Jennifer Lyn King

Jennifer Lyn King

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Jennifer Lyn: Expert Author, UptownBrides Owner, And Simply A Caring Mother

When on UptownBrides.Com, you’ll come across the name Jennifer quite often, and it’s me. Since I have dedicated a lot to this site, I want to tell you about myself in brief. So, let’s see how and why I can be useful to you.

I am a professional author on our site, and at the same time, I am an owner of it. UptownBrides is a platform belonging to me, and this explains why I do my best to create the perfect content for my readers. It takes much effort to build a site with such content, but it’s worth seeing how people get informed, which helps them in real life.

I was born in the US, and my family moved quite often. Sorry for being a show-off for a while but thanks to my appealing physical features, I managed to become a model during my teens. At the same time, I was interested in sports, mainly swimming. One of my popular hobbies is reading books, which has helped me and continues to help me when creating content online.

After graduating from university, I worked in several places until I got married and had babies. Then, I decided to devote my time to my family in addition to reading and writing, thanks to which I managed to create and continue to create unique content for this site. Moreover, I am a happy person since I was lucky to travel to more than 23 countries, which explains why I know so much about European women.

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