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China is indeed a great country worth visiting, and I can assure you that it’s one of the best destinations if you’re a keen traveler. I’ve always admired the country known to have the world’s largest population, and by the way, it’s the 4th largest country in the world. There are lots of exciting things I can share about this amazing country.

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But I want to talk more about Chinese brides, who are increasingly popular nowadays. Single men are more interested in meeting and dating Chinese mail order brides, known to be great lovers, caring partners, and devoted mothers. Thus, I’m sure that you can also be interested to learn about how to find Chinese wife.

So, this is where my guide on a Chinese mail order wife will be indispensable for you. Discover more about China mail order bride platforms and other places where you can find a Chinese wife. And guess what? There’s no need to learn the word wife in Mandarin and google it, as many ladies from China are proficient in English. So, let me delve into Chinese wives.

Interesting facts about Chinese brides

Average Age of Marriage for Chinese Women30
Popular cities with Chinese bridesBeijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macau 
Chinese brides populationMore than 680 million
Best dating websites🖤 The Lucky Dates 🖤 Eastern Honeys 🖤 Asian Melodies

A Chinese mail order bride is a woman who is seeking a chance to get married to a person who will value her. If you’re interested in a traditional Chinese bride, you better consider learning more about her. Don’t forget that a Chinese wife is a woman who can make you much happier.

Some interesting statistics to know about Chinese mail order wives:

Most Chinese women don’t rush to get married nowadays thanks to improvements in social conditions that improve the lives of Chinese ladies. They’re now more career-oriented and ambitious, but they tend to get married since family values are still prevalent.

A typical Chinese mail order wife is great when it comes to keeping marriage stable, and within 2 years, there’s been an improvement in the rate of stable marriage compared to the rates of 2019, when the divorce rate was about 50% of all marriages. So, a Chinese bride is a woman with family values.

Chinese wedding traditions

If you plan to meet Chinese ladies in person, you should visit a Chinese wedding ceremony. You’ll see that it’s a colorful event with lots of traditions and customs. Of course, there are some variations in ceremonies depending on the region. The wedding date is chosen by monks or fortune tellers.

You can come across traditions like a hair combing ceremony or tea ceremony. It’s common to come across colors like red and gold, which are considered lucky colors. Giving gifts in red envelopes is also quite common in China.

Interesting facts to know about a Chinese bride

Before you start looking for Chinese girls for marriage, you should know that they’re considered among the most gorgeous ladies in the world. These Asian brides will have dark hair, lighter skin, slim body complexion, and cute faces. A Chinese bride online might look like Yan Er, Fan Bingbing, and Diana Sandy.

A Chinese woman will make a traditional Chinese wife who’ll love you, take care of her children, and be a caring partner. Besides, your future Chinese bride will be a person who’s great in bed and kitchen at the same time. And don’t forget that you don’t need to worry about the feministic values, which makes them more appealing to foreign men.

Where to find a Chinese bride?

I’m convinced that a Chinese bride can be a good wife, so you might want to find Chinese ladies, and which options do you have? I think you might want to consider traveling to this amazing country where you can experience local culture and meet ladies from various Chinese society layers.

Top 5 cities to meet

Meeting beautiful Chinese women in China is a great experience, and you can get your chance to travel to the top destinations where you can meet local Asian brides. Here are the best cities I strongly recommend visiting:

Top 5 cities to meet single ladies
  • Beijing. Meeting future Chinese wives in this city is a great start for you. It’s one of the most charming places in China, known for various attractions. Meeting Chinese brides for marriage in this city isn’t challenging, and you can meet them in places like the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, and so on.
  • Shanghai. It’s known to have one of the busiest container ports in the world. It’s a great place popular among tourists, and I should mention that it’s the largest city in China. There are many great nightlife places to meet local Chinese ladies.
  • Hong Kong. It’s a city where famous actor Jacki Chan is from. It’s one of the most modern and most Westernized cities in China. The Chinese women living in this city are quite proficient in English, so communication with them won’t be challenging for you.
  • Guangzhou. It’s a big city of more than 40 million people. There are many Chinese ladies ready to meet foreign men. It’s a great city blending the values of Chinese culture and modern views. Besides, it offers a wide range of attractions full of Chinese ladies.
  • Macau. Looking for a Chinese bride in this city is something different from what you’ll get in other cities. This is an amazing city that was once a Portuguese colony, explaining the Portuguese architecture. It’s a popular city among casino lovers.

Top attractions to discover in China

How about meeting hot locals at the popular attractions? Of course, one of the first places that can come to your mind is the Great Wall, and it’s definitely one of the best places where you can meet hot singles. But that’s not the only option you’ll have. Discover the following places:

  • The Forbidden City. It’s one of the most important and biggest buildings in China. The Forbidden City is a historical site attracting millions of tourists and locals each year. This place will offer places like the Palace Museum, Imperial Palace, Tiananmen Square, etc.
  • The Summer Palace. One of the majestic places known for its jaw-dropping scenery is the Imperial Summer Palace. It’s also known for its charming Imperial Gardens and large lake along this place. This place is definitely one of the top attractions to discover.
  • The Yangtze River. This is the longest river in China. Extending more than 6,000 km, it’s one of the most important rivers in this country, and one of the main attractions is the cruise along this river. So, when in China, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the cruise.
  • Leshan Giant Buddha. In this country, you’ll discover many temples and Buddha statues. But this statue of Buddha located in Sichuan is definitely the biggest you’ll discover. This Buddha seems like a mountain reshaped and carved into the big Buddha, giving it an enormous look.

Online dating sites

How about meeting Chinese wives online? Nowadays, meeting someone on international dating websites isn’t something unusual. Many Chinese women are looking for their future partners through dating platforms. But what makes online dating more appealing? Let me explain some interesting benefits of meeting Chinese wives online:

💣 Convenience is what makes international dating websites preferable, as you don’t need to travel to meet a Chinese lady.

💵 A chance to meet Chinese brides online is more cost-effective than traveling to China hoping to find Chinese wife candidates.

🔢 Finding an ideal Chinese mail order wife is possible, as dating online offers a wide range of Chinese women to consider.

😍 Dating sites offer a real opportunity to meet real Chinese brides for marriage who share similar interests.

👍 Online dating is considered more effective and productive, as you’ll never run out of options to consider.

Tinder vs Asian Melodies

While traveling across this country, I noticed several dating sites and apps that are common in many regions of China. If you want to meet a Chinese lady, you might want to appeal to the services of platforms like Tinder and Asian Melodies. Have a glance at the comparison table of these websites:

International dating service TinderMail Order Bride Platforms like Asian Melodies
🔥Ideal for local dating♥ International dating site for marriage  
🔥Focus on casual dating♥ Meeting real women for real bonds
🔥Too many fake accounts making it disturbing to date online♥ Renowned for profile quality
🔥Lack of detailed profiles♥ Sending real gifts and flowers
🔥Limited options♥ A wide range of professional services

If you’re determined to find a Chinese bride, you better appeal to sites like Asian Melodies where you can find beautiful Chinese women. Dating a Chinese wife online is a really pragmatic and time-saving option. With Asian Melodies, you will get access to the following benefits:

  • A wide range of Chinese mail order brides. With Asian Melodies, you’ll get access to a higher number of hot Chinese mail order wives. No matter how picky you are, this dating platform will give you a chance to find the right match within a short time.
  • Professional services to benefit from. Another interesting point of using this dating website is its professional online dating services. There are great communication tools, a great online shop offering real flowers alongside presents, and even more.
  • Professional support teams working round the clock. This website offers a support team working non-stop so that you can receive assistance when needed. This team is professional, and it’s worth mentioning that it’s quite responsive. So you won’t have to wait long before you get a response.
  • Detailed search filters. Is this site only for people seeking Chinese dames? Well, on this site, you can start looking for ladies from Japan, Korea, and other countries. Thanks to search filters, you can narrow down your options, and searching based on the country isn’t the only parameter you can use.
  • Safety measures. No matter whether you’re dating hot Chinese or Korean women, you’ll be sure that you won’t have to deal with fake or scam accounts. The site does its best to make sure that you’re dating on one of the safest internet dating platforms.
Gracey, 51
Feng, 48
Na, 46
Danica, 36
Hu Rong Hui, 37
Yun, 29
Kelly, 58
Ruyu, 24
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Who’s a Chinese mail order bride?

Nowadays, people are more pragmatic when it comes to making decisions about marriage. Getting mail order brides isn’t considered a faux pas anymore, thanks to the demand for ladies for marriage. Mail order wives have become alternatives to local women.

And this is true about Chinese brides, as Western men are more interested in getting Chinese mail order brides. But what do you know about these Chinese women for marriage? I should assure you that the more you know about Chinese women, the better outcomes you can expect from your venture into finding Chinese mail order brides.

I can say that ignorance isn’t a blessing in this case. Not every single man knows how they can meet and find ladies for marriage. But I think there’s nothing complicated about getting Chinese girls for marriage. So, let me explain some important aspects of Chinese wives on mail order bride platforms.

How do mail order brides work?

Chinese brides online are accessible with just a few clicks on the right buttons. With mail order bride sites, you can easily meet the person who can be your best candidate for marriage. These platforms might help you find Chinese girls based on your personal preferences. But do you know how everything works? Let’s understand how Asian mail order brides work.

Choose a good site to find Chinese women for marriage

Chinese brides are found on special dating platforms for Chinese mail order brides. They provide a wide range of Chinese girls ready to meet Western men to create strong bonds. But you should know that not every Chinese mail order bride platform is great for that. Be careful when choosing the place to meet Chinese wives.

This is where you should consider an Asian Melodies dating website known for a large user base of Chinese girls. This is a perfect place to meet Chinese brides and choose a single-minded partner. So, what’s the next step after you find a good site to meet Chinese mail order brides?

Creating a new account to meet Chinese girls

Looking for Chinese brides online? Before you attempt to meet Chinese women, you should have a good profile. Thus, you should register, verify your account, and provide the basic information to make your profile appealing to Chinese girls online.

Based on my experience in the world of dating and international brides, I can assure you that detailed profiles are more appealing to ladies online. If you want to impress your future Chinese mail order bride, make sure you have a good profile.

Start looking for an ideal Chinese woman online

Since there are myriads of profiles of Chinese brides, you should be ready to use search filters to find the best matches. Not every Chinese girl online can be great for you. To find your ideal Chinese wife, you can start looking for women based on different parameters, including age range, occupation, marital status, and so on.

You can meet a China mail order bride who can be your ideal match. Thanks to her detailed profiles you can discover on Asian Melodies, you can learn a lot before meeting and dating her in person. So, if you know which hot Chinese brides tickle your interest, it’s time to use searching filters.

Online communication and meetings offline

Once you know who’s your best candidate for marriage, you might want to dedicate some time to one single Chinese woman. Online communication will help you understand more about your future Chinese wife.

Your next step can be a real date. China is a huge country, and it’s a great experience to visit your lady in her country. Dating your lady offline is the serious step to creating even more serious relationships. You can ask the dating site to arrange a real date.

The legality of Chinese brides

While there are so many foreign guys interested in Chinese women, there might be a question of how legal it’s to get Chinese mail order brides. Actually, Chinese brides for marriage are completely legal, and there’s nothing to worry about.

When it comes to buying or getting modern Chinese brides, you should know it’s a process of investing in future wives. You spend money to find Chinese girls, date them online, and meet them in person, so it’s all about investing in your Chinese wife. Thus, there’s nothing illegal about getting Chinese women for marriage.

Costs of mail order brides

Before you start looking for Chinese women on dating platforms, one of the first things to consider is the costs you need to find Chinese brides. So, let me show what you need money for and how much you should be ready to spend on Chinese ladies for marriage.

Services of online dating platforms

One of the first expenses to consider is online dating services. Dating Chinese women online might cost you about $1,000 per month, depending on the duration and your generosity. In general, several weeks will be enough to find the best match among Chinese women online.

Travel expenses

If you’re planning to meet a Chinese mail order bride in person, it’s time to plan your travel. In this case, you need to consider travel costs from tickets to the hotel where you’ll stay. Overall, your 14-day trip to meet a Chinese bride might cost you about $3K.

Offline dating expenses

Meeting a Chinese bride offline will entail expenses like going to restaurants, traveling together, and so on. So, in this case, you might spend about $3K, including presents and flowers. Of course, the cost can vary depending on which city you’ll be dating a Chinese bride. The overall cost of Chinese girls for marriage is about $10K. 

Inviting Asian mail order brides to your country

You can be interested in meeting single Chinese women in person. Dating sites can offer a great online dating experience, but you might want to spend your life together. After meeting in person, you want to consider inviting her. This can cost you about $2K, including a special visa like K-1.

Perks of dating Chinese singles

Before you start dating Chinese women, it’s time to consider some advantages of Chinese brides. Chinese wives are great at almost everything, as they’re versatile and diligent. But that’s not all the best about Chinese bride candidates.

Dating a Chinese girl will make you feel that you’re a real man, and there’s nothing complicated about your relationship where traditional gender roles are considered normal, which is a common aspect of the Chinese dating culture. Asian women from China don’t have conflicts regarding feministic values. This is an appealing point of dating them. But let me show other benefits of dating a Chinese girl.

  • A chance to taste the most unusual cuisine. When dating a Chinese girl, going to Chinese restaurants or venues where Chinese food is served will be inevitable. You’ll get a chance to discover one of the most exotic dishes in the world with these Asian ladies.
  • Attending great festivals. Dating a Chinese girl allows you to travel across China and attend great festivals. It’s also a chance to learn a lot about Chinese culture. Thus, learning new things about China is what you get when meeting and dating single Chinese ladies.
  • Becoming a part of tea culture. Tea is an essential part of Chinese culture, and it’s almost everywhere. Any Chinese lady might know more about preparing great tea, as tea is a prevalent part of their daily lives. Did you know that tea can indicate social status in Chinese society?
  • Playing Ping pong. It’s hard to find a Chinese woman who doesn’t know how to play ping pong, as it’s the most popular sport in the country. When walking through neighborhoods, it’s quite common to come across public ping-pong tables.
  • Emphasis on the family. Chinese women are obsessed with their families. Thus, marriage, family, and having children are common for almost every Chinese woman, no matter how ambitious she can be. This explains why Chinese brides are more interested in marriage.

Success stories of men who have met Chinese women for marriage

Andrew from Canada

Andrew from Canada

It’s no secret that Asian women for marriage are getting more popular, and as a single man, I was interested in discovering charming yet traditional women. Thus, I started looking for ladies on Asian dating websites, and I was really lucky to discover a site like Asian Melodies.

This site offers a wide range of Asian women ranging from religious Indonesian women to Chinese singles. Chinese girls were my favorite Asian brides, as they combine both external charm and a perfect inner world, making them unique. After making up my mind, I started focusing on Chinese mail order brides.

This is how I met Min. She was among the cutest ladies I discovered on this website. We talked for hours online, and it was clear she was my destined life partner. Thankfully, she had the same feelings for me. Now, we’re a married couple living in Hamilton.

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Etan from Canada

Etan from Canada

I’ve met many Asian women in my life, and when compared to locals in my city, Asians are born to be ideal wives. Thus, I wanted to benefit from mail order bride services and find an ideal wife from an Asian country. It wasn’t hard to think of Chinese brides.

I believe that Chinese women are not like other Asian women. I think they’re extraordinary people combining features like intelligence, diligence, and kindness, not to mention that Chinese women are among the hottest women I’ve ever met in my life.

With Asian Melodies, I met my wife, Jing. Although we met online, we felt that we had known each other for years. That’s why it wasn’t challenging to create a family with her. So, online dating is a great opportunity for every single man to meet his destined life partner easily and quickly.

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Hamilton from the US

Hamilton from the US

Thanks to the developments in technology, people like me can meet their halves online. I should confess that conventional means of dating let me down. I was having problems finding the right partners, so I appealed to the services of the top dating platforms. I just needed to think of the best candidates for dating, and this is how I discovered Chinese ladies.

The more I learned about Chinese women, the more I wanted to meet someone from this country, and I found the Asian Melodies dating site. It was a great discovery for me, and it just took several days before I could find my Chun.

Our online romance was great, and I got attached to her. The same was about her. So, we decided to move on to the next stage of our relationship. I visited her twice, and now I can say that I would have never found someone without this amazing dating website.

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Thomas from the US

Thomas from the US

The only association with China I had was movies with Jackie Chan. I didn’t even know that Chinese ladies are renowned for being great life partners. Since I didn’t have time to go to public places to find a partner, I decided to meet someone online. While looking for a great dating app, I discovered mail order bride services. So, I decided to try.

After a short time, I registered on Asian Melodies. The site was cool and practical, and everything was clear and neat. On this site, I discovered hot Chinese women, and I knew that I would like to find a Chinese mail order bride. And it didn’t take much time before I found my love, Fang.

She was cute, polite, kind, and smart. Her sense of humor was cool, and the more I chatted with her, the more I got attached to her. Without hesitation, I said that I wanted to visit her. As she says, it was the happiest day of her life. Now, I’m planning my trip to see my love in person.

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The final thoughts

Chinese girls make great wives, as they’re brought up differently when compared to Western ladies. For Chinese brides, it’s more important to be respectful mothers, caring partners, and committed lovers. If you want to have a great life with a Chinese woman, you should find a dating site offering a chance to meet Chinese dames. So, the Chinese mail order bride that I described above will be a great asset to you.


Can I buy a Chinese bride?

You need to know 3 things about getting China brides. First, mail order bride’s sites are places where you can access Asian beauty options from China. Secondly, these brides online are not women for sale, as you can’t get them literally. Finally, the process of getting them simply means that you need to invest in these mail order wives, which is known as getting Chinese women for sale.

Where can I meet Chinese singles?

There are several places where you can meet Chinese women for marriage. Of course, you might need to find reputable online dating services where finding Chinese brides won’t be challenging at all. Most Chinese brides who want to marry foreigners mainly seek their future partners through online dating apps and sites. So, finding brides in online dating platforms is more convenient and engaging.

What makes a Chinese wife unique?

Compared to the ladies from Western countries, mail order wives from China are renowned for their charming appearance, patience, docile nature, and family values, making them appealing to foreign men. They’re ladies who are only interested in serious relationships. This is what makes most Chinese girls unique.

How often do Chinese mail order brides divorce?

The rate of divorces fluctuates in China, and it’s clear that there’s been a decrease in the divorce rates for 2 years. This indicates that marriages in this country are quite successful, and the same can be said about Chinese mail order wives. They’re great when it comes to keeping their marriages stable.

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