for international brides from Europe is Jolly Romance. If you’re more into offline dating, you can start looking for brides in Europe. You can visit popular cities like Milan, Istanbul, Prague, and so on.

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